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The gazebo in this old cemetery seems to be the central spot for the spiritual activity. In it, visitors have reported seeing an elderly woman’s ghost sitting in a rocking chair, holding a baby. It is said that those who see her feel sadness, rather than fear. Reports say that people often leave flowers for the pair at the gazebo.

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    Geographic Information

    155th St
    Ackley, Iowa
    United States

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    42.4780023, -93.0906539
    Hardin County, Iowa
    Nearest Towns:
    Steamboat Rock, IA (4.9 mi.)
    Ackley, IA (5.6 mi.)
    Owasa, IA (6.7 mi.)
    Wellsburg, IA (7.9 mi.)
    Eldora, IA (8.1 mi.)
    Iowa Falls, IA (8.7 mi.)
    Buck Grove, IA (12.5 mi.)
    Aplington, IA (12.8 mi.)
    Bradford, IA (13.3 mi.)
    Geneva, IA (13.8 mi.)


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    1. We went out there, quite a few times now and nothing really happened to us. The very first time, we heard something that sounded like gun shots (to me) but the others in my group were sitting in the gazebo and they thought it sounded like someone hitting a tree with something. Our one camera didn’t work, because the batteries were dead, even though later, I found out, the batteries were very fresh. Later, before we left, my buddy and I were talking and in between him saying something and me answering him, he heard a disembodied voice, which we also caught on my digital recorder. It was in response to his statement. The second time we went out, the camera worked fine until the end when the light on it started going crazy and turning on and off, which was set up to the south of the caretakers shed, between the shed and the woods. The next 2 or 3 times after that, no matter the size of the group, we never experienced anything else that couldn’t be explained. I, personally, am up in the air about whether or not it’s “haunted”.

    2. we have been there about 9 or 10 times we used a ir camcorder an have not caught anything that shows a lady in a rocking chair its all a hoax.

      • My family is backed there. Fools have stolen things from the Graves. That loved ones have left. Stones have been ruined. That is why people are looking in on hazel Green. Please be respect full.

        • I can’t believe people are so rude & disrespectful to the deceased. I always let the local police department know I and my group are going to be investigating a Cemetery, & also let them know when we leave.

    3. Ive been there and I’m tellin you it is the freakiest place I have ever been I was scared to get out of the car. Becareful there is a guy who lives nearby and he will come in after you and call the police I don’t know why.

    4. this place is creeeeepy! amung it being a cemetery and haunted there are multipule rumors of a cult that lives in the back of the woods. some have found dead animal hanging upside down in the gazebo . i live just ten miles from it and i know peopl who have been shot at by the cult. perhaps that is the gunshots many peopl have heard.

    5. I know some friends who lived right by the cematery theirs just woods that are between the cematery and my friends house I did feel very scared when I was out side playing. one time my friend was letting her dog out and got not bit a wild wolf that came out of the woods it’s very creepy. I’ve heard stories that theirs a witch barried their and theirs two children and the witch won’t let the children out of the cematery. Some people say you can hear people doing satanic worshiping and people going through the trees behind the cematery and you can hear voices.BE AWARE OF GUN SHOTS I THINK THEIRS A NEIGHBOR WHO SHOOTS A GUN SHOT WHENEVER HE THINKS SOMEBODY IS IN THE CEMATERY I DON’T KNOW IF HE TRIED TO MAKE THE PEOPLE SCARED OR AS A WARNING IDK BUT BE CARFUL.

    6. Well. I went there with a bunch of friends, little did I know that there ‘could’ be a lady rocking back and fourth in the rocking chain in the gazebo. Well, I peed right behind it, does that mean I’m cursed?

    7. Ive been to this place many of times. I think its peaceful. The gazebo is used for music concerts during the memorial day event etc so if you do see ghost there try sing them a song i heard they like that.

      • Of course being a stupid teenager, I’ve gone there with my friends a few times. We went on Halloween night, and nothing happened. It does have a weird vibe, being out on the middle of no where, somewhat forgotten, and much colder due to lack of shelter except some trees. Another time I went with 2 friends, the car almost died before we even got in the gates of Hazel Green. We took that as a sign to leave. We weren’t getting stuck out there, ghosts or not. My friend is actually a caretaker of the grounds, and he debunked every myth. He of course spends much time there mowing and making sure everything is in order. The most you have to worry about at night is raccoons. And possibly the aforementioned gunshots? I’ve never heard anything real about the cults with my own ears, so until further evidence is provided, it’s fake. Hazel Green is merely a country cemetery that has the small town legend attached to it..

    8. The first time I went there, I got home and had scratches on my back, 2 of them scarred and I have three purple dots from a different time I went. The butcher chased me and a few friends out once. I got hit in the chest twice by nothing on a full moon and had something follow me home on Halloween night. I used to just think its all a big joke to get visitors, but now I have marks to confirm that this kind of thing is real, and it is not to be f****d with. My advice to anyone going is carry something made with iron, I have a friend who keeps a foot of iron chain on his hand at all times when he is in there, and he hasn’t been so much as poked.
      Ps. Don’t make threats or disrespect graves. My sisters ex got a bloody nose in there after peeing on a grave, and he had never had a bloody nose before.

    9. Just for everyone’s information, my group has been in contact with the local law enforcement, and with the people in charge of overseeing Hazelgreen Cemetery. And they DO NOT want anyone on the property after the posted hours. If you are caught there you will be arrested and charged with trespassing.

    10. me and a group of friends went out to hazel green once, and for about an hour nothing happened. over by the gazebo, there was a weeping angel just crouched down and all of my friends were freaked out. we looked away for one second, and the next she was standing up. excuse my profanity, but, and i quote “when in doubt, get the f*** out”. one of our friends looked her in the eyes, and she followed him for quite a while. i later learned that same friend’s mom died, he got divorced, and what else… a bad omen, that’s for sure.

    11. This was back in 96 or so. My buddy and I were out gravel jamming and stumbled upon this place. We went in. It was about 10-11pm. Pitch black. I had a deep sense of foreboding while on the grounds. Deathly still. Flies, gnats, whatever swarmed us so we went and sat on the gazebo for a bit. My friend started acting strange. Speaking in tongues. He wasn’t himself. I said it was time to go, as it freaked me out. We got up and started walking to the road where the car was parked. I turned around and saw a faint outline of a figure standing at the steps of the gazebo. So I made my buddy double time it. We get in the car and get the hell out of there. I drove back to IF and the whole way my buddies eyes were rolled back in his head, speaking in tongues. Couldn’t make out a thing he was saying except for JESUS. Only place I thought of at that moment was another cemetery just south of IF with a large statue of Jesus. I took him there and once in front of the statue, he puked like I’ve never seen anyone puke before, and he returned to normal and didn’t have any recollection of the past hours events. It was at this time I was certain that something had entered him at HGC. I haven’t been back to HGC since and have no intentions of doing so. I had no idea about the lore of HGC until just now, about a witch buried there, not letting children leave. There is definitely something supernatural going on there. If you go there, BE CAREFUL.

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