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This hotel dates back to 1926 and was once home to Al Capone. Residents on the seventh floor have claimed to have captured numerous orbs and heard strange voices throughout the night.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    101 N Ocean Dr
    Hollywood, FL 33019
    United States

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    26.01232, -80.116286
    Broward County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Hollywood, FL (2.1 mi.)
    Hallandale Beach, FL (2.9 mi.)
    Dania Beach, FL (3.3 mi.)
    Golden Beach, FL (3.3 mi.)
    Pembroke Park, FL (4.0 mi.)
    Aventura, FL (4.1 mi.)
    Sunny Isles Beach, FL (4.3 mi.)
    Lake Forest, FL (4.8 mi.)
    Ojus, FL (4.9 mi.)
    Carver Ranches, FL (5.0 mi.)


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    1. Cynthia Bennett  |  

      Totally haunted. Caught 12 blue orbs on my iPhone video. While being videoed, I could feel stress, anxiety, depression and something was making me sick. FaceTimed my nephew and he got pictures of a door turning blue and then orange on his screen. Going back in a couple of months. Hoping to help the lost souls.

      • I had a friend stay there and they told me about wierd stuff happening. So being a paranormal investigator i went immediately and took pics and picked up voices on my Olympus recorder. Alot of activity….never investigate alone…happy haunting

    2. i worked as security for a year back in 2012, i would walk the entire building at night just for the fun of it and got paid for it lol. i had a few weird things happen, but the one i really remember was at about 3am in a staircase next to the mall north side bathrooms. that staircase goes to the roof and boy its creepy the on every floor. i was coming down the stair case and was on the 2nd flloor as i started down the stair case i heard something move by the exit on the first floor, i stopped and listened. i heard nothing. as soon as i started walking again i heard the door open then close fast. this is a heavy door with a long handle. i rushed down the stairs to see who ran out but when i opened the door nobody was around. i looked up and seen the security cam pointed right at the door. i then rushed back to see who ran out on camera! to my surprise the cam didn’t show that door ever open until i came out. very creepy never forgot that one.

    3. I’m here now on the fourth floor. I rented a unit from a private owner and my suite is beautiful. HOWEVER, I was getting vibes from the get go. The fan was in a different place when I got back last nite. My unit is L shaped. Whenever I’m around the corner
      it sounds like someone is in the room and i go check. The hallway has alot of energy. I was unaware of the history of this hotel while experiencing these events. I learned of this from the locals tonight prior to returning to my unit. i’m from NJ and im traveling alone headin to the keys. Funny thing is…before talkin to the locals, I jus kept sayin damn thats sum good weed. I’m bugging and can’t sleep so I’m gonna take sum pics. I’m here till Tuesday and wasn’t expecting company. lol

      • Christy Wooten  |  

        What room did you stay in? I’m here now on the 4th floor renting from an owner and got weird vibes from the start.

        • Hi I am here at Hollywood beach golf hotel we are a family of ghost hunters. was thinking of staying in the haunted one u were at..what room was it..and did u find it on air bnb or which one…thank u in advance

    4. I didn’t open the door last nite, not being able to sleep I’ve submitted to the fact this hotel in haunted. .
      tonight is my last nite and i will definitely get some pics. I think this is crazy and I’ve emailed the owner to book this unit the last week it March…

    5. My wife and I took a getaway weekend here. We knew nothing of any haunting stories. The front desk put us on the seventh floor. Neither my wife nor I are “ghost sensitive”. She immediately felt uncomfortable when we reached the seventh floor. There were many old fotos of the people and the place hanging on the wall. I asked my wife who is very talented with a cell phone camera to take some pictures of the photographs on the wall. Each time the resulting foto was of the floor. I tried with the same results. She tried to take a picture of me next to the old house phone but once again it revealed the floor. When she tried to take a picture of me in front of the display at the elevator it showed the floor behind her. Finally, in the first floor lobby an attempt to take a picture of me in the lounge revealed a picture of the opposite wall. Several days later I read a review of the place by people who specifically asked to stay on the seventh floor in order to see strange things. Otherwise, it was a great stay.

      • My grandma and grandpa used to rent arcade games to the hotel in the 80s. My cousin and I used to play and run around the hotel while they were collecting money from the machines. One day we went into one of the stairwells and saw a bucket of what looked like blood on the stairwell. We screamed and ran up the stairs back to the lobby. We told our grandparents, but they just told us it was impossible and didn’t believe us. I always felt an eerie, negative energy from this hotel, but had no idea it was considered haunted and I didn’t know anything about it’s history. Now it makes sense why I always felt so uncomfortable and watched while I was there.

    6. Yep 100% haunted. My friends and I would hang out n the lobby almost every weekend night./ I always got the feeling of somebody or a lot of negative energy. Well we decided to do an investigation one night.. You see orbs, apparitions and noises.. The down stairs men and women bathroom has the CREEPIEST feeling though.. No matter what you NEVER feel alone..

    7. Stayed there on vacation with my girlfriend celebrating my birthday.I’ve never been much of a believer in ghosts but that quickly changed after my first night there.We were on the the seventh floor.Which is said to be the most haunted.The first night I slept there I awoke around 2:00 am to banging on the ceiling.There is no 8th floor above where we were.Also air conditioner stopped working got up it wouldn’t turn on.Next morning woke up it was working.You definitely feel like some is watching you the whole time your there.After what I encountered the first night did some research and found out plenty of people have died there.room 202 is the most haunted.It’s were al Capone stayed and killed prostitutes.It’s said there buried them in the walls.So my girlfriend and I went hunting for this room.We found it boarded shut without a door knob.The number isn’t on the door.it skips from 203 to 204 with 202 still in between boarded shut without a number or a door knob.I felt the door and it felt ice cold.If your staying there make sure you stay on one of the middle floors like 4,5,6.cause 2 and 7 make you feel sick.hope I was helpful good luck.

    8. It’s between 201 and 203 my mistake.room 456 is also haunted forgot to mention.Back in the 1950’s a pizza delivery guy killed a couple in that room along with a few others in the hallway before killing himself.

      • Do you remember any gas stove smell in that room?front desk thought I was crazy along with my husband is think that was the room number they put us in

    9. I went there several times in the ninties as a kid with my father. I never had any experiences there when in the room we shared. However when I was 17 we went back and I got a separate room with my friends Brandon and drew. We were asleep one night when I awoke and saw a figure in white moving at the foot of the bed, it was horrible feeling even now I am tearing as I write. I could not move nor manage to scream the figure moved toward the door and out of my site. I eventually was able to scream and move, when I got up there was nobody there. I don’t believe in ghosts and feel this was psychogenic. However who knows. Nothing else happens any of the other 4 times I have stayed at the hotel. I don’t remember what floor but it may have been 4,5,6. Maybe even 7. I just remember a beach view from high up

    10. This weekend I stayed there in pent house 5 and I felt a very strange feeling when I got there. I felt uneasy. At one point I went to the kitchen and I felt my hair being pulled. I totally believe and I said quietly to please stop and it stopped. So many good vibes in my room though and I still felt uneasy. My friend at the end of the night pressed all the buttons to the elevator and without knowing at all of this I saw the floor 7 and I felt so bad I got light headed and I got chills. And I mean the elvator of the ph takes forever so we got of that one and went in the other one when I got of it was such a bad feeling,this was before I searched up the history. I sat and searches this up and before I knew this was house to Al Capone I felt something. The 7th floor is extremely important he killed prostitutes in various rooms of that hotel in the 7th floor and buried them in the walls. God bless their soul.

    11. My wife and I stayed in room 670 last weekend but never knew any of this haunting until we left and started searching the web because we had the same feeling you all had when you were here. We heard noises in the bathroom, someone walked in the room upside ours all night long. We even heard people talking in english but couldn’t understand them because it was too low. My wife had nightmares every night we stayed. And we kept on waking up every house or two.

    12. We heard heavy objects being moved upside our room. That was so loud that at one point people in another room called the administration and ask them to check what was going on.

    13. My grandma stays at this hotel for a month each February. Before she started this tradition we were in hollywood looking for places she could stay for cheap and she found this one. Immediately when I walked in there I could tell that it was haunted. I could hear voices and pianos playing, it was really freaky. Last year when my grandma was here her friend when in the elevator early in the morning to go down stairs and once she reached the lobby the doors opened and then slammed together really fast and shot back up all the way to the top, and the doors opened and slammed again and went to the lobby and she finally got off. This year my mom and I stayed there for one night on our way up from key west. First we went up to my grandmas room on the third floor and there is like a little ramp in the middle of the hallway and I joked and said thats where they burry dead bodies before I read these comments where I then found out the al coupon buried bodies in the walls which freaked me out that I said that. Anyway, When we first went up to our room on the fourth floor we heard this un-human like sound (if you’ve ever seen the movie Mama, like the sound she makes) so we walked in our room fastly. We got ready for dinner and my mom was done before me so she went down stairs. I was in the room by myself getting ready and all of a sudden the alarm clock went static and then started blaring music, i jumped and ran out of the room downstairs to my mom. We went to diner and then came back to go to bed. I fell asleep fine but my mom said she couldn’t sleep because all night there was stomping and slamming and dragging of heavy items above us. I woke up around 6am and heard that un-human noise over and over again for about 10 minutes and then a sharp loud scream. We woke up and went to get coffee and came back up to the room and the slamming and stomping was still going on, so it was going on for about 12 hours so there is really no possibility that it could of been people.

    14. I stayed last week in room 760. I had weird excitement vibes the whole time I was there. Just one really odd incident. Got in elevator alone. pressed 7. elevator stopped at 5 and without looking I got off. walked all the way down to 560 and realized I was on wrong floor…headed all the way back to elevator and when I got there the door opened without me pushing the call button. When I got in 7 was already lit up and the elevator brought me up to 7 and doors opened…was so incredibly strange I started asking around about the place being haunted….

    15. Stefanie Drill  |  

      I just moved in and didn’t know this place was even affiliated with Al Capone. I am on the third floor and flew down yesterday just for one night to sign my lease. I researched haunted hotel only because this morning in the bedroom staring out at the ocean from the window the lamp started flickering on and off out of nowhere, I was face timing my cousin and joked about it being haunted not knowing it is actually rumored to be!!!! I’m on the third floor and I’ve read supposedly 2 and 7 are the worst but I am very very far from the elevator, but there is a creepy concrete narrow stair well that goes down to the outside closer to the garage anyway. The whole time I kept stopping to listen because I felt very uncomfortable like I was being followed or other people were present. I flew back to VA until I move down for good next week and started looking. Omg 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • Rebecca Acree Hodgson  |  

        Me, too. In all the four years I lived there (3rd, 6th, and 7th floors) I and my friends and roommates never experienced paranormal activity. Nothing but peace.


    17. It is haunted. i went one night to record video because i heard it was haunted and i went everywhere i could go even places i wasn’t allowed to and i could feel this heavy feeling walking around some parts and going up some stairs my legs would feel heavy but then other parts normal. i recorded a spirit orb down this one hallway that has smaller than normal doors and i watched the video once i left the hotel so i went back the next day in the morning and i recorded the same thing again. an orb flying up same spot. Also before entering this part i was intimidating spirits to touch me and show me they’re here. and i felt someone flick my ear and there was no one around me even tho i did go with my girlfriend and her brother but they were still down half the stairs and i was taking lead so no it wasn’t them. i heard no bugs flying near my ear or did i see any. and the hair on my arms and neck were standing up. i wish i still had the video but this was 5 years ago and i didn’t know anything about uploading videos onto youtube 🙁

    18. Went to meet my husband for a weekend trip here. After a long flight and challenges even getting my room, I was finally able to get access to my room and get settled. My flight took forever and I had to wait several hours for the hotel to let me check in, so by the time I got to my room I was exhausted and upset. I was on my cell with a girlfriend and she told me to deadbolt the door while she was on the phone as my husband wasn’t due to fly in until later that evening. So I went to the door and made a big deal of locking the door and even said, it’s all good I locked up! I then stripped down and flopped on the bed with the window open letting the breeze float through. I immediately passed out. Some time later I was awoken by someone talking to me, I was petrified because I’d locked my door. But none the less out in the hallway I could hear a man, probably hotel staff.. saying “Ma’am, hello?” I jumped up to put my sun dress back on and replied “just a second!” To which he responded “no it’s okay, just make sure to close the door.”

      But I had, I know I did, because I was on the phone when I did it. So at some point.. some how, my door became unlocked and opened, enough that God only knows how many people saw my naked body…

      At that point I was anxious, but truth be told to exhaust to really care, so I locked the door again and before iwent back to my nap I said “if you’re gonna peep, at least go through the wall so no one else gets a view..” and off I drifted.

      The next night my husband and I went to bed, he usually drifts off quickly. At some point I could hear this beautiful music coming from the left side of the building. I listened to it for some time, it sounded like some type of private concert. It was like it was happening so close I could hear every word! I woke my husband and he grunted he could hear it right before he passed back out.. but I was convinced they’d held some VIP concert.. like 100 people maybe.. so the next morning I asked them about it. Not a single staff member had heard it, and they said there had been no concert or musical event of the sort that night..

      I like to assume who’ve was peerving on me decided to apologize by playing me oldies music..

      My final night I spent alone as my husband had flown back to the Bahamas for work. I didn’t sleep all night.. I just sat in the room with this feeling of dread, finally overcome with anxiety I sprinted down the long hall way all the way to the elevator.. it felt le someone had run after me. I jammed the close button like a was a girl from a real horror movie..

      Would I stay there again.. yes, but fully clothed, not alone and with a chair under the door.

    19. We stayed for a week on the 7th floor, The first night my mom was sleeping and she heard someone called her name several times, It was a male voice. That woke her up.
      I was in line to get some coffee in the morning, and I suddenly felt someone right behind me, very close, so I thought it was someone in line too, then I looked and there was nobody.
      But I have to say, it is a beautiful place with a lot of history.

    20. My husband and I staid for a birthday in this hotel everything was fine…my card key always worked…my husband key did Sometimes!!!but other than that staff,clean rooms,nice decor at the check in area love it…

    21. I just stayed in room 535…only lasted one hour and I got the hell out of there. Its definitely haunted. The room smelled like death, a stench I will never forget. The bathroom door closed on its own, I saw blood smears on the staircase door on floor 6, after we decided to leave we got on the elevator which went up to floor 7 and then even though the floor 5 button wasnt pressed the elevator stopped on floor 5 and the doors open and shut very quickly then commenced its descent to the lobby. We thought it was the spirit saying bye to us. I felt major anxiety the hour I was there and couldnt leave fast enough.

    22. Im from the u.k. {england} and stayed in this hotel 3 times.it reminds me of the pictures ive seen of the titanic hallways! we did have a security guard give us a guided tour of the tower room where al capone was supposed to have resided.but i heard a lot of stories off local people saying he never stopped there?? {Anybody out there that can confirm he did??

    23. Michelle Martella  |  

      Going Tonight.

      Experienced locking, doors, doors shaking, Power going on and off, lights not coming on, banging on the ceiling only at night like someone is dropping a brick (we’re on the 7th floor)

    24. In 2010, my husband and I stayed here for one night as we awaited a cruise. In the late afternoon we somehow both felt very fatigued and fell asleep on the bed. I know for a fact that the TV was off, yet a short time later it came on by itself. This happened twice. I also recall having people knock on the door and speak to us. When we opened… nobody in sight!

    25. Jonattan Castillo  |  

      Me and my fiancé stayed in the 6th floor. First thing we saw when we got out the elevator was 3 elevators with 6 on them. Later on that night we had made some drinks and was talking . All of a sudden my drink fell from the night table, it wasn’t in the edge , we was sipping something expensive so we kinda laughed like haha that’s like 25 worth of alcohol. We hadn’t took a sip yet. I made another drink she sipped hers and then her fell of the night table too but this time on her side. We thought it was odd I opened my phone google about the hotel and was creeped out

    26. I stayed there April 2007 for a week. Very surreal place. Think we were on the 4th floor. After we checked in and were getting settled, I was standing facing the open closet..a voice very clearly breathed the name Donna in my ear, I think the voice sounded more female. Definitely felt like we were not alone in our room.

    27. My daughter, her husband, my husband and I stayed here in April 2018. We were on the fourth floor. In the middle of the night we were awoken by weird moaning in the hallway. It continued for about ten minutes. The next morning when my daughter awoke she had a huge bruise on her buttocks. When I
      reached my final destination and opened my suitcase one of my sandals was missing. I hadn’t opened my suitcase there only my carry on Weird feelings there all the time we stayed.

    28. leslie harris  |  

      Hello! im from England U.K.Stayed there 3 times its Very old and Out dated But Enjoyed the Nostalgia.Had a Guided tour around the Tower Room {202} where Capone Legally Stopped Great Experience If you are Curious.DO IT!! Never met any Ghouls Or Ghosts they were all in the Local Bars LOL {Leslie Harris West/Midlands England U.K.}

    29. Worst night of my life!!! I didn’t know this place was hunted when I reserved :/ I had to pee in the middle of the night and I clearly felt a “presence” in the bathroom, I felt so scared that I couldn’t look at the mirror because I was sure I was going to see something else than me :/ I was terrified and chose to ignore it and get back to the bed to continue sleeping.

    30. I’ve stayed here 3 times in the past 5 years and can confirm it’s 100% not haunted… but is 100% mismanaged, dirty, smelly, and empty. All the stores are gone and the guests with it.

    31. Stayed on the 5th floor room 525.. I want to start off by saying that my I am an empath and I am sensitive to energies. But I had NO IDEA about the history/hauntedness of this place- we rented it out of Airbnb. First thing we did when we got to the hotel was wait in the lobby for the check in time, my partner and I used the bathroom In the “mall” area of the lobby, and immediately felt a dark dingy feeling- but still we had no idea this place was haunted.. so we just chalked it up to being our imagination/ the effect of the abandoned mall section of the place. Our first night, my partner wakes up in the middle of the night gasping having really bad sweats and sleep paralysis, I had to shake her awake and once I did she sprang up, the air in the room got heavy and I could sense a presence there but not to alarm my partner I ignored it… but then she said… “did you hear that?” she heard footsteps on a hardwood floor and that someone was trying to get into the room while she was paralyzed. She then started making sure that we were in fact alone in the room. She was absolutely convinced that there was someone else in the room with us. She checked the closet/ bathroom even under the bed! At that point I knew she was feeling the same thing I was but I didn’t want to pay whatever energy it was attention because I knew we needed to get some rest. We eventually managed to fall back asleep somehow, but first thing in the morning we had a conversation about what happened and realized we needed to set up protections immediately. I had brought my SJC ROOT from home by chance (thank goodness) and I cut a piece of it off and sprinkled it on a white candle I had in the room. I wasn’t sure what exactly i was doing but I knew I would try anything not to feel that feeling from last night again. I then googled the place and low and behold the place is haunted AF! al Capone and his crew stayed here and murdered sex workers by strangling them and shoving them in the walls- some say. I thought that that was interesting so I did more research on what floor etc this happened in. Fast forward to that night after a few drinks I made the decision to go to the floor and try and explore more. The elevator started acting up; not wanting to open and such. And I felt chills.. and uneasy immediately. I’m new to this so I didn’t feel like I was ready for what this hotel had going on so I just salted my doorway to my room and carried on minding my own business.. but the energies there loved to mess with us the entire time we stayed here. BOTTOM LINE, JUST HAVE PROTECTION! And remember that these energies and entities cannot effect you if you do not let them. We are in the physical realm, therefore more powerful!

    32. I stayed in room 685 with my boyfriend . We saw multiple orbs in our room. TV would randomly turn off and on. Last night of our stay was terrifying. Mumbles of Help and screaming. In the middle of the night I felt as though there was something placed over my face. It was difficult to breath. I tried to scream out for help to my boyfriend but I wasn’t able to speak. I tried three time and finally I was able to scream his name. Right after that my cell phone started randomly vibrating with out any alerts or calls. The while night was horrible. My boyfriend and I waited until the sun came up to get out of that hotel.

    33. Stayed alone on the 7th floor in mid 2000s. Extreme electrical interference on my smart smartphone, scalding hot water on my feet but normal temps out of shower head. Dismissing as poor electrical and plumbing.
      However, awoke multiple times throughout night believing another guest was entering my room, (sound of door opening and footsteps across floor) but no one there, door was deadbolted. Found older man in hallway with a bright red suitcase that looked like it was from 40s or 50s attempting to unlock room door with card key, but he acted like it was foreign to him. I called out to him and told him to flip the card around but he was still struggling. Frustrated, I stepped 3 steps into my room to set a soda down and returned to the hallway 3 seconds later to find him and suitcase gone, no sound of door unlatching or unlatching and no light coming from under his door.

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