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Goodleburg Cemetery was an active cemetery from 1811 until 1927 and is believed to be haunted. Apparitions and other paranormal occurrences have been reported here, and in fact, on the night of June 21, 2003, a ghost hunter investigating the cemetery was hit by a car and killed. According to legend, the hauntings come about because cemetery namesake Dr. Goodleberg practiced illegal abortions and buried both the aborted babies and the unlucky women who didn’t survive behind his home, which overlooked the cemetery. It is said to be haunted by one of these patients, called the White Lady. Babies’ cries and orbs also have been reported. According to reports, visitors are allowed here from 8 until dusk; those on the site after dusk will be prosecuted.

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12119 Goodleburg Rd
Wales, NY
United States

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42.7141072, -78.5376018
Erie County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Strykersville, NY (4.6 mi.)
Holland, NY (5.0 mi.)
East Aurora, NY (5.3 mi.)
Billington Heights, NY (6.6 mi.)
Elma Center, NY (9.4 mi.)
Orchard Park, NY (11.1 mi.)
North Boston, NY (12.3 mi.)
Town Line, NY (12.4 mi.)
Alden, NY (13.1 mi.)
Yorkshire, NY (13.1 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Have encountered the woman in white. Everytime I visit this site. I also knew the man killed near the location. Very sad. We have a small shrine up past the bridge up the other (closed) half of the road. It’s totally walk able takes 10 min to climb the hill and pay respects. There is also a hunting cabin in the woods.

  2. was here just recently. a friend encountered hell hounds that have been reported here. another friend also saw the white lady while we were here. i myself heard growling and saw figures. definitely haunted!

  3. Do not recommend going here, woods surrounding are dangerous, police are here all the time and you WILL get arrested if caught. Don’t think you wont because they will get you, especially.

  4. I had a bunch of experiences in a one night i was with four of my friends and we were huddled up and we heard this deep voice but we didnt say anything till we left i caught to pictures of a figure and a orb i was touched and after i saw the women in white

  5. You people are all a joke. I lived nearby from 1976-1984 and spent much time at the cemetery to include the creek and adjacent land owned by my high school shop teacher. It wasn’t haunted then so why now? I have never saw or heard anything day or night. I read every headstone multiple times as well. There was only one old farmhouse down the street at creek’s edge built in 1826 and that is it. So all this talk about bones, bodies and etc is pure foolishness. I would challenge ANYONE to refute the personally knowledge I have 10 times over.

  6. When I was younger, I made the stupid decision of taking the statuette of the mother and baby bear from one of the graves. Since then, the statuette is gone, and I have no idea where it might be. All I know is that it has not yet been returned to the grave.

  7. r – is right I grew up there as well – lived about 2 miles away and was close friends with shop teachers son – not haunted no hell hounds – no lady – just an old cemetery and lots of great memories.

    • Additionally, Dr Speaker was a well-respected physiologist — what we now call a physical therapist — and lived Miles away on Hunters Creek Rd. Local storyteller Mason Winfield conflated the cemetery with a grisly murder after which all homes in the are were searched, including that of Speaker (who was incapacitated by stroke at the time). After Speaker died, a mysterious arson burned his house to the ground, adding to the concern that his home — not Speaker himself – might be linked to the murder. The murder remains unsolved.

  8. A friend and I went here because we heard it was haunted. We had not looked into it at all and it was still light out when we went but getting darker. We walked around and saw nothing. We had an Erie feeling but that was about it. We heard a dog bark in the distance and someone baby cry which we thought was also just whoever had the dog. When we left a friend reached out to us after seeing we had been there from our social media. She told us about the legend and the haunting and how people hear babies crying. We lost it. We had not said a thing about the baby crying and we had not thought anything of it. There were dolls on the ground in the cemetery and a small picnic basket. We know that it wasn’t our minds playing tricks on us because we didn’t even know that was a haunting until after it happened

  9. Dr. Albert Speaker was a physiotherapist, not an MD, obgyn or anything like that, and his house was 3 miles up near Hunter’s Creek Park. So, there you go. But there’s a real story here. In 1948 a 37-year-old mother from Kenmore disappeared. A month later, an arm and two knee joints were found near Goodleberg and Hunter’s Creek. Another part was found near Hunter’s Creek Park. Houses were searched, including Albert Speaker’s. He had been in I’ll health, and died of a heart attack Oct 1 (his body was exhumed to determine that he’d not committed suicide.) A torso, then a head were found in the ensuring weeks, and they were determined to be the missing Kenmore woman. In the month between disappearance and discovery, two separate people claimed to have seen the woman in Machias, several miles south and where head and torso were found. She appeared scared and was dressed in black and in one account was followed closely down Rt 16 by a man in a car. However, the m.e. determined that the body was deceased prior to the sightings. Truth is stranger, scarier, and sadder than fiction.

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