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The apparition of a woman in a white dress has been seen in the women’s restroom of the hotel. Doors open and close and lights go on and off by themselves. The woman committed suicide in the restroom many years ago.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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939 W 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501
United States

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61.21798980000001, -149.9007481
Anchorage County
Nearest Towns:
Anchorage, AK (0.0 mi.)
Point MacKenzie, AK (10.1 mi.)
Eagle River, AK (13.2 mi.)
Knik, AK (17.5 mi.)
Big Lake, AK (21.0 mi.)
Hope, AK (22.5 mi.)
Knik-Fairview, AK (22.7 mi.)
Sunrise, AK (27.8 mi.)
Sunrise, AK (27.8 mi.)
Houston, AK (28.6 mi.)

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  1. Yes, its real. Actually there were two different women that killed themselves in the same stall. The stall is now borded from the inside, so no one can get in. My daughter and sister went in and took a picture with their phone over the stall, and my daughter caught a face. I’ll upload it when she finds it.

  2. I stayed at this hotl and unknowingly entered this bathroom and had an experience. I was pregnant and using the restroom. A stall further down (to my left) flushed and then about 10 seconds later the water (to my right) turned on, in the other room. I finished using bathroom and I then ran to the main door of the bathroom to see if it creaked, surely someone must have just peed, washed their hands and left. The bathroom door did creak when I opened it. So no one had been there and left. No one was there except me and I felt very odd about it afterwards. So I told my husband and googled it and saw that the bathroom was haunted. It is definitely haunted bc that never happened to me anywhere in my life.

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      I had the same exact experience! I heard the toilet flush, no one walked passed my stall, & then I heard the water turn on. When I walked out of my stall, no one was there! I turned off the faucet & used another sink to wash up. It was then that I realized I was alone. The door to the bathroom creaks very loudly when opened and closed. No one entered or left.

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      There is a bathroom below the tower 3 elevators, but the one that is haunted is below the 5th Ave entrance, next to the hair salon.

  3. Just had the strangest experience about an hour ago in my room on the 7th floor of the Captain Cook. I had gotten up to use the restroom and returned to bed. I was stretching and turning my hands because they were stiff from sleeping. There were other fingers intertwining with mine. My hands were a good 4-5 inches apart. I am alone in the room. Needless to say, I have been awake ever since.

  4. Actually is the middle stall on Tower 1 ladies bathroom.
    It flushed by itself twice already on me.
    And another day. I just locked the door and it opened with force. I thought somebody was in the bathroom but nobody was there.

    She is not a happy ghost for sure

  5. the feral live on  |  

    Been coming here for years during all times of the year and was fine with there being ‘spiritual residue’, all quaint older places have it. But recently I was introduced to this ghost, or more active spiritual residue, I guess. Tower 1 room lights flickered like wind ruffled them. Toilet shifted twice (first time thought it was an aftershock). All wake up calls prevented! Right now I’m proud I was able to get myself back after that and self-advocate, insist on different tower for the meantime. Co-worker was disheveled, out of it, late for pick up, sick on flight .. she’d been in that tower.

    Once during slow season wee morning hours I’d looked from my room’s window in a tower that was either 2 or 3 and saw the same light on in each room on one of the floors of tower 1, seems either 4th or 5th. A line of light.

    Obviously the lack of details can activate your imagination. In the 70s did young women even carry handguns? Was she pursued and thought she was safe in the womens’ restroom, shots camouflaged by the celebratory atmosphere of opening tower 2 above? Found a bit of time after it happened?

  6. Just recently stayed on 7th floor tower 1 . Woke up & heard someone walking around my room & toilet flushing by itself then I was unable to move or scream out to my husband . Very scary experience

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