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The Harrisburg State Hospital was known as Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital from 1851 to 1937. It’s rumored to be the site of some violent poltergeist activity. The hospital was closed in 2006 and the building currently is used for office space. The movie “Girl, Interrupted” starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie was filmed here.

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    Geographic Information

    Cameron and McClay Streets
    Harrisburg PA
    United States

    Get Directions »
    40.284473333971206, -76.87553769363149
    Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
    Nearest Towns:
    Harrisburg, PA (0.9 mi.)
    Penbrook, PA (1.6 mi.)
    West Fairview, PA (2.2 mi.)
    Progress, PA (2.3 mi.)
    Wormleysburg, PA (2.5 mi.)
    Paxtang, PA (2.9 mi.)
    Enola, PA (3.1 mi.)
    Lemoyne, PA (3.1 mi.)
    New Cumberland, PA (3.6 mi.)
    Colonial Park, PA (3.6 mi.)


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    1. My husband was doing work there down in the basement. He went to grab his screw driver from his back pocket and it was gone and replaced with a spoon.

    2. I work at the Oak Wood building, my co-worker was coming up the steps and this old man (or Ghost) with a long white beard ran behind her and got very close to her, suddenly the man vanish the same thing happened twice as she was coming up the steps. About three other co-workers went looking for the guy but no one could locate a guy like that in the building.

      • I was in a film that also has a scene at one of those locations! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6098932/

        But seriously, I went to get some State paperwork done at one of the office buildings that is now located at this place, and it was a really rough day. This place is so hard to find unless you know exactly where it is (at least that was the case 3 years ago). GPS was no help. When we finally got there (a friend drove me), it took only a few minutes to get what I needed, and when I returned to my friend’s car, I noticed that is just suddenly emptied its cooling fluid all over the parking lot. For no reason. TWO towing companies gave up on trying to find us before a third finally found the place and rescued us. In the meantime our phones had died, and the place was so erie so spend hours just waiting around at…

    3. I stayed in that building once when it was the inter faith shelter a boy was seen missing around no one knows who kid that was he appeared once on my sis at night he was just stand on front of her side just watching her sleep she woke up and was soo nervouse or afraid she never said a word just went to back to sleep me my mom and my sis was in that room. They now have a shelter some where through Paxtang.

    4. My grandmother worked here. Every time she went in the tunnels, the pipes would steam every time she would pass the pipes. Also her co-worker found a tennis ball. When she went back to go get it, it was gone.

    5. Some workers were hired to remove old metal pipes down in the basement. A strange voice occasionally appeared out of thin air. Voice was of a younger man, it would say such things as ” don’t look at me ” ” leave me alone ” Soon the three packed their tools quickly , quit the job and left hurriedly. Evidently the place is creeped out.

    6. My boyfriend and I were walking on a hiking trail near that property when we were teenagers. There was a random path in the grass leading up a hill. We took it and ended up on this property, not knowing what it was until I went home and googled it. The eerie, cold feeling that I felt that day was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. We were both really creeped out the entire walk home, without understanding why.

    7. I am a current employee at the grounds used to work in dietary dept before hospital closed now work for DGS just after the hospital closed there was some water that came out of no where in the Eaton building gym myself and 2 other employees was cleaning up and when we were done i was shooting the flat basketballs as you know flat basketballs have no bounce as me and another co worker took the machines up the stairs i had a basketball with me we were above the gym i threw the ball from the upper level to other of gym heard the ball hit the floor maybe 3 bounces no more after that my co-workers were up the hallway i was a couple feet behind next thing we heard was a ball bouncing my supervisor yelled out come on and when she turned around and saw i was right behind them we took off running havent been in that building since

    8. When I was on duty one afternoon as a CPD officer that the area between the buildings designated as a Soft Ball Field was used as a mass grave during the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic. Driving through the grounds late at night and in the early hours of the morning it was often things were seen. Only quick glimpses of something among the trees. Grounds were beautiful especially in the fall.

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