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Glensheen Mansion was built in 1905 by Chester Congdon, who died in 1916. His daughter Elisabeth inherited it. Sadly, Elisabeth was smothered by with her pillow as she slept and her nurse Velma Pietila was bludgeoned to death with a candlestick. Elisabeth’s adopted daughter Marjorie and her second husband Roger Caldwell were charged, but Marjorie was acquitted. Some say the deaths have led to hauntings at the estate.

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    3300 London Rd
    Duluth, MN 55804
    United States

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    46.81528722354901, -92.05175668012089
    St. Louis County, Minnesota
    Nearest Towns:
    Duluth, MN (3.4 mi.)
    Arnold, MN (4.8 mi.)
    Superior, WI (7.0 mi.)
    Hermantown, MN (8.8 mi.)
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    1. I visited this house about three or four years ago and took the tour with my parents. I got a weird feeling as soon as I entered the house. We walked through the house and listened to the tour guide talk about the house and the family. We walked up the stairs and I felt a chill which was odd at the time as none of the windows were open and the house doesn’t have air conditioning. We entered the sick room as the tour guide called it and I wanted to leave the room right away. I disliked that room as it gave me a horrible feeling like I had just had cold water dumped on me. We went up to the attic next and once again I got an odd feeling but instead of a chill it felt like someone was watching me.

      • CVA Emily DeNiro  |  

        I also visited with the house with my family years ago. I thought heard whinnying coming form the stables but saw no horse. Is it possible that horses also died at the house?

      • I visited with my family years ago. I thought heard whinnying coming form the stables but saw no horse. Chester Condon owned horses which were kept in the stable. My family was told Elizabeth Condon and her maid were both killed in the house. Chester Condon died in 1916 and loved horses. I thought I heard whinnying form a horse and saw man riding a horse.

    2. Oddly, the ghost that is seen has nothing to do with the murders, but is called “the lady in blue”. It is thought that it might be Marjorie, a sister of Elizabeth Congdon.

    3. I went there with my family, and while everyone in the tour was taking turns looking down the laundry chute on the third floor, I looked down the hall and saw a misty face that was peering at the group from around a door frame. It disappeared right before my eyes. Then we went up into the attic.[Side note: I was wearing dangly earrings that day and had rubber backings that I made sure were securely fastened because they were my favourite pair.] Up in the attic we were listening to the tour guide and I looked at the bookshelf down at one end of the attic that was behind me. There was a little step ladder in front of it, on the right side. When I turned away from it and listened to the tour guide again, one of my earrings fell out and landed on the floor. I couldn’t find the backing. I looked at the bookshelf again and the stepladder was in the middle of the bookshelf, not at the right end like it had been before my earring fell out.

    4. i was on the tour i had a flashl9ight to see but i shined the flash light at what i think was a demon person they were a blakish brown color and they were holding a saftey tour flashlight light to i think this demon type thjing was moking me i saw this same apparition when i was in jail they were every where or it was a apporition of a monkey like being

    5. I have experienced an elderly lady in a window on the second floor from the backyard. I had a picture of it and trying to find it as this was in 2010 or 2011. I also have had a chill in the attic back when I was a teenager and they gave those tours up there and it was 100 degrees out and yet I felt a very cold breeze that my mom and I both felt. I wish I could investigate that mansion!!

    6. Visited when I was younger with family. I felt goose bumps on arm which I thought was weird given that it was summer. My family toured all areas including the stables. I thought I head whinnying form the stable but saw now horses. My family was told that Elizabeth and her maid were both murdered in the mansion. Chester Condon kept his horses in the stables whom mostly likely died there due old age, accidents and diseases. I went to Lake Superior College and heard classmates that worked seeing a Ghost. I also have veterinary background and interested in how animals response to hauntings.

    7. it was in the early 80s I was with my family and family friends. We went through there I was about 8 years old but it felt as if someone was watching us. I wasn’t scared just could feel the eyes on us as we walked around the upper floors were not allowed to be in. we then were brought out to the gardens and I sat and enjoyed I turned back to look there was a lady in a period-type maid uniform looking out the window upstairs. She stayed there for like a minute watching everyone until she caught me watching her.

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