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In the women’s bathroom, faucets turn on and off by themselves. Ghostly voices are heard in the bar, and diners have reported seeing menacing shadowy apparitions on the ground floor.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

4599 Wisconsin 57
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
United States

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44.8935384, -87.28756039999996
Door County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Sturgeon Bay, WI (6.0 mi.)
Egg Harbor, WI (10.6 mi.)
Little Sturgeon, WI (14.0 mi.)
Baileys Harbor, WI (14.3 mi.)
Forestville, WI (16.9 mi.)
Ephraim, WI (19.1 mi.)
Algoma, WI (20.9 mi.)
Menominee, MI (21.8 mi.)
Sister Bay, WI (21.9 mi.)
Marinette, WI (22.0 mi.)


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  1. Heidi Radosevich  |  

    I was in the restroom in the back dance hall asking for something to show me that the place was haunted. All of a sudden I got a very strange feeling (I was using an EVP app. on my phone and looked down at it and an elderly woman’s face appeared to me in the center of my phone and at the same time the bathroom became very “misty” . When the face disappeared the word “face” popped up on my EVP app. I was completely shocked and couldn’t move. When I got myself together I went back into the bar and my friends asked me what happened. I didn’t want to say anything cuz I didn’t know if it was in my head or not I was still kind of freaked out. They looked at me and told me I was lying because I was, “white as a ghost”. There were two elderly men (locals) at the end of the bar who were the ones who, ‘egged me on to go back there. They asked me what happened, I again said “nothing”. So between my friends and these two elderly men telling me I was “lying” because they could see by my face something did happen, I broke down and said that I didn’t know if it was “real” or in my head, I told them what happened. The one elderly man nonchalantly asked what she looked like and I described her and he started smirking and told me her name and said it was the previous owner and that she only appears to people the way she did to me, in the mirror, or anything reflective. I was so excited it wasn’t all in my head.

    • Very active haunt!

      reading the above ,from Heidi…(.and that happened AFTER my initial visit to the Institute bar.)I find myself rating the Institute as YES!..haunted!
      We arrived, 4 of us.,.middle aged and wanting to know if this place lived up to its haunted lore..

      The folks in the bar told us the story of Mabel..the previous owner who makes herself known in the womens bathroom..I asked if I could take some pics ,and try to document something of mabel on film..they said sure..later..after a beer, I was by myself in the bathroom. and.I whispered (under my breath)..*Mabel if you are here..make yourself known!* sooner did the last word leave my lips.. when..THUD! !THUD! THUD!..!! came from within the wall of the bathroom..!!

      NO ONE HEARD ME SAY THOSE WORDS ,BUT MYSELF!!..I ran out at once.. thinking someone was playing a joke..the people at the bar were all unaware of anything..and asked me what happened..I then ran into both bathrooms ..not a soul…the place is the real deal..ask and you will see..ironicly ..this place is not on the door county ghost far away probably…

      Yes.. were NOT have met Mabel..just as I did! it was NOT in your head!

      funny.. the other three in my party all said that my experience was not real as well..I do not know what to make of that

      • I know it was not in my head. It just took me off guard as I asked, ” if there is someone here, please show me that You are here” I was in the back woman’s bathroom off the ballroom. The room became misty I couldn’t see the sink or mirror in front of me. Every hair on my body stood up. And on my phone there was her face! My EVP came up with the word “face” afterwards. The cemetery across the street where you park is very active also!

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