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Built in the 1920s, urban legend states that every owner of this hotel has died under “strange circumstances” – often within the limits of the property. And we wouldn’t want the facts to get in the way of a good story. Other ghost stories abound of former visitors who’ve decided to never leave and remain in spectral form. It is said you can see the ghosts of those who died here peering out from the windows or roaming the courtyards. Although this hotel is on the National Registry of Historic Places, it is currently abandoned. Trespassers are prosecuted so don’t try your luck.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    3300 Golfview Drive
    Sebring, FL
    United States

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    27.46985101126651, -81.46752691303851
    Highlands County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Sebring, FL (2.4 mi.)
    Avon Park, FL (9.0 mi.)
    Lake Placid, FL (13.8 mi.)
    Lemon Grove, FL (14.3 mi.)
    Placid Lakes, FL (16.2 mi.)
    Frostproof, FL (19.5 mi.)
    Zolfo Springs, FL (20.2 mi.)
    Wauchula, FL (21.7 mi.)
    Gardner, FL (22.0 mi.)
    Hillcrest Heights, FL (24.6 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. I had permission about 5 years ago to do an investigation there, but I couldn’t get set up right with the crew I had at the time. I am wanting to get permission again, but the only person brave enough to do it that I’ve talked to is my girlfriend…

      • I’m hoping to get a tour myself. I’m writing a book about haunted Florida places and have found a few contacts who might be able to safely see Harder Hall.

        • Jose Luis Morichetti  |  

          I work at Harder Hall in 1973 as a busboy I went there 4 years in the road to work when it was the winter in New York it was a season kind of job after I saw this page in the internet now I realize that one time at 1 o’clock in the morning I saw a very tall lady old dressing in black around the lake now I realize there was a ghost I thought about it the night but I never really believe it , but now after seeing all these comments obviously it was something going on over there this experience did not finish there

    2. I went in when I was younger with friends, place is no joke. Not only is there a lot going on activity wise, but its dangerous. The floors, walls, ceilings, its old and abandoned the building could kill you. Best advice stay outside, you will still see and hear plenty.

    3. I was there the other night with a group of friends and we all saw apparitions in the bell tower. Not even joking. Two white figures appeared at the top of the tower and were only there for around 4 seconds. There are tons of stories surrounding this place. It’s eerily thrilling

    4. I Have always wanted to go in their. But I never got the chance to. I have special contacts with different spirits. Some people thinks it’s scary but I get a thrill out of this kind of stuff.

    5. Stayed there summer 1984 and spent 2 nights with new husband and took timeshare tour. Was heart stopping creepy. Exactly like Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Felt like I was being watched at all times. Old elevator with wrought iron door and grim elevator man, long lonely hallways, no staff around, eerily quiet, pool was nice but I was only person there, was all just too eerie, we laugh now but at the time we were not laughing…

    6. I was coming home from a baseball game down the road and when we passed by a friend and I saw a figure in the tower and when we looked back it was gone

    7. We are staying arcoss the lake from this beautiful place. I was telling my husband for the last three nights I have seen a very dim light in Windows. One in the tower , two in the main part of this awesome hotel. Not knowing any this building I look this place up. Now I understand. Life goes on. Loving the history of the awesome place. Hope to get a picture of that light.

    8. I have been in this hotel when I was 9 and my older sister was 14, I am 31 now. My grandparents lived down the road from the hotel. So one boring summer day me and her walked over there and pushed a big wooden board to the side, slid in and started exploring. Let me tell you it was creepy everything was still in perfect place. Even the dinning room had the place settings still set. Like everyone just left the hotel and never came back. I still have a crystal door knob from one of the suites. Oh and we also went up to the bell tower which was super creepy. Noises every where.

    9. I live in that neighborhood, every once in a while when we drive by it will look like a tv is on upstairs in the window, and I have seen the bell tower door open then closed as well as I have seen someone up there by the bell tower like 2 times….

    10. I would love to see the inside of this hotel. but if the hotel is own by everyone in Sebring why is it shut down? because i dont see how it could be bring in people

    11. Lived in Sebring growing up and have been in there many times over the years.
      One time we threw a party in the bell tower and while up there we kept hearing noises in the attic of the bell tower ,scratching and bumping noises very loud.
      Needless to say all the girls were spooked and wanted to leave and of course I was the last person in a line of about 15 people going down and I kept feeling like someone was right behind me the whole time so I was freaking out a little on the exit

    12. I was working there today ,and I start walking inside the building and I seem one of the door close by itself fast ,that scare me
      I have pictures and videos

      • Show me the videos cause I want to believe that it’s hunted but I need prove if you can get us inside the hotel so we can believe you just email me

      • I went exploring with a friend, we found an open window went inside, we were walking by the fire place heading up to the spiral staircase and I immediately felt a cold spot I had an EMF detector out and it’s spiked for a .35 to .65. My hair on my arm was standing straight up. Wish we had more equipment and time to investigate to find out if there’s something really going on there.

    13. A number of the owners are still alive. I think my father even knows a few of them. The whole died near the building thing is complete BS

    14. I was aloud to go in about 5 years ago. A group of us went and my friend took pictures. Inside I had an erie feeling but nothing out of the ordinary. My friend developed the photos and a man was standing at the end of the hall in what looked to be black and white attire. Another pictured showed a man standing at a window looking down at us. I’ll never go back at night but I hope they restore it back to its glory days. It is a beautiful hotel

    15. I worked in the area when I was younger. I would say around 2001 or 2002 my boss and I went in to the hotel, we did not see any ghosts unfortunately but it was very creepy. The strangest thing to me though was pictures of the Maharishi all over the place and crazy looking meditation chambers. Should have taken something cause I feel like nobody would believe me. Haha. Did anyone else see anything like that there?

    16. Show me the videos/ pictures you guys got and I’m down to explore with y’all email me them @rodolfomontoya68@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @kvng_dolfo or even add me on Snapchat @pierceda_rm I would love to explore with y’all.

    17. Show me the videos/ pictures you guys got and I’m down to explore with y’all email me them or follow me on Instagram @kvng_dolfo or even add me on Snapchat @pierceda_rm I would love to explore with y’all.

    18. I just messaged Sam and Colby. Maybe we can get them to come out and make a more detailed video for us all to see. I used to work at Chicanes and I would eat lunch in the back of that parking lot pointed directly at Harder Hall and I swear to God I saw a figure in one of the upper windows. I say figure because it didn’t look human. It gave me chills.

      • Back in 1991 I joined a group of golfers that played at Harder Hall,we stayed at Inn on the Lake which was adjacent to Harder Hall,one night after golf and dinner I went back to my room and sat on the balcony,I looked over at the resort and her music and saw a light coming next to the ballroom,I thought there was a party going on and decided to investigate and maybe join them,I walked along the wall that went around little lake Jackson and crossed a fense with no treapasing sign,I could hear music and the lights that were coming from the ballroom,I thought there was a party going on there but there was no cars in the parking lot.As I got closer I could see the shadows of a big band that looked like something out of the 1920s,and saw shadows of people dancing across the floor,everyone were wearing hats and dressed like it was the roaring 20’s.I got closer and looked in to see what was going on ,a couple of the ghost like people came
        To the window and I became frightened and started running back to the hotel along the wall,I almost tripped and fell into Lake Jackson,I got back to the Inn on the Lakes motel,I never knew the history of This hotel or when it was built but I experienced something I’ll never forget

    19. I played golf at Harder Hall with a group of Business buddies from 1990 to about 2000,we stayed at the Inn on the lake located next to Harder Hall and along Little Lake Jackson.One night about midnight I was on the balcony of my room when I saw a light and heard music coming from there.I thought there was a late night party going on,I knew it was closed so I decided to check it out and see what was going on,I walked along the wall around lake Jackson onto the property past the no trespassing sign,the music grew louder and the music was something from the 1920’s,As I got closer I could tell there was a large band on stage,like the Big Band Era,I could see shadows of people dancing on the ballroom floor,I could tell they were dressed like the roaring 20 time,both men and women were dressed for that era and everyone were wearing hats.I thought this was odd since there were no cars in the parking lot and no other lights were on in the building,as I got closer to the large windows I saw to ghost like figures come to the windows and scared the shit out of me,I ran back along the wall near lake Jackson and almost fell in the lake,was shaking and scared when I went back to the Inn.I never new the place was built in 1928 and didnot know this was a popular place for vistors from the Northeast to stop on the way to Miami

    20. Me and my mom have drove by the hotel a lot and I have always been thrilled over this hotel and I’ve read stories about it and I read that a lot of different famous people use to stay at the hotel when it was open back in the old days and then they had to close because they went bankrupt and a few times I’ve seen a figure of a person standing in the bell tower and one time I seen a bright light on in one of the top windows and I’m not scared of spirits because when my nanny past away I seen her spirit in my moms bathroom and I know she was watching over me and still is and I’ve always wondered why people would start to remodel that place but then stop remodeling it and I’ve always wanted to go tour the place.

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