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One of the oldest cemeteries in the area, Georgiana Cemetery (also known as “Crooked Mile Cemetery”) dates back to the 18th century. It is covered in Spanish moss and fairly run-down, lending it that all-too-familiar “creepy” feel. Numerous paranormal reports have been made in this area, including:

– unusual noises
– the feeling of being “touched”
– apparitions
– numerous EVPs captured during paranormal investigations

If you’re looking for a haunted cemetery, this seems to be one of the “most haunted” in Florida… give it a try!

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Crooked Mile Rd
    Merritt Island, FL 32952
    United States

    Get Directions »
    28.287272671487862, -80.67353247105535
    Brevard County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Cocoa Beach, FL (4.6 mi.)
    Rockledge, FL (5.4 mi.)
    South Patrick Shores, FL (7.1 mi.)
    Palm Shores, FL (7.2 mi.)
    Cocoa West, FL (7.7 mi.)
    Cocoa, FL (8.0 mi.)
    Cape Canaveral, FL (9.2 mi.)
    Satellite Beach, FL (9.2 mi.)
    Indian Harbour Beach, FL (10.9 mi.)
    Sharpes, FL (11.3 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    Comments (28)

    1. We just went this past memorial day.
      brought our digital voice recorder and a digital camera.
      We did a couple sessions with the recorder. We believe we captured a couple responses.
      was a really pretty cemetary and quite popular. Was other couples there when we visited.
      Headstones are beautiful and is still in use. There was a burial quite recently.
      check it out. It says off limits at night and is surrounded by houses, so someone is likely to turn you in for being there at night.

    2. was freaky, we went at dark and it was closed but we still walked in, as we were leaving something hit me on the upper right arm, Im sure it was something that fell out of the tree, it was getting dark so i didnt see anything hit me, a sure freaky place to visit, better at night.

    3. As local teenagers, we visited Georgiana at night a lot in the 70’s. It was always a bit scary but when we were young and with friends, it was more like who could freak who out. One night, my friend Bonnie and I were walking down the road on our way to the Cemetery and we saw a swaying blue light up in the oak tree at the entrance. By the time we got there, it was gone.
      Another friend of mine lived less than a mile from the graveyard and her house was haunted by an elderly female ghost. After investigating, they found out her name was Margaret and she is buried in Georgiana.

    4. While posting the above comment, the internet went down….
      Georgiana Cemetery is definitely haunted and I have no doubt about it.

    5. My friends and I went there dozens of time to party and be typical dumb teenagers in the late 70s and early 80s.It is creepy but never had any paranormal experiences.Just an old rundown Florida cemetery. Check out the mausoleum in the guys front yard nearby.That is weird.

    6. This was last night..almost sundown..picture shows little girl..all in white holding onto her tombstone and also looks like something behind her as well…very eeerie and sad

    7. I had to go to this cemetery as part of a school project and my partner and I took video there. In one part of our video it was completely black but you could see a light move quickly across the black screen which we did not see until we watched the recording. There were also several orbs visible on the video around grave stones that we did not see in person but are clearly visible on the tape. It was really a cool place to be.

    8. About 2years ago I went to the cemetery with my two oldest sons and nephew. I took several pictures and evp recordings. This was a week before Halloween. I got several pictures with orbs, formation of spirts and a evp saying go as we were walking in. I don’t think they wanted us there. Needless to say we were the only ones there that night. One picture my son took looks like a white formation of a hand on my shoulder guiding me through the cemetery that night. I told my oldest son I feel like my shoulder was burning and he snap a picture and thats what was caught on camera. That night was intense, but the pictures and recording speak for itself. That cemetery definitely has activity there. Still want to go back to visit, I just moved a distance away.

    9. Wierd light not seen In person, but caught on camera. Zoom in and look at the right as ide of the pic. Something was trying to form

    10. The last picture is showing on the left of the screen. This picture is the top of my nephews head but not his hand he wasn’t even wearing long sleves that night and there was no mist around us

    11. Visit the cemetery. Pray before you go into it and as you leave it. You don’t want any spirts attaching themselves to you. Slso have respect for the dead. This is very real. Believe me or don’t. I know the experience I had and these are not camera tricks.

    12. i was apart of a group and when we visited family we took my uncle and he was provoking the ghosts but a short while later he collapses,his eyes roll up and he starts burning up. we had to carry him to the car and the whole way to the hospital he is hanging out of the car. that next day we discovered three scratches across his back from the neck to his waist we sent him to his church and his pastor believes he was possessed. i recommend not to go unless you are experienced and have strong faith in good .

    13. Halloween is almost here. I hope I’m able to visit this site again. Of coarse with great respect. I hope to capture pictures or footage agaian. I’m excited to be here. It’s been some years, but there is so much activity. Edgar to see what I capture this time around. With respect to the spiritual world.

    14. My family is buried there Dad has told us it is to spooky at night. A local artist named Aurthur Saltons wife Louise is also buried there. Mr. Salton was a little crazy, always talking to the ghosts in his house on Tropical Trail.

    15. Johnathan Pearce  |  

      I took this on 3-12-17 at around 8 pm. It looks like a woman sitting on a tombstone and possibly a little girl in a dress.

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