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This building has an extended history as a former resort and a former asylum and is reportedly haunted by numerous ghosts including former patients and people who are claimed to have killed themselves on the property. People report numerous sightings of various ghosts, including a gardener who is alleged to have killed himself on the property as well as hearing screams coming from the former hospital wing. People claim to hear voices that sound like the possible mutterings of crazed lunatics.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    La Grande-Baker Hwy
    La Grande, Oregon
    United States

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    45.2434491, -117.95642379999998
    Union County, Oregon
    Nearest Towns:
    Union, OR (5.1 mi.)
    Island City, OR (8.0 mi.)
    Cove, OR (8.1 mi.)
    La Grande, OR (8.5 mi.)
    Imbler, OR (14.9 mi.)
    North Powder, OR (15.0 mi.)
    Summerville, OR (17.1 mi.)
    Elgin, OR (22.3 mi.)
    Haines, OR (22.9 mi.)
    Lostine, OR (30.6 mi.)


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    1. I worked there a few years back when the building was being restored ( 2006 area not sure of exact years ). I helped restore 90% of the building ( except west wing as west wing was collapsing ). When I Started construction there my boss informed me of a few thing I needed to do to keep me and the spirits living there safe ( at the time I did not believe it so advice went in one ear and out the other ). I remember story’s about this place as a kid about the rocking chair witch remained on the second story balcony and had been there for years since my mother was a young adult. About the 100s of people tortured in the experimental hospital ( was still blood in the drain when we where remodeling ). As time went on I started to notice things that couldn’t happen any other way. Tools would just come up missing find it days later where I left it but had checked 100 times and wasn’t there sure could have over looked it but then rooms started to dirty them self with no noise made, wierd objects running up the mountain side and lights following the objects and them both disappearing and never seen again, parts of the grounds your camera will shut off you can replace the batteries switch cameras don’t matter what ever is there don’t want pictures taken. Take it from some one that has worked there this place is hunted. if you get a chance to stay there its a chance of a life time.

    2. I took a picture and for some reason all of the photos on my phone were deleted except for one with a very dimly lit room that I was in except the room was super bright in real life.

    3. I have lived in the area my whole life and have experienced very weird things out by hot lake hotel. You can be driving at any point in tje day past the hot lakes and there will be a thick fog rolling across the road that you can clearly see figures walking in but that you cannot see to the other side of the road until you get past the hotel and then the fog is just gone and its not just steam from the hot lakes that are still on the property. My dad had a chair thrown at him in one of the out buildings before it was remodeled and my mom worked in it when it was a restaurant and told stories of hearing the piano playing ( which is no longer on the premise) she also witnessed the wheel chair on the second floor roll towards her as if someone was in it.. ( the floor was not slanted) no one really went up to that floor because it was just super creepy.. My uncle witnessed the rocking chair rock on its own with no wind to move it.. I took a picture of my sister in law on the side of the road next to the hot springs and it looks as if someone wanted to be in the picture with her or instead of her because you can see a distinct difference in the face on one side of her body that we could not replicate in many attempts.. As soon as i find the picture i will submit it here.

    4. My husband and I went and visited the bar area and met a nice young man who served us. I excused myself to use the downstairs ladies room and as I came out of the stall the bathroom door slowly opened w nobody coming in. I looked at the men’s room across the hall and nobody. I thought it must have been caused by a vacuum pressure and thought it was unusual. The next day we came back. I had my husband stand in the hallway to make sure nobody went in or out of the men’s bathroom. I went and used the women’s facilities and as I was walking out of my stall i again saw the bathroom door slowly open up. I quickly looked out to the hallway where my husband was and he verified nobody came in or out of the men’s and women’s bathroom. I thanked the spirit there for being so kind and chatted w the bartender. I am a psychic medium and read the bartender there and told him that he was not alone. Hopefully he remembers us because he was a lot of fun. Great place to visit.

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