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Franklin Pierce College’s The Manor, aka Peterson Hall, was once a brothel run by an Edna McGuinness. Her large portrait is said to still hang in the stairwell leading to the second floor. Edna’s apparition has been seen looking out the window and a piano has been heard playing although there is not one on the premises.

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40 University Drive
Rindge, NH
United States

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42.78044507077972, -72.05721160760731
Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Nearest Towns:
Jaffrey, NH (2.9 mi.)
Rindge, NH (3.1 mi.)
Fitzwilliam, NH (4.3 mi.)
Winchendon, MA (6.5 mi.)
Troy, NH (7.0 mi.)
Sharon, NH (7.5 mi.)
Peterborough, NH (8.2 mi.)
Dublin, NH (8.8 mi.)
Royalston, MA (9.7 mi.)
New Ipswich, NH (10.5 mi.)

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  1. I work as night evs at Franklin Pierce university. Today 10/6/2016 at 3am i was cleaning the manor. First i was on the second floor and i heard what sounded like furniture bring moved upstairs but i assumed it was the heat kicking on. I continue my rounds finish with the second floor and hop on the elevator to the third floor. Add soon as i get off the elevator and get started on my work i hear the elevator go to the first floor at which point i hear the ding and there doors open (which only will happen if you hit the call button) at which point i hear it start coming up to the third floor i won’t lie i got a little anxious and shut the door rather hard to continue my round to the next area. I’m entering a room the is an unoccupied office to check the trash usually there is none so i don’t bother with the light. Three steps into three room the door viscously spend behind me. At which point i throw my hands up in the air and finished as quick as possible. Afterwords i go to check my coworker in another building to see if maybe he had messed with me which he obviously hasn’t at which point i told him next time he can do the manor.

    • Justin, I run a paranormal investigation group based about 40 minutes south of FPU. Do you know who I would contact, or do you have a contact that I could get in touch with to inquire about having an investigation of this building? If so, please contact me at -Thank you, Nate

  2. When I was a student at Franklin Pierce in the fall of 1996 I was walking to the campus center from Monadnock dorm for dinner. As I was approaching the manor I could see someone standing in the window. As I got closer I was able to see that it was a woman. She was completely white with all of her hair piled on top of her head. She was wearing a high collared dress with long puffy sleeves and a full skirt. As I walked past she turned her head to watch me. When I got just past the manor I turned back and she was gone. The whole time I was trying to find a logical explanation for what I was seeing, trying out to figure out if it was a reflection from the library, a trick of the light coming through the window on the other side of the room. When I told my friends about it over dinner they were the ones who said I had seen the manor ghost.

  3. I’am currently a student at FPU and I had a strange expirence at the Manor. I was there to have some changes made to my schedule because that is where admin. Offices is held. I got there at 6:30 coming from mt. Wash (my dorm). No one was there considering the offices close at 5ish but I’m a freshman so I had no clue. I walked in and sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, periodically calling for assistance but never getting a reply. I was about to give up when I heard footsteps upstairs. Pissed off at this point because I thought they were hiding from me considering it was late in the day and they do deal with a lot of annoying students so I went upstairs to investigate. Of course no one was up there but the second I got to the top of the stairs I froze and a cold sensation ran through my body. It was dark with a few small lamp like lights illuminating the hallway but it seemed no one had been there for hours. As I was about to go downstairs I heard a noise that to this day makes my blood boil. A piano that sits in the foyer like room downstairs began to play a simple little toon. Immediately realizing I was alone I bolted out of the building with basically my eyes closed because I did not want to see any ghosts that day. Hadn’t really brought this story up until I saw what other people have reported so now I don’t feel as crazy though I am not a skeptic haha. Thanks for reading and stay the fuck out of Peterson (or if you’re a student only go there when you have too)

  4. Last night my roommate and I experienced paranormal activity, we believe. We were silently just sitting in the room (mount wash room 160) and our lights we hung up started to flicker to the strobe lights it kept going faster and faster then slowed down and then the tv went out into static. Soon after the lights changed colors like pink, green, purple, blue and white and then would randomly go back to strobe light or just stay at one color and then switch to one solid color. Keep in mind we did not touch the remote. I then turned the lights off with the remote and took the remote battery out and then the lights started I flicker and change colors again. Later that night around 4am my roommates medals fell on the ground and it made a loud noise, then earlier today before my roommate was about to leave and walk out the door her picture frame flew off her desk.

    • Mount washington and nh hampshire hall thats where the vortex is so one may get some occurances on forth floor. I used to visit it there used to hear mables rolling on those floors or from floors above every night ya could never figure it out but legend has that a student killed himself there years ago by standing on bucket of marbles at the moment of his hanging himself the bucket of marbles tipped over rolling around and thats the sound that is heard through on mount washington and nh. But it just a legend story supposedly floats a lot of colleges. So who knows.

  5. I was a student there from 1994 to 1997 not just the manor there was always some paranormal hot spots sprinkled through campus. In some of the dorms as well but there had been some student suicides that happened during my time there one happened in the mountain view apartments that left us in shock. The upper campus also speculation that a vortex was in one of the halls creating ghost sightings. I remember walking across campus late night was by pearly lake it was full moon i saw a shadow skirt by on the lawn but could not be sure if it was just my imagination getting the best of. Or not. There been rumors that under the school seal on the brick behind the manor that it is an old well and that when it was a brothel the babies that wore born there and killed or stillborn were tossed into that well and covered up over years just speculation. Its pretty campus in rural setting so imaginations can run wild. Place was my fiest experience with ghosts. Lol so loved my time there.

  6. Mount washington and nh hampshire hall thats where the vortex is so one may get some occurances on forth floor. I used to visit it there used to hear mables rolling on those floors or from floors above every night ya could never figure it out but legend has that a student killed himself there years ago by standing on bucket of marbles at the moment of his hanging himself the bucket of marbles tipped over rolling around and thats the sound that is heard through on mount washington and nh. But it just a legend story supposedly floats a lot of colleges. So who knows.

  7. I attended Franklin Pierce College from 1987 to 1991. One night I was walking across campus, late, across the manor lawn bound for the saw mill apartments. I needed a restroom badly, so I tried the manor front door and it was open. There was single bathroom off the hall just past the stairs on the main floor. W hike using the bathroom, I heard the sounds of a dogs nails walking on the wood floor outside the bathroom, it seemed to be wandering up and down the floor. The sound got much closer, and then I heard the animal sniffing at the gap at the bottom of the bathroom door. The sounds continued as I washed my hands, and I found myself talking to the animal as I was becoming a bit freaked out. I opened the door a crack, not knowing what I was going to find, and there was nothing there, nothing at all- anywhere. I became really scared, and exited the manor as quickly as I could. As I went down the hill towards the security office, a security officer stopped me and asked me where I was coming from. I explained I had stopped at the manor to use the bathroom, and was headed my apartment. He said that my story was unlikely, as he had personally locked up the manor over an hour before.

  8. Attended FPC from 1984 to 1988. After hanging out at my friend’s dorm in Granite Hall, I was heading back to my dorm across campus to Monadnock. As I was passing between the library and the back of the manor, I started to hear piano music. It didn’t surprise me until I realized that it was after midnight, when the manor was normally locked up. When I looked over, the only light in the room with the piano was a security light. I saw 2 figures at the piano, and they did not seem solid. As I stopped and stared, they stopped playing and seemed to be looking back at me, back and forth. My hair stood on end and I ran as fast as I could to my dorm!

  9. I work at the Campus Safety department which is the team that patrols campus and locks building up. Me and my guys work night shift so you can imagine we see and deal with more things during these times. Tonight while doing a normal patrol of the library building, I had made my way up to the fifth floor just to check the area. Once I reached the floor and stepped off the elevator, a phone on the floor, began to ring. I called my dispatch and my supervisor to ask whether or not they were calling the phone just to screw with me. My supervisor said he was not calling any phones on campus at all and had not received any phone calls to transfer all night. As I looked at the phone to see what the caller ID was it said a weird ID that I can’t recall being an ID from this campus. Weird thing is is that if my boss didn’t transfer a call, there’s no way that that phone could ring unless there was someone calling from another phone on campus and knew the extension. With this, I decided to continue my patrol and sweep the building for anyone inside. Half way through the building, I reached the second floor of the actual library portion. Another phone began to ring. At this point, I picked this phone up and answered, all I could hear was a heavy breathing on the other side of the line. I called my supervisor and requested he send a second unit. With no other units on shift aside from him and I he sent a local police officer to the building. The police officer and I sweeped the building and found nothing. The second caller ID was from the admin building, so we gradually moved to that building to make sure no one was hurt and calling random numbers for help. No one was in that building either. This is just one occurrence on campus. The Campus safety building being our station is haunted as well. My super visor has seen a tall dark figure stare at him and we can all hear foot steps in the station from time to time. Car doors slamming outside with no cars in the parking lot aside from maybe one of our patrol cars which wouldn’t be in use. Theres a lot that goes on here. Don’t come here thinking you aren’t being watched because I promise you, you are.

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