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This Holiday Inn is reported to have a ghost — a little girl named Tanya who runs through the halls. She is said to be the spirit of a girl who perished in a fire at a house that once stood on the grounds. She has been seen jumping on beds as well; both guests and employees have witnessed the ghost.

Now called the Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    100 Whitehaven Road
    Grand Island, NY
    United States

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    43.02154779440926, -78.89620686190187
    Erie County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    Tonawanda, NY (0.8 mi.)
    North Tonawanda, NY (2.0 mi.)
    Tonawanda, NY (2.7 mi.)
    Grandyle Village, NY (3.4 mi.)
    Kenmore, NY (4.1 mi.)
    Amherst, NY (5.7 mi.)
    Eggertsville, NY (6.2 mi.)
    Sanborn, NY (8.0 mi.)
    Williamsville, NY (8.9 mi.)
    Buffalo, NY (9.4 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. I was staying at this resort in January 2013 with my family on my sons hockey tournament. Everyone was out of the room as I was laying on the one bed with my tablet at approximately 9:45pm. the time was correct on alarm clock as we had set it for that morning to go off. All of a sudden the alarm went off on it and the clock was showing 3:15am. I upped and left the room as that freaked me out, collected my family, went back to the room and the time was normal. Nothing else happened that I can recall, nothing to the other families the whole weekend.

    2. I worked here in the 1990s. As I was talking to my supervisor in the doorway of room 369, the lid from the ice bucket in the bathroom came flying across the room, hit the threshold in between us, and landed on the floor. I had a clear view of the bathroom and no one was in there. I checked the bathroom and entire room and no one was there. It was nice that I had a witness to this event.

    3. I recently stayed in the hotel for two nights. On the second night we went to bed as normal and for some reason I woke up, opened my eyes and tought i saw someone laying in bed next to my twelve year old son. I was startled and closed my eyes tightly. A few seconds later it felt as if someone was walking on the bed. I felt four steps.

    4. My daughter and I decided to check out some “haunted” Buffalo NY sites yesterday. We made our way from Central Terminal to Byblos and turned on our EMF app which we had just downloaded. We followed a lady in the side door stair entrance and I glanced at the EMF device it was extremely red. I showed my daughter and she wanted to get out of there so we did! Here is actual image I saved of the reading.

    5. February 13, 2016 We were staying at the Byblos for a weekend hockey tournament . All the adults were sitting around the fire place in the main lobby. We all got together for a group photo when my husband and my friend saw a little girl holding 2 dolls walk by and waved at them. As she rounded the corner, my friend went to follow her because she thought it was strange to see an young girl unattended. But when my friend went to look, the girl was gone! Like she just up and disappeared! We asked the front desk if they saw a little girl in pajamas holding 2 dolls, and they said no. So freaky!

    6. I was at the hotel and ummmmm….. my friend was taking a shower, you know how the steam fogs up the mirror and you can draw stuff? Well, my friend saw a drawing of a girl with a flower on her dress. Also, another friend of mine was listening to an illuminati soundtrack and another one of my friends exed out of the app and turned it off because she thought it was creepy and guess what?! About ten seconds later it turned on AGAIN!!!! We were in the room at the end of the hall. We still have to go back for two more nights… so creepy!! Halp!!!!

    7. When my brother and his wife had their wedding reception at the Grand Island Country Club, we booked rooms at the Holiday Inn. This must’ve been in 1995 or so. One of the wedding party and his girlfriend were coming to the ground floor in the elevator, when the elevator stopped between floors for about 20 seconds. They thought they were going to be stuck between floors, when the elevator started going up to the floor they’d just left. The elevator did this twice more, before they got to the lobby. They told the desk, who sent maintainance to check out the elevator-for a few hours, they had a tape across the elevator doors and were apologizing to people, saying the elevator was out of service. An elevator repair company was called in, as maintainance couldn’t find anything wrong. The repair guys couldn’t find anything wrong either, so the elevator was put back into service. My brother’s buddy and his girlfriend had to get hammered tht night in the hotel bar, after the reception, to get the courage to take the stairs to their room!

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