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The beautiful hotel that once stood on this spot no longer stands, but it was well known as the area’s haunted house while it sat for years unused. Folks claim at least 9 spirits lived there, including a child, 3 men and 5 women. They were siad to be friendly spirits, not harmful unless provoked. Where they have gone now that the building has been torn down remains a mystery. There also is believed to be a Native American burial ground nearby.

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Geographic Information

Routes 191 and 715
Henryville, PA
United States

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41.094849159656924, -75.24443283688015
Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Parkside, PA (0.5 mi.)
Tannersville, PA (5.0 mi.)
Mountainhome, PA (5.6 mi.)
Mount Pocono, PA (6.5 mi.)
East Stroudsburg, PA (7.4 mi.)
Arlington Heights, PA (7.4 mi.)
Stroudsburg, PA (7.9 mi.)
Emerald Lakes, PA (9.1 mi.)
Delaware Water Gap, PA (9.6 mi.)
Saw Creek, PA (10.2 mi.)


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  1. I visited this place many times when I was a kid and my best friend and I had a definitive moment in our lives here when we both witnessed paranormal activity here….please email me if you want to hear my story because I don’t want to sound crazy but it involves a female entity…I believe a young woman or girl.

  2. Peter DiGiuseppe  |  

    Went there for family vacations when I was young kid in 1970 and 1971. Didn’t know of any paranormal activity back then but there was a certain stillness and calm at dusk down at the lake with all those aluminum rowboats. I found the grounds to be peaceful and intriguing at night. I remember it to this day.

  3. I went inside Henreyville House when I was a teen . The House was extremely run down and very scary looking. I did not see any thing inside but when I left the house that night a large warm breeze blew threw me taking my breath away completely and I herd a voice say , ” leaving so soon?” I will never forget the way it felt , it was not a bad feeling , it almost was sad .

    • I went in there several times in the mid-90s we saw shadows in the Attic heard crazy noises downstairs there was a spot where somebody hung themselves in the basement and I had a horrible experience at home I felt like something was trying to take me over while I was laying in my bed I never went back after that

  4. I live two minutes away from here and one night a bunch of teens from our school we partying there and they left and got into a fatal car accident on 715 so sad the one girls twin sister died..I’ve been and seen a few other bad accidents on this 715 and the reeders 715 as well

  5. This ace was with out a doubt haunted. I went in around 2001-2002. Before I even got in the house, a black cat jumped out the back window towards me and my friends. The hole that cat jumped threw didn’t seem much bigger than a golf ball. The Attic stairs were busted threw where someone fell and broke their arm. The shit we heard was eerie.

  6. I’ve been in there several times in the mid-1990s we saw all types of things in there shadows flying around in the Attic banging in the basement and then I had a horrible experience at home that still haunts me to this day it was like something pinned me down in my bed and try to get inside me I still can’t explain it but it was right after the last time I went in there

  7. Been in there several times back in the 90s we saw shadows in the Attic heard noises in the basement and I had a really terrifying experience at home after I went there I felt like something was trying to get inside me I could never explain it but I never went back

  8. Your not crazy I lived in it back in late eighties the part I stayed in is still there the original owners wife hung herself in that stair well

  9. Ashliegh Rivera DIaz  |  

    i seen this house not so long ago maybe a month ago its still standing till today in 2022 i don’t find it scary very cool

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