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Teenagers attempt to scare the gullible with rumors of “demonic activity” and “satanic rituals” that took place at the hanger. However, there is no evidence of this, and no one over the age of 13 actually believes it. People also claim that someone was murdered in the hanger and their body can be seen hanging from the rafters. This “hanging” from the rafters probably has absolutely nothing to do with it being a hanger, on hangerlake road.

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Geographic Information

Galaxy Dr
Las Cruces, NM
United States

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32.40696123293313, -106.66259694073233
Dona Ana County, New Mexico
Nearest Towns:
Organ, NM (4.3 mi.)
Dona Ana, NM (8.7 mi.)
Las Cruces, NM (9.3 mi.)
San Ysidro, NM (9.3 mi.)
University Park, NM (10.0 mi.)
White Sands, NM (11.1 mi.)
Mesilla, NM (12.3 mi.)
San Pablo, NM (12.6 mi.)
Fairacres, NM (12.7 mi.)
Radium Springs, NM (16.6 mi.)


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Comments (12)

  1. You guys are ridiculous lol and obviously know nothing about the hanger because the location shown on the map is not even where the hanger is. I do know the area and everything out there because I was born and raised out there. So unless you guys are going to actually provide accurate information, you should not be posting things. Want to see real info about the hanger and at least its origins and correct location? Look at this site and gain some actual insight, The hanger is off of Galaxy not Hanger Lake. Englhardt road USE to be Hanger Lake drive prior to the rezoning. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/NM/Airfields_NM_ElPaso.html

  2. I live around the corner from the hanger and have for 20+ yes and have never heard anything about it. its now a church come on really. But the house down my street is supposedly haunted.

  3. Denise Schubbe  |  

    not a chance my Dad owned it in the 80’s we lived there I now live like 1 mile from there it has never been haunted…

    • Denise Schubbe – Your dad did not own Hangar Lake in the 1980’s – Sam C Osborn owned it – he bought it in the early 1960’s and owned it until it gave the hanger and the apartments around it to a church out of /California. Who was your father anyways?

  4. Denis Schubbe – your dad did NOT own it in the 1980’s… My father- in-law owned it! This property was bought in the early 1960’s by Sam C. Osborn – He lived out there until the early 2000’s when he donated the Hanger area to an Apolostic Church from California. My husband, Merle Osborn – Sam’s son – and I lived out there when we first married… Your dad may have lived out there and bought some property from someone near there, but your dad DID NOT OWN THE HANGAR OR HANGAR LAKE!!!!!!! We still own 30 Acres but not the Hangar – it has been turned into a church!!

    • I can confirm this. My family has lived in Hanger Lake for over 50 years. Sam owned all that land out there & was a friend of my grandmother who died in one of the apartments. From my personal experience, the Hanger was haunted when we were kids. The rumors here are bs but it does have a long history. Haven’t heard of anything paranormal since the church took over the property.

  5. There was Apartments there and the hanger and my dad was buying it so yes he did. Maybe it was the late seventies nevertheless we lived on that properly when he was buying it and then we moved up to o r g a n

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