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A haunted elevator and a ghostly lady that haunts the halls are staples of the legends surrounding this hotel.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    205 W Gurley St
    Prescott, AZ 86301
    United States

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    34.5417092, -112.47031119999997
    Yavapai County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Prescott, AZ (0.2 mi.)
    Prescott Valley, AZ (8.9 mi.)
    Wilhoit, AZ (10.4 mi.)
    Williamson, AZ (11.0 mi.)
    Dewey-Humboldt, AZ (13.0 mi.)
    Chino Valley, AZ (14.9 mi.)
    Mayer, AZ (16.6 mi.)
    Spring Valley, AZ (22.3 mi.)
    Paulden, AZ (23.8 mi.)
    Peeples Valley, AZ (23.9 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. Pastor D. L. Graham  |  

      I have gone to St. Michaels hotel a few times, not to spend the night but to visit. Each time I have gone I have met up with spirits. There is a man, he hangs around the bottom of the hotel and in front and off to the side. His name is Chesterfield or his name is Chester Field. He wears a gray pin striped suit, button up shoes, red vest, he keeps checking his pocket watch.. Then in the back of the hotel upstairs I have seen a reddish brown haired woman with a fancy dress and a choker, she is a lady of the day and night, she is a prostitute but she was not called that in that time. Never caught her name, but she told me she is waiting for her man to come get her, but he never comes. There is more there, but these two are very prominent to the place. I am a sensitive.I want to go back but I would love to spend more time there, I want to be able to walk the hallways by the rooms..maybe someday I will find out who to talk to for permission. Oh well, someday. Thought I would share this with you..

    2. Awesome…. I’m excite I get to share my story. One summer my friends and I went to Prescott for a weekend runaway trip. There were three of us on this trip. One of my friends, God bless her, is so gullible that we decided to “make up” a story of the Haunted Hotel to mess with her. Jokingly we said we had to make sure we didn’t stay in Room 328 (not sure what number we had but i’ll use that one for now). When she asked why we told her that that was the room where the man committed suicide. (Again..all made up story) Well when we went to check in the desk clerk gave us a bigger room to accommodate all three of us and he said “I’ll put you in room 3..2..6!) ” Well the room was caddy corner to the so called “HAUNTED ROOM” that I made up. Well I thought that was a coincidence, but we just went along with it. While we were getting ready to go out my friend asked about the man who “committed suicide” and as soon as she said the word. .the light went out the TV went out and the appliances shut off (curling iron). Thinking it was just, again, a coincidence I jokingly told her “”Ooo don’t say that word.’ to which she responded, “Which word, SUICIDE?” and BAM! everything went out again. That evening I felt someone sitting on my bed. Once by the foot of the bed and once by the head of the bed. Looking up, there was no one. In the morning I saw my friend covering her head with the sheet and I asked her I f she was ok and she said she was scared. That all night she saw the closet door open but was afraid to get up and close it. But when we looked.. the closet door was closed. She said she covered her face because she was afraid to see anything coming out of there. She didn’t want to stay anymore. I love this place and have stayed there many times since.

    3. Well, nice, clean room. Pleasant stay if only for a night. Bedroom, small bathroom, that was it. Creepy elevator. Nice breakfast in the morning. Then, early in the morning I loaded up my car outside to leave the hotel. I left two lights on, one in the bathroom and the light next to the bed where I had my phone charger plugged in. As I sat in my car ready to depart I remembered I left my phone charger plugged in the wall next to the bed. OK, so say less than 5 minutes had passed. I went back up to the room. ALL LIGHTS WERE OUT. No phone charger! I ransacked the room 2 more times, still no charger. I never found the phone charger and had to buy another for the remainder of the trip. I spoke with the front desk and they said the cleaning crew had not even arrived yet (7:30 am). No one would have been in that room. ??? Room 329. Just sayin

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