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In the Reading Room of the library, where the temperature is said to always be extraordinarily cold or hot, haunt-hunters should listen for a ghostly moaning noise that sometimes sounds like unintelligible talking. In the Harp Room, there is a chair that some local paranormal enthusiasts call the Ghost Chair. Rumor has it that the chair just appeared in the library one day; the library staff have no record of its history and no one ever found out where it came from.

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Harold B. Lee Library
Provo, UT
United States

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40.249234, -111.649246
Utah County, Utah
Nearest Towns:
Provo, UT (1.2 mi.)
Orem, UT (4.1 mi.)
Vineyard, UT (6.1 mi.)
Springville, UT (6.1 mi.)
Lindon, UT (7.5 mi.)
Palmyra, UT (8.0 mi.)
Mapleton, UT (9.0 mi.)
Pleasant Grove, UT (9.2 mi.)
Spanish Fork, UT (9.3 mi.)
Lake Shore, UT (9.8 mi.)

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  1. My friend and I were there and we were doing a knocking thing at the hart room door. It was duh duh duhduh duh, duh duh. We kept doing that until we decided not to do the last two knocks so the ghost or spirit could do the last two. So we did it and we caught it on tape.

  2. I don’t know about the BYU in Utah but I attended BYU-Hawaii in 1992-93.
    I lived in Hale 2 and Hale 5 which are two of the girls on-campus dorms. For those who don’t know hale is the Hawaiian word for house.
    Hale 5 was so unbelievably haunted! There was a small dark carved cabinet in the small room that connected three bedrooms to our bathroom. It had a very bad vibe and I always skirted around the room trying to avoid going near it. I don’t think anyone ever had the guts to open it. The building is set up in a rectangle shape with lawn in the middle. There are lights under the roof of the verandahs running around the inside of the building walls where the bedrooms are. If you came back to the dorm at night after dark and you were on your own the lights along the wall you were walking along would go out and then the ones along the next wall ahead. It was scary as hell!! This was in the days before cell phones and at each of the narrower ends of the quad there was a phone box so students could call their family or whatever. Quite often the lights would go out when you were alone in the phone box and there was no one else around. You could feel a crowd of evil spirits surrounding the box and bumping into the glass trying to get at you. The air around you in these blackouts would suddenly feel heavy, your heart would leap into your throat and you would be filled with dread like you were being stalked. Sometimes you could hear excited chattering in the air. Most people would not use the phones at night after experiencing that. Usually anyone using the phones would wait until someone else came along and they felt brave enough to come out and make a run for it back to their rooms. If you needed to make a call at night you would wait until your room mate came home and ask her to come out with you to the phone box.
    There was a very strict rule in student housing that you got assigned your room and room mate when you first arrived and if you asked to change they would absolutely refuse all requests. One day I mentioned to the dorm mom about how I thought the dorm was haunted and asked if she knew anything about why. She did not answer my question but immediately offered me a new room – the one closest to the front doors that she always kept empty to be used by visitors – on the condition that I never mentioned it again. I knew this was a never to be repeated opportunity to change rooms so I grabbed it and moved immediately that afternoon. I’m sure everyone was creeped out by that dorm but they were forbidden to speak about it.
    Later I moved to Hale 2 to take on the job of being an RA. There was a bedroom in there that we did not put anyone in because we all knew it was haunted. Every time you went by something would have changed. If you locked the door the next time it would be open, if you shut the curtains the next time they would be open, same with the lights being on or off, or drawers open. No one could explain it. One year these two girls came from the mainland USA and were acting all entitled and kept demanding they be allowed a room together as they were best friends and had requested to be together when they applied. They had been told over and over that they had to stay in the rooms they had been assigned. One day I was just so sick of them and their nagging complaints that I said they could room together on the condition they never bothered me with any demands again. They agreed. Meanie that I am I gave them the haunted room. I was very clear about there being no way I would ever let them change again, so they never did ask and every time I went by that room I would chuckle to myself and wonder how they were liking it.
    The bathrooms in the dorms have several toilets and showers and sinks and are spaced out between every 3-6 bedrooms. Upstairs in Hale 2 there was one small bathroom with only one shower just inside the door and a sink beyond that near the outer wall. There was a horrible nasty scary feeling in the area just in front of the shower, a terrifying feeling of doom and fear and hatred and desperation. It would take every ounce of strength and determination I had to take a deep breath and run over that spot to the other side of the room to where the sink was. I have never ever in my life felt anything as terrifying as that piece of floor. As far as I know only one girl ever used that bathroom. I never would have gone in there except sometimes in the holidays the cleaner would be away and I would have to do it. Hale 2 used to be a missionary training center and I used to wonder if someone had been murdered on that spot back in those days since there were no stories in circulation of anything bad like that happening in any of the dorms.
    The other place on campus that I felt a lot of ghosts was the music suite in the CAC building. That’s where the band room and music practice rooms are. I was a music major and often practiced piano in those rooms. When I was the last person to leave at night (I think it closed at 9pm or something) the hallway would be dark. You could tell there where loads and loads of bad spirits there. They would rush at you and you could feel them brushing against you zooming up and down the corridor. It took quite a bit of resolve to leave the little room and step out into the hall to run the gauntlet down to the outside doors, praying to the angels the whole time to surround me and help me get out of there safely.
    I can honestly say BYU-H is the most haunted place I have ever been! The only creepy thing there that they openly admit to is the blackened tree down the road when you walk towards the beach. Local legend says it is an evil place where dark spirits go on full moons to dance with the devil or some such nonsense I never believed. You are warned to never go close to that tree, that you might see the spirits and then die. It is on private property so I don’t know why anyone would anyway.
    I always thought it would be interesting to go back to Laie once I was older and not a student any more and ask some questions and try to find out what all that haunted stuff was about. So far I have never had the money to do it.
    I would love to!
    Anyone want to finance a trip? I guarantee that place has hundreds of ghosts and I know exactly where they are!

    • Are you the one who submitted this story to Anything Ghost? I just listened to that episode and am completely intrigued… Have you ever found anything out about this story?

  3. Manti Temple is very haunted. Was swooped on after touching the foundation. Never been inside. Salt Lake Temple as well. SLC UT Eneological Library, Hotel Utah, Temple Square, BYU/Provo, UT, Any Mormon church I’ve been in, both those in use and those old and abandoned…..any Mormon edifice is pretty much guaranteed to be richly haunted by malevolent souls.

    • I don’t think you can prove it if you haven’t even been inside a “mormon building’. As someone who is LDS I can confirm that those locations have been blessed so no evil spirits may enter them. If you have any more questions regarding these blessings or any Mormon beliefs feel free to look up mormon.org

      • Ghost aren’t always evil spirits and what do we do in temples??????? It would make sense My husband didn’t have ghost encounters but he did have demon encounters on his mission he says he’ll forever see things differently but he won’t share it with just anyone there are many stories especially in the lds culture look into it super scary but cool if you’re in to it.

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