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One of the numerous La Llorona or “weeping woman” haunting claims.

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Geographic Information

Grady Hill
Zwolle, LA
United States

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31.5695705282796, -93.61282742939454
Sabine Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
Zwolle, LA (4.7 mi.)
Many, LA (7.6 mi.)
Noble, LA (9.3 mi.)
Fisher, LA (10.1 mi.)
Belmont, LA (11.8 mi.)
Florien, LA (12.6 mi.)
Fort Jesup, LA (12.7 mi.)
Converse, LA (15.4 mi.)
Milam, TX (16.7 mi.)
Pleasant Hill, LA (18.2 mi.)


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  1. The Story of the Crying Woman by Mary Lucille “Betty” Rivers

    There is a story of the “Crying Woman” who some insist they have seen and heard. Explanations of the story vary from individual to individual. One said she was an Indian girl whose baby had died and the young woman was still mourning the loss of her baby. Another version of this story says that someone stole the Indian girl’s baby and she is looking for it and lamenting aloud. Some say it is the sobbing of a woman who was murdered nearby. Others say it is a woman wailing over her husband who is murdered. Darlene Walraven is convinced that she saw the crying woman one night when she was going home from work. The mysterious female appeared to be a white shape fluttering in the middle of the road. Vicky Meshell says that when she was a child she heard the Crying Woman and that she was moaning in Spanish. This Crying Woman has reportedly been heard along the area between Zwolle and Many known as Loren Lake.

    Like any good “ghost story”, this crying woman can only be seen and heard by certain receptive individuals, about midnight, and under a full moon. She is said to have long flowing black hair blowing in the wind, is speechless except for the wailing and usually appears near the Old Catholic Cemetery southwest of Zwolle on Grady Hill.

    • Yesssss i grew up on grady Hill an kin folks still living there.and as growing up there i did many many times heard her cry.Will always remember it.

  2. I was walking up Grady Hill early one morning around 3am and I could hear something in the woodline beside me…. It sounded huge and was making a lot of noise walking step for step with each step I took…. Then out of nowhere the temperature dropped the wind began to blow and off to the right of me I heard a woman begin to scream and die off to raking sobs…..

  3. I grew up in the fifties and sixties just Northwest of Grady Hill going toward Blue Lake and Ebarb. I heard those screams often when I coon hunted. I attributed them to cougar or panthers screams, which I saw on several occasions in the bottoms between Grady Hill and where I grew up. It sure got your attention that is for sure. When I heard it, I departed the woods pronto. I knew my sixteen gage one shot gun was no match for whatever was making that sound.

  4. I once was sitting at home down CoonRidge road, heard the door knob to the backdoor of an old house jiggle, I sat against it to kept it shut, soon there were scratches at the sort, then off in the distant, loud sobbing.

  5. Is anyone able to go to this house? I would like to do a paranormal investigation with a couple friends if that would be acceptable. Please let me know!

  6. My stay at Toledo Bend  |  

    me and my sister early one morning were down by the dock trying to catch the frogs. i’m from San Antonio Texas and there in louisiana the trees were very beautiful so ofc i took pictures. i took probably about 10 pictures and it wasn’t til
    i got home i sent my friend the pictures of the trees and she pointed out the figure in the back that was the first time when i saw it.

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