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This hotel dates back to the turn of the 20th century. It was, at times, a military hospital, boarding house, and now, a hotel and spa. The resident ghost is named “Isabelle” – she is said to have lived and died here in the 1950s. She is said to also have a “ghost cat” that walks around the place.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    2937 Beach Blvd S
    Gulfport, FL 33707
    United States

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    27.740306155962383, -82.70814475214956
    Pinellas County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Gulfport, FL (0.6 mi.)
    South Pasadena, FL (2.1 mi.)
    Saint Pete Beach, FL (2.3 mi.)
    Saint Petersburg, FL (2.8 mi.)
    Tierra Verde, FL (3.5 mi.)
    Treasure Island, FL (4.2 mi.)
    Kenneth City, FL (5.3 mi.)
    West and East Lealman, FL (5.6 mi.)
    Lealman, FL (5.9 mi.)
    Bay Pines, FL (6.7 mi.)

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    1. My husband and I spent the night here a couple of years ago. In the middle of the night we heard coat hangers on the back of the bathroom door rattling and moving. No other person was in the room and there was no way any draft could have reached that location. We later found out that room was a favorite of the lady who haunts the place. So it’s a real haunting as far as I am concerned!

    2. I stumbled across this website by accident but started reading it and just wanted to let you guys know that when you did your article with Cabbage Key and Useppa you missed Capt N Cons restraunt in Bokeelia. Also the headless woman’s name was Joseppa but was misinterpreted which is where Useppa comes from.

    3. Natalie Woodward  |  

      I got married there. My maid of honor met Isabelle. She was a socialite that lived there. She usually can be found in a certain room in the house. we rented out all the rooms for my wedding and placed my aunt in that room because we already knew about it. We didnt tell her as we were paying a joke on her. Well there were some bad things that happened and the wedding was horrific due to personal circumstances unrelated to the peninsula…it’s a wonderful place…my maid of honor was very very upset. Isabelle went to her room in the midst of the night. She felt someone rubbing her back and noticed her husband was asleep. She was consoling her. also the windows became locked twice when they were previously unlocked. They lock from the inside obviously and her husband was asleep and she was the only other person in the room. She is a friendly spirit.

    4. Marie Saccucci  |  

      Loved this hotel. I was walking through the foyer when someone called me by name. I turned to see who it was but there was no one there. My husband was outside, he was the only one that would have called me. Stayed there April 3-4 2018

    5. Mary J McCamant  |  

      I visited the Historic Peninsula Inn for two nights. We stayed in the Princess suite. After reading these testimonies about ghost I have to laugh. I have a lifetime of ghost seeking hotels under my belt the GreenBriar in West Virginia, Abbington Inn or Martha Washington Inn, and a whole host of ghost attractions. The Peninsula was very quite, serene, and tranquil compared to the GreenBriar which staff and my daughter heard door rings, telephone rings that did not exist except in 1950 from the suite she was staying in. The blue lady was seen by all of the staff who haunts the executive suites which we stayed in. The Anvil Inn was extremely haunted I had never been before but an impression of a young man was in the bathroom mirror I witnessed his accident. I left the facility went to the bartender and ask “Did a young man die recently connected with this Inn”. The bartender turned completely white “oh, no I am here until 3.30 A.M. by myself!” He asked me if I had seen him the young man. I only stated “He died recently correct?” The anxious bartender answered “yes he owned the Inn and was driving from it when his car was hit”. This was perhaps the most determined ghost who had unfinished business. The Historic Peninsula Inn if it has a ghost or many since the hotel was a nursing home, a veteran hospital for recovering soldiers is pretty satisfied in their life and after life. Nice place to stay, have dinner, and walk around the shops on the street. Ghost? Not so much as people seem to haunt themselves.

    6. The Peninsula Inn is a wonderful place to stay, Veronica and Coco were great. Coco (7 yr old puppy) met us at the door, she greeted us and she went to go back and lay down under the table. Veronica is extremely nice , she makes an awesome breakfast. The room we stayed in was nice, upon entering the room I “felt” something, not sure what but I later learned it was a nursing home so I figured “ok”. I later learned about Isabella from another guest, we didn’t have any spiritual experiences but I had a weird feeling of being watched… but of course that could just be my imagination. My husband doesn’t think anything of it. Over all it is a wonderful place to stay.

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