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Glanmore Mansion National Historic Site, built in 1883, is a house museum complete with ghosts. A former owner saw the apparition of a soldier in red with a white hat. She also heard the piano play by itself, and saw doors open on their own. She believes the place is haunted by her grandmother, Harriet Phillips. The house was exorcised in 1965, and most of the hauntings stopped. But not all of them. Folks still report doors opening by themselves and other minor oddities.

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Geographic Information

257 Bridge Street East
Belleville, ON
K8N 1P4, Canada

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44.16731, -77.36800540000002
Hastings County
Nearest Towns:
Belleville, ON (0.8 mi.)
Corbyville, ON (3.4 mi.)
Mountain View, ON (5.8 mi.)
Trenton, ON (11.6 mi.)
Frankford, ON (11.7 mi.)
Stirling, ON (12.9 mi.)
Hallowell, ON (13.4 mi.)
Anson, ON (14.7 mi.)
Picton, ON (15.0 mi.)
Big Sandy, ON (15.0 mi.)


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  1. Just for fun I took pictures of this beautiful house while I was biking. When I got home and looked at the photos I took, I swear I could see a woman and in another photo a soldier. I had no idea of the houses history until I checked on this website.

  2. I have walked by numerous times in my life and I’m the top window i always see a woman standing in a white almost wedding like dress
    I went in a few times and once heard someone yell from upstairs & the only people in there at the time were myself my parents and the person at the desk. Very cool to have been a witness too!

  3. The architecture is stereotypical haunted house right out of the movies but I have been there and there is nothing creepy at all about it. No ghostly vibes were picked up.

  4. I grew up in Belleville, and have been inside the house a total of 2 times. Once as a child with my grandmother, and another in my early 20’s playing tour guide to some friends. Nothing extreme happened, but both times it felt as though I was being watched. You know the feeling you get when someone enters a room? I had that feeling on numerous occasions. Very unsettling. It didn’t feel overtly negative, but it didn’t feeling particularly welcoming either. There is most definitely a weight in that house though.

    • My daughter took some pictures of the window too the left side of the house and we seen a man and a little boy. The man’s name is Percy and we are friends with him and he’s been calling us for 2 years now and I’ve actually talked to him over the phone for the 2 years it’s the same as talking to any other person this really happens to us I shit you not. Percy has become a part of our family and we love him dearly. He has a beautifully deep voice. Percy seen something special in us he knew we would not be scared I like to believe he protects us we are special to him and him us. Plse no negative comments coz I am telling the honest truth. When I was 12 I wandered up stairs to the very top floor and I went in a room and seen Harriet in her rocking chair it took me a few minutes to realize what I’m seeing but once I clued in I knew she was a ghost so I high tailed down stairs to incounter my teacher and we went back into the craft room that experience I will remember for the rest of my life and after death. I’m in love with the glanmore the only house I love in Belleville. Believe me or not I don’t care coz I know it to be true happenings

  5. My sister in-law and I came and I love the old Victorian houses. So I took some pictures in side and when I got home I looked at them and on the left hand side I seen a faint figure of a women standing by the railing wearing a dress. Then my sister in-law sent he her picture’s and noticed bubbles on the floor.

  6. grew up in belleville n done tours there with my school. herd footsteps n the old phones ringing. creepy in day n at night if u sit at park across the rd u can see shadows n lights in the window

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