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This 1880’s inn and saloon is now closed, but the third floor of the establishment used to be a bordello. The ghost rumoured to be haunting the place is the apparition of a woman in a white dress, who was supposedly jilted by a lover and committed suicide in an upstairs room.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

13401 US-101
Hopland, CA
United States

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38.9728594, -123.11611319999997
Mendocino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Hopland, CA (0.0 mi.)
Talmage, CA (11.4 mi.)
Lakeport, CA (11.8 mi.)
Cloverdale, CA (12.7 mi.)
Ukiah, CA (13.2 mi.)
Boonville, CA (13.7 mi.)
North Lakeport, CA (13.8 mi.)
Kelseyville, CA (14.9 mi.)
Upper Lake, CA (17.2 mi.)
Soda Bay, CA (17.7 mi.)


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  1. I used to work here when it was The Thatcher Inn. I got the job because the mother of my boyfriend at the time also worked there. During my shifts there was rarely ever a guest staying at the inn, and I spent most nights there completely alone. My boyfriend’s mother told me the place was haunted and loved to regale me with her terrifying tales. One story she told me was of a chair that sat next to the front door that would occasionally move or turn on it’s own. It normally sat facing another chair and a small table in a cozy little seating arrangement. I watched that chair like a hawk and for several weeks nothing happened. Then one night I ventured into the kitchen to grab a midnight snack. As usual, there was no one in the building but myself, and the place was locked up tight. I always made a point of looking at the placement of this chair every time I left the room, and this particular night was no exception. After I found something suitable to snack on, I returned to the lobby, where I found that the chair had been turned and was facing out toward the lobby. It was just a chair that had been turned, but that was enough for me! That place was beautiful, but spooky and I was not going to spend another night alone there to see what else would happen.

  2. I am a former bartender of Hopland inn and had many experiences with the “permanent residents” there. If your interested in hearing the stories please email me.

    • Hey, I’m currently the housekeeper at the place next door, but we’re expanding to the Hopland Inn soon and I’ve been offered the on-site position. I’d love to hear your experiences before I possibly start living there.

      • I used to manage the McDowell tasting room across the street and from my desk I could clearly see the inn and often found myself staring at the 3rd floor and specifically the center window looking out onto the main street.I was also modeling at the time and had hired a a photographer from SF to come up and shoot with me in the inn, when he arrived I explained to him that the building was allegedly haunted but he scoffed at the idea and we proceeded up to 3rd floor balcony to begin shooting. We weren’t out there but 20 minutes when the photographer said he felt unwell and uneasy and wanted to go inside. Once inside I proceeded down the hall and posed near a window (not realizing it was the window I had been staring at for months) while the photographer took some shots down the hall,when he stopped to review the shots he dropped to his knees and crawled toward me and handed me the camera,in every shot there were two orbs that appeared to have face like features moving around me,one looked like an older woman and the other a little girl. He ended the shoot there. Before we left the bartender that was working heard our story and showed us a photograph of some men after they had finished rebuilding the Inn after a fire,among them is a little girl with her face and hands blurred and peeking out from a window behind them is a woman in a button up dress with her face also blurred. Later when I was looking at the business card for the inn I realized there’s a woman standing on the balcony looking out longingly at the town below and she looks just like the woman in the photo I was shown and who appeared during the shoot. A week later the bartender at the inn came to ask me if I wanted a part time bartending job there, I needed extra work so I said yes. I trained with her for a couple of nights before I was left to tend to the bar alone. I felt like I was being watched every second I was there especially the kitchen,I hated going in there. Glasses often slid down the bar by themselves,a misty white apparition moved around the stairs and down the hall often,foots steps could be heard coming from up stairs when there was no one else in the building but me. I would hang out in the library but sometimes I would get an overwhelming feeling and suddenly smell cigar smoke and I would leave the room. The owner at the time told me that he was living there once but had to move because his wofe and kids refused to stay there or visit him there. Overall it was spooky but oddly there was a welcoming pressence there also,its hard to explain. I feel like whoever is in there just wants to be acknowledged and means no harm. Hope this was helpful,not too long and not too many typos

  3. I’ve seen the woman in the white dress on the 3rd floor several times. My PO Box is across the street. She likes to look out the window in the evenings. I’ve sat and stared at her a couple of times. Each time I’ve done this, her image slowly disappears.

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