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You may have to wait for a while, but supposedly if you hang about at night near the four-way stop of W. Bereah Road and County Line Road in Frostproof, you’ll see some eerie “Ghost Lights” approach your car.

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Geographic Information

Bereah Road
Frostproof, FL
United States

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27.646393245645633, -81.62529660000001
Nearest Towns:
Lemon Grove, FL (6.9 mi.)
Avon Park, FL (8.1 mi.)
Frostproof, FL (9.0 mi.)
Bowling Green, FL (12.2 mi.)
Crooked Lake Park, FL (12.9 mi.)
Fort Meade, FL (13.0 mi.)
Wauchula, FL (13.3 mi.)
Hillcrest Heights, FL (13.4 mi.)
Babson Park, FL (14.3 mi.)
Zolfo Springs, FL (14.9 mi.)


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  1. The two times weve went there we experienced TWO different things.
    The first time we thought we seen headlights, but they were to bright, & two far away, but nothing was there when we drove up there to see.
    The second time we went, we seen a lantern light. It was tan in color, & looked like someone was walking around, drove up there faster, nothing. It’s truely amazing! 🙂

  2. The best time to see them is when iti’s hot and dry….I’ve seen them several times growing up. It was a big thing to take the “Yankee” relatives there. If they get close enough to your vehicle, they will follow you down the road.

    • There truly are ghosts out there. I suggest anyone out there get a game cam and you’ll be amazed at the images you’ll catch at night. I’ve been taking ghost pictures 4 years. I live in Lake Wales and every full moon I go out in my yard and take pictures. it’s really amazing and sometimes scary!

      • I been in dhat grave yard nd also have pix nd videos of WHAT to seem to be more than ghost one head stone has no date or no name on it when pix are takin more than one thang shows up on all my pix i also have a friend who has a 3 different vides of one of a real life lookin witch one of dha devil hym self nd one of a male wrapping sumthang around a childs neck also a friend who seen wat waz on video in real life from wat waz on video aint no kind of ghost light or ghost ppl have done something stupid there as wat i would say witchcraft i walked in dha grave yard at 3:00am nd i seen personally a figure walk behind dha tree i my fotos show diff kind of ppl on dhat particularly head stone i ADVISE ALL VISITORS TO STAY AWAY FRM THERE o ENTER WITH CAUTION i aint been bk SINCE i also seen dha lite i have pix of mi at the chruch doors it wat seem to be ppl around mi i dnt post videos or pix due to disturbing others mind mentally…….

      • I tend to agree with you because I’m also seeing ball lightning that comes from Swamp gas but my home is really haunted I live in Lake Wales I started taking ghost pictures every full moon

  3. I tend to agree with you because I’m also seeing ball lightning that comes from Swamp gas but my home is really haunted I live in Lake Wales I started taking ghost pictures every full moon

  4. The ghost light is real. I saw it many times growing up. It takes many different shapes and it will scare you. A lot of people don’t believe it but, most teenagers before they started building homes in the area have seen it if you grew up in the area.

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