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This place has two or three Earth energy fields that can be felt by walking along the perimeter. This is a cave and sink hole. This place was considered sacred by my tribe and other tribes due to the energy fields. It is said that there is an Indian burial site located here.

Residents reported of animals going nuts, apparitions, getting sick for no reason, strange sensations that warranted calling upon a local church to investigate. All of this is the results of the earth energy fields which most likely have a paranormal connection.

Just recently, just a block away to the north on North Lane, a person was killed in the Walgreen’s parking lot. To the south, someone haunts the Evans high school auditorium. These places are long the EEF flow lines traced to a site at Barnett Park (where I conduct ceremonial channeling of the earth energy into tribal items and conduct the Rite of Recognition for new tribal members).

I live just down the road from Indian Hill and I fear not the dead who may be lurking there, but the living who also lurk there and will hurt or kill you if they think you have even a penny on you.. this makes investigating with our new Extremely Low Frequency magnetometer impossible without an armed escort… and that is during the day! I hope to fly the instrument to map the EEFs and the flow lines this way I do not have to go there in person unless I have an army to ensure my safety.

(Submitted by Chief John Martello)

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North Pine Hills Road
Pine Hills, FL
United States

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28.59398889331188, -81.45145905022218
Orange County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Lockhart, FL (1.8 mi.)
Pine Hills, FL (2.5 mi.)
Clarcona, FL (3.1 mi.)
Fairview Shores, FL (3.5 mi.)
Orlovista, FL (3.9 mi.)
Eatonville, FL (4.5 mi.)
Forest City, FL (5.1 mi.)
Orlando, FL (5.8 mi.)
Maitland, FL (5.8 mi.)
Ocoee, FL (5.9 mi.)


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  1. Ive had visions of shadows of what appears to be a tall indian male just walking by in my hallway I can even feel his presence from time to time almost as if I know he is there I have seen the shadow of him twice in the past 3 months or so … We have had a few kids toys go off like the lights and sounds on it going off with no batteries in it. I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING CRAZYYY but its not not sure if this is related or not but there has been a black snake Im guessing a black racer that pretty much sits at my door I have pics of it Ive been trying to get video of the weird banging and the shadow I see for proof but nothing yet. I started to search google and ran into this forum and makes perfect sense now all being with the indian figure I keep seeing .. anyway I live off Beaumont ave was just wondering if anyone else has seen or felt a presence thanks im new to orlando.

    • my daughter use to tell us about the brown people that were walking down the lit hallway while she laid in her bed at night. she said they walked above the floor. she was about 7 at the time an I told her she must have been dreaming she insisted she was awake and that they would walk by and look in at her, gave me the creeps. she also told us about the bear that would come into her room and she said she would hide under the covers and hear it “sniff” around her blankets. We lived in signal hill subdivision since 1976 and had other activity of lights turning off and I would turn them on and they would go out again..sometimes when alone in the house I would be getting ready to leave and have an urgent feeling to get out asap. like something was in the house I’m not one to believe in such things but this unnerved me quite a bit. lived in the 3900 block and borders Rosemont. saw that someone else wrote of seeing Indian figures and thought I would comment of our experiences in that same area

  2. I am hoping U can tell me about the area on Bay St. W.G…it feels like a vortex, very negative energy….People have prayed weekly the diameter of Osprey Landing, done clearings in their homes and oil Blessings…it didn’t stick….can U tell me was their a ancient burial ground what is the eeg readings…reall bad things are happening and eescalating….

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