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The Old Alton Bridge, aka the Goatman’s Bridge, is rumored to be a site where satanic practices have occurred, and as a result, a half-goat, half-man creature was conjured up. According to the legend, those who parked on the bridge and honked three times would call up the Goatman. Reports say that the Old Alton Bridge is gated off now, and there is a new Old Alton Bridge.

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Geographic Information

Old Alton Bridge
Copper Canyon, TX
United States

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33.12933090877895, -97.10380294922288
Denton County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Copper Canyon, TX (2.3 mi.)
Corinth, TX (2.8 mi.)
Hickory Creek, TX (3.5 mi.)
Bartonville, TX (4.2 mi.)
Highland Village, TX (4.2 mi.)
Double Oak, TX (4.5 mi.)
Lake Dallas, TX (4.6 mi.)
Argyle, TX (4.6 mi.)
Shady Shores, TX (5.0 mi.)
Denton, TX (6.1 mi.)


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  1. visited Oct. 2014. Definite creep vibe. Stupid graffiti all around that is just crazy, however there is a creep vibe around the bridge and in the wooded trails. We went and there was caution tape around some benches with fake satanic symbolism all over and it was sad to see that kind of destruction. But going there really felt like you were being watched and although seemingly alone you can hear voices perhaps of people somewhere else nearby. we didn’t see anyone. You can no longer cross the bridge in your vehicle but you can walk on it and get down to the water.

  2. My Aunt visited this bridge with her bf and her two friends. She was telling one of her friends the story while her bf and her other friend were up ahead. My aunt was telling the girl she was walking with the story of Goat Man’s Bridge when she heard some one whisper in her ear “Go ahead, tell her the story.” and my aunt told me she could feel the hot breath against her neck. She swatted her hand back to hit the person, she thought it was her bf, but she didn’t feel anything. She looked around and saw her two friends up ahead. My aunt screamed and ran into the woods where she got lost but was found an hour later crying in a corner. She was scared when she told me about this weird event that happened in Goat Man’s Bridge.

    • So her BF was ahead of her yet she swatted behind her thinking it was the boyfriend who was ahead of her ? What corner was she crying in, there are no “corners” to cry in in the woods. The fact is iv’e been pulling all night fishing trips out there for 20+ years and have NEVER heard or seen anything that wasn’t naturally explainable …

    • I’ve been out there three times. It’s a little eerie in a couple of places but it’s really beautiful to walk down the paths and look at the river. I’ve taken a good number of photos there. I’ve never experienced anything out of the ordinary.

  3. The story of the bridge is a black goat farmer (the goat man) was lynched over the side of the bridge. When the people looked over the side there was nothing on the rope. The group fled and ended up killing the goat man’s family. To this day te goat nan roams the area of the bridge.

  4. We visited in June 2013. Went with four other friends at around 9-10 at night and parked in front of the bridge. Theory is you aren’t supposed to look back at the bridge while you leave so nothing follows you. I stood on the bridge with one of my friends while the others went ahead on the trail. My friend tells me after a few minutes that her back is itching so I put my phone light on her and see three long scratches down the middle of her back. We call to our friends and tell them we want to leave so they come back. As we are crossing the bridge back to the car I tell my other friend (who is not from the area) not to look back, and we leave. We make it about five minutes down the road and my tire goes flat. We get out and see there is a silver dollar-size hole torn out of the tire! My friend that I told not to look back admits to me that she watched the bridge as we drove away. Things follow you! Don’t do it.

  5. The story of the “Goatman” follows as such. There was a black man who lived out there with his family a long time ago, right in the forest by Old Alton Bridge. He was a goat herder and made a pretty good living, and that made the other people in the town – mainly the white men – jealous. So, one night, a gang of white men crept into the woods and snatched the goat man from his house, hanging him over Old Alton Bridge. However, after hanging him, the shadow on the river below only showed a noose. When the men lifted the noose back up, it was empty, and the goat man was gone.

  6. This place could be busy at times with people wanting to take pictures. But still a nice place to see. Have not experienced any activity myself with the goat man. There is a clearing near the bridge that I did feel strange and a little lite headed.

  7. Wows Goatman’s bridge. I remember going there once and that was the last time. I believe in ghosts, but I didn’t believe in hearing or seeing one. I just knew they existed. I was 17, still in high school, when I first went there with a couple of my friends. It was on a Saturday night, when one of our friends brought it up and yeah we were young so we all agreed to go. We didn’t see the Goatman, but we heard someone screaming. I believe we heard it from the left of us. We all looked that way, and noticed a small light in the woods or whatever. It was the only light out there. Reading the real story behind Goatman’s Bridge made me realize it might have been where his shanty was. It was pretty scary. One of my friend even felt something touch him. And he was the last one in our line. One of the girls got really scared and wanted this trail to end , so we stopped following the trail and cut across it to this road with contruction. As we were walking down this road heading to the car, the driver noticed his car KEY was gone. He had his key on his lanyard around his neck! No other key was missing besides the car key! He said it’s not possible for it to come out of the ring itself. Geeeez this is where I started freaking out because I know goddamn well that I’m not going back to the trail. We were young and terrified! I remember Shelby started crying. She didn’t want anyone going back there. But two of our “brave” guys went back, took them bout 30mins to find the key. We heard the screaming again! And were so worry about them. One friend said it was probably some college kids fucking with us. When we finally got back to the car with key, there was a cop car. Yes we were scared, probably still from the screaming, this one cop came around with no flashlight or anything! He was very old to still be a cop and to be alone this late. He told us we need to go home because this is under construction. And yea we were like sorry we just heard about this place and wanted to check out. Tell me why this cop kept LAUGHING without any facial expression, NO smile or grin on his face! And then some random armadillo came running out of the bushes and scared the crap out of everyone but him! He all of a sudden stopped laughing, didn’t say anything else but just left. Yea by the end of this night we all agreed to never come back. I don’t know if I believe this place is haunted by Goatman, I just know that there’s no reason for anyone to go there late at night. I think it’s just all in your head.

  8. I live near by and have driven across the old bridge many times, now there is a new bridge to keep people from driving on it but you can still park and walk up. lots of people do senior pictures there. There was a suicide off the bridge in the last couple years, originally thought to be foul play but cleared later. We were driving that direction when the dive unit out of nearby lewisville went by and we followed to see what was up., read about it later.

  9. I have come to this location a lot since my first time and every time I got I get three marks on me. you can hear hove like noises on the bridge as well as the smell of sulfur and the occasional rock thrown at you. I have seen red eyes in the woods and have been pushed, made to feel sick and whispers in my ear.

  10. The Goatman’s Bridge is not gated off and you can walk across the Goatman’s bridge as well as going on a group paranormal investigation on the Goatman’s Bridge

  11. In high school me and three of my girlfriends went there at night to drink beer. We parked slightly on the bridge, my friend that drove us had the car running while we sat there talking and drinking. I know for sure because i watched her and her hands never touched the key. But all of a sudden her car just shut off. Lights and all. We were so buzzed and scared out of our minds. Finally after her trying to turn the key back on 3 times it started. We burned dust and tires and got the hell out of there so fast our heads were spinning. Never went back again.

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