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The Ghost Farm of Kingsley was old farm land just south of Traverse City MI. We purchased the land several years ago. A mother and daughter currently own the land and have first hand experiences with what seems to be spirits that make their presence known.

The land is marked with an Native American Trail Tree and on the south side of the property lies a mound that looks like a burial mound. One harsh winter night, the daughter turned to look down her newly built barn to see a man with a fierce expression on his face. He seemed angry before disappearing on her. He was garbed in what looked like colonial-times clothes and has since then been dubbed The Colonial. The next day after a very heavy snowfall and ice storm, the new barn roof fell in but none of the farm animals were hurt.

The daughter and mother duo have often come up to each other asking what the other wanted because they have heard their name called only to be left with puzzled expressions after being told that there names were not called by each other. One particular odd day of working on the farm had the daughter and mother giving up their work-as they had spent the whole day going back and forth to each other at opposite ends of the Farm after hearing their names called all day.

Soon thereafter, the Ghost Farm of Kingsley was suitably named and we now to a fundraiser for local children’s organizations. It consists of a haunted walk and trick-or-treat spooky walk. For more information, on the hauntings or the Haunted Events go to our page.

One night while the daughter was setting up a fake gravestone at the Northern side of the farm, she thought she saw her sister walking up beside her. When she turned to ask what her sister thought of the construction on the haunted trail’s cemetery, a black shadow of a woman in a long dress floated by her, past the gravestones, and into the meadow with swirling fog.

There are many stories to tell, but the weeping specter near a car during the haunted walk with cries coming from beside a vehicle still leaves goosebumps for those that work on the Ghost Farm of Kingsley. When inspected closer, no sign of a live individual could be found anywhere by the several witnesses. The weeping and shadow near the car eventually subsided and the shadow of a person crouched down dissipated along with the weeping.

(Submitted by Desirae)

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Geographic Information

5010 Pierce Rd
Kingsley, MI
United States

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44.61442986552056, -85.47305560125096
Grand Traverse County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Kingsley, MI (3.7 mi.)
Fife Lake, MI (6.6 mi.)
South Boardman, MI (9.7 mi.)
Chums Corner, MI (9.9 mi.)
Grawn, MI (11.3 mi.)
Traverse City, MI (12.6 mi.)
Buckley, MI (12.6 mi.)
Greilickville, MI (14.2 mi.)
Manton, MI (14.5 mi.)
Interlochen, MI (14.6 mi.)


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  1. This has been an awesome experience working with these fabulous people! I took this pic last evening of one of the scary actors. Sebastian is a sweet four year old who enjoyed himself so much. Here you go Sebastian, I promised you I’d post this!!

  2. I have had several bizarre experiences on property in union township. I am not the only one to have them and experienced a shared sighting of unexplainable proportions. I dont believe in any of that stuff but several incidence have left me with no explanation for them

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