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The Hotel Aiken, housed in an 1878 hotel building, is haunted–especially on the second floor. Witnesses have heard whispering, crying and screaming from empty rooms, and seen shadow figures flit past. Toilets flush and doors open and close by themselves, and ghosts play tricks with the housekeepers’ carts, moving them to the opposite end of the hall while the housekeeper is in a room. Room 225 is known for a ghost who likes to watch TV: The television is repeatedly found turned on when the room is vacant.

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    Geographic Information

    235 Richland Avenue West
    Aiken, SC 29803
    United States

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    33.560799, -81.72161499999999
    Aiken County, South Carolina
    Nearest Towns:
    Aiken, SC (0.1 mi.)
    Warrenville, SC (4.8 mi.)
    Graniteville, SC (5.0 mi.)
    Gloverville, SC (6.7 mi.)
    Langley, SC (7.6 mi.)
    Burnettown, SC (8.0 mi.)
    New Ellenton, SC (9.8 mi.)
    Clearwater, SC (10.8 mi.)
    Belvedere, SC (13.0 mi.)
    Murphys Estates, SC (13.1 mi.)

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    1. I had a ghost experience at the Aiken Hotel ..the ghost kept hiding my cell phone and moving things in my room…I thought I was losing my mind.

    2. I have spoken with staff once I heard this was haunted. I’m staying here 4 nights. 2nd floor. I have not had one person of staff tell me they’ve experienced anything. I’m very interested in the subject but also very scientific, unlike taps, which always pretends to be. But its a TV show so what can you expect? I have two more nights. I’ll be back if something happens.

    3. I stayed here last. Room 207. About 5 am our door opened and we got up and no one was there. Then we heard voices and a baby crying. No guests on that floor and no guests with babies. It was definitely unreal.

    4. I stayed here on 7/15/2016 in room 202. I have stayed here in the past and have witnessed subtle things like watching people, myself included, becoming more accident prone than usual. I also misplace stuff more often here. But, yesterday was different. It first started with my cell phone service. Whenever I was in my room, and my room only, my service would turn off. That was odd. But, the oddest thing was the ceiling fan. It rotated very slowly without being turned on. I blamed the air conditioner. Its vent was blowing directly at the fan. It continued like this all night and the next morning, until I turned on the tv. Once I turned on the tv the fan slowed to a stop. I checked the air conditioner to see if it switched off. It didn’t. Nothing was different except for the tv. After a minute or so the fan started back up. I changed the channel and it stopped again. This repeated…start, change channel and stop. Something was using me to channel surf. Once I found something it liked it stopped for good. It settled on Two and a Half Men. The ghost was a Charlie Sheen fan. When it was time for check out. I switched of the tv and the fan started back up. I gave one last look back before I shut the door. The fan was still spinning.

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