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At this wildlife reserve and beach, locals tell of the ghost of Higbee himself, who appears when anyone approaches his grave. Higbee is believed to be seen chasing another ghost, that of a slave, down the woodsy trails. Townsfolk also tell of a ghostly sailor who appears at the top of a dune, and then disappears just as quickly.

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Geographic Information

Higbee Beach
Cape May, NJ
United States

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38.96175581924925, -74.96317863551673
Cape May County, New Jersey
Nearest Towns:
North Cape May, NJ (1.4 mi.)
Cape May Point, NJ (1.7 mi.)
West Cape May, NJ (2.0 mi.)
Erma, NJ (3.2 mi.)
Cape May, NJ (3.6 mi.)
Villas, NJ (4.8 mi.)
Rio Grande, NJ (5.7 mi.)
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Wildwood Crest, NJ (7.0 mi.)
Whitesboro-Burleigh, NJ (7.7 mi.)


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  1. I’ve been there many times in high school in the 1970s, and there is definitely SOMETHING eerie out there. There is a feeling of being watched and a great feeling at night that you should get out. When you are leaving, it feels like something is chasing you, until you get back to the paved road.

    • we were there around 8 pm in late July, it was dark and stormy. my boyfriend had to go use the bathroom. on the trails of course. he said he heard a huge banging. it couldn’t of been a deer, it was too strong. i was in the car, we were suppose to enjoy being there. He ran back into my car and screamed, “WE HAVE TO GO NOW, SOMEONE IS FOLLOWING ME!” I sorta laughed at him… but seeing the same comment Catt left, i think i believe it now. I thought he didn’t want to hang out.

      I have experienced walking on the beach when it’s raining, I’ve walked half way into beach, by the trash cans i saw two older happily, couples, looking into the ocean holding each other. I walked closer only to notice they disappeared. When i turned back around and walked ten feet, they reappeared. I could not get my camera out because i was a little shook. I have also seen on a full night a very eerie feeling. By the dunes I’ve seen shadows. Regardless how scary it sounds, it’s my favorite spot to be. It’s relaxing..

      • Lindsay Long  |  

        I was there many years ago and had the same experience. I heard a banging and looked in time to see there was a porta potty that was on its side with the door hinge side at the ground. I saw the door falling back to the ground. Something had to physically pick the door up to slam it, but no one was there. I took off running through the trail and it felt like someone was chasing me all the way to the parking lot.

    • July 2018, i decided to go at night to sit and talk to a friend. It was down pouring. They had to go to bathroom, and I pointed by the opening, there is a port-a-potty, but he decides to go pee at another location, by a trail. He ran in my car and told me to go. I felt a weird cold spot and my hairs raised. I couldn’t just take off, because it was all muddy and I didn’t want to get stuck. As we take off, he tells me that he heard loud foot steps. I told him it could of been a tree, or maybe something pounding from the wind. He’s somebody that use to laugh at me when i mentioned ghosts on higbees. He told me that the foot steps felt like it wasn’t anything normal. It was coming near him, but he didn’t bother to look. I question it. A few years prior to that, Higbees is my runaway spot. I go there to get away from all the stress. Again, it was raining, it was summer. I was walking on the beach, there use to be a spot by the dunes, I could climb up and there’s a huge flat area, a tree, photograpy. I was looking for that spot. a Quarter walk in away from the entrance, I saw two metal trash cans. As I’m walking I see two older couples, holding each other looking at the ocean. I thought it was romantic. The view of them was little fuzzy since it was raining, my eyes were a little soaked. I continued to walk, closer and closer. I was about 100 feet away from the trash cans. The couple had disappeared. I definitely thought my mind was playing tricks. The rain by then had continued to get worse. I decided to turn back. I’m not walking the lentgh of where I first spotted the couple. I turned around and they were back in the same spot! I have always said, If i see a ghost, I’ll probably have a heart attack. But i felt the vibe of the situation to be, a sweet romantic thing and maybe i should let them be. To be fair, this is their land. I have not witnessed much since, since i don’t really have time to visit the area like I have when i was younger. I still fish there a lot because i feel like Higbees is where my heart belongs.

  2. My dad was walking through the trails at higbee beach one day and he passed an older guy also walking on the trail. My dad said hi but the man didn’t respond. My dad kept walking and came to a dead end so he turned back around. He said it was no longer than 30-45 seconds from the time he passed the guy to the time he got to the dead end and when he walked back the way he came, the guy wasn’t there. He didn’t see him at all on the trail on the way back to the car. My dad said he got the chills and hurried back to the car & when he came home, he told my sister and I and we looked up higbee beach and sure enough, other people reported multiple sightings of Mr. Higbee.

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