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Sometimes me and my friends hang out there. I always feel like I’m being watched while there, and followed. The following story is a secondary one. A friend of mine was there when she heard a scream for help. A kid around 12 or 13’s sister fell into a ditch. They helped get her out and when my friend turned away seconds after she helped they had disappeared. It’s also an abandoned park with giant ditches filled with garbage.

(Submitted by Andrew H.)

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Geographic Information

3787 Cordell Drive
Ammon, ID
United States

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43.49267203698461, -111.95998775529483
Bonneville County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Lincoln, ID (1.4 mi.)
Ammon, ID (1.6 mi.)
Iona, ID (2.7 mi.)
Idaho Falls, ID (4.1 mi.)
Ucon, ID (7.2 mi.)
Shelley, ID (11.2 mi.)
Rigby, ID (12.6 mi.)
Ririe, ID (13.4 mi.)
Lewisville, ID (14.3 mi.)
Menan, ID (15.8 mi.)


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  1. When I was about ten or eleven years old my friends and I visited the park often, we even gave it a name, the hidden playground, I had always had an uneasy feeling while we played, but often I put it in the back of my head, one particular day we were playing at the park, hide and go seek to be specific, I saw what I originally thought was my sister, I followed “it” into the pit and “it” turned the corner, when I got there no one was there, then I heard my sister yell; “I found you” see was up on top of the hill, exactly what I followed, I am not sure, then three years later I was walking with my friend back to my house, we were just at a party past the park, on the way to the party it was still light outsideoutside, but just barely, we headed back at maybe two in the morning, now my neighborhood is a quiet place at night, and very dark, so on our way to my house my friend turned to me and said; “let’s go through the park” I had forgotteforgotten about the incident in that very same park, now my friend lives very close to me so he was staying the night, at the time I didn’t have a phone so I unable to take a picture of the thing we saw, and we’re still unable to still identify what we saw, but what we saw was appeared to have glowing red eyes and still to this day we can only remember the glowing red eyes, immediately after seeing the darkness illuminated by two small(maybe an inch in diameter of an inch) glowing eyes, we fled the seen. Once we turned the corner we ran into my home and locked the and my friend frantically ran towards the back door as I was frozen, in the back yard we saw to small red glowing eyes on the porch, he proceeded to lock the door and we ran to my bedroom, after maybe two hours we fell asleep, at least I did, in the morning there were no tracks or disturbance in the leaves (by the way this occurred in fall). Since then I’ve been drawn to the park several times a day, never have I seen the eyes yet, but often times I hear voices I can’t make out what they are saying but I can hear them.

    • This was NEVER a park. I lived in the area for over 30 years and that was all farmland. My friends and I would float that canal you are talking about.
      However, I am not saying you did not see what you saw. That area, between Walmart and Crowley Rd.; 1st Street and 17th Street, this thing has been seen. It would come into my room at night. It also jumped at the kitchen window one night while I was getting a drink.
      A friend lives behind Walmart, her son was seeing the same thing. Friends growing up, saw the same thing in their yards or walking at night. The streets in the county with no street lights, it is seen moremore peeking around corners and in trees.
      It is not friendly and is out to mess with people. It has been there for a long time; before it was farmland. Stay away from it. Don’t give it any attention. You do not want this following you home.

      • I work at sonic, and late at night you can see some creepy stuff happening over that way. I used to walk over to walmart on my breaks (sometimes at 10 or 11 at night) and I stopped cause I kept seeing creepy things like this.

    • Its obvious your trying to hard with this story of yours. The words you use trying to make your vocabulary stronger. Yeah buddy i believe this is fake. It all sounds like something from a scary book or horror movie. ALL FICTION. But i give you credit for the good (fake) story. 🙂 *thumbs up*

  2. I live about a half hour walk from the place in question, so I decided to swing by one night, and nothing. In fact it felt quite peaceful there. I’m not saying that nothing is going on here. I actually plan to visit a few more times since it seems that people have visited it regularly and not experienced anything.

  3. there is a park in my town called vets we go there a lot to roller skate (ect) once when we were bored we snuck out of my house and went to the park there was a man who said that we should always carry a knife it was really sketch so we waited for him to leave, once he left we went near the slide before we noticed a black figure sitting on the top of the slide. thinking it was a person we yelled “hey” and it did nothing we looked around and looked back and it was gone…

  4. I grew up near this park, if you could call it a park. The swings and toys are completely rusted over, and the basketball court is cracked and filled with weeds. It was right next to a big pit filled with garbage, but they’ve since filled that in. People have tried to get the park renovated for years, but the owners refuse. The park and the whole field that surrounds it is just empty. The owner has cut off all access to the park now if I am not mistaken. It wouldn’t surprise me if they tore it down soon. In the wall of the pit by the park, where the garbage was, someone or something had carved out a makeshift cave and put a tarp over it. There was something inside that looked like a makeshift bed, we thought that a hobo might have lived there at some point. There was always a strange, eerie feeling around the park, but we never saw anything. They dumped a lot of industrial and home garbage into that pit. If they try building on top of it the ground is going to sink.

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