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A ghostly fog is said to cover Dead Man’s Park, which reportedly was once an Old Quaker cemetery. The headstones were removed when the park was built and a marker now lists the names of those who were buried here. The fog is believed to be a spiritual representation of the anger of the dead at having their headstones removed.

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Citrus Ave and Broadway
Whittier, CA 90601
United States

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33.98687985662174, -118.04515758252563
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Whittier, CA (0.9 mi.)
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  1. It’s true the fog only covers the park , not even the street between the two have fog just the park itself … I’ve seen odd things at that park.

  2. I grew up very close to this now park, former cemetery. As a child in the late 60’s this park and a cinder block wall all around it. If you were brave enough to look over the wall you would see large tomb stones and grave markers all over grown with creepy vines and ominous vegetation. The city of Whittier took the park over in the early 70’s because it was such an eyesore. They told the city residents that they were re-locating the bodies to the nearby Rose Hill’s’ cemetery. They never did.To this day, there are over 3,700 bodies buried beneath the parks grounds. The grave markers, etc were taken to both Pio Pico mansion in Whittier and the others to the Bailey museum in Whittier. The city still doesn’t know how to properly handle this matter. This is a fairly small cemetery but the reason there are so many bodies here is because back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s a family would buy a plot and bury up to six bodies on top of one another. I have been to this park at night but the fog is mostly from condensation from the sprinklers that operate in the evening, however you will find a strong feeling of the presence of others, almost as though they are on your back. My friends felt hands grabbing them and we obtained some pretty unbelievable EVP’s. One of the EVP’s screamed and cursed at us threatening us with death in a deep guttural and angry voice. Other voices were asking for help and who we were? Upon downloading pictures on a dry and windless night we viewed literally thousand of orb’s above the graves. I imagine the spirits here must be angry for a plethora of reasons but if you go there, assure you tell them out loud they are not allowed to follow or come with you. ASK FOR PROTECTION from the light sources. One of our team mates failed to do so and when driving home she nearly crashed after seeing a spirit in the back seat while viewing her rear view mirror. She too has had numerous problems with her home now being haunted. I see this in a very serious manner. Please beware of your actions and show the spirits and the local residents respect. As a caveat, this used to be known as Olive Branch Cemetery, the city changed the name after the take over. It too has cement markers on each side of the park with the names of the buried. Local names for the park is “Dead Mans Park”.

  3. I remember two of my friends and I went to the park because we heard it was haunted. We headed to the dark side and sat down, it was around 11ish and we were pretty spooked already. We had been sitting there quite a while when one of my friends points out this large figure in the distance, I remembering saying that it was just a tree. I kept watchinf it as naturally I was curious, it looked like a very tall, slim man in the position of playing golf. I started freaking out because it looked like it was coming closer towards us, my friend agreed with me and we decided to leave due to us being freakes out. We kept looking back as we headed to my house and since it was late my friends just slept over. So the night goes on and everything is fine until 3 a.m., only two of us are awake and I start to hear a cat meowing. At that moment we both hear my gate open, my friend becomes worried but I tell him that happens every night since my house is haunted already. I am laying down and my friend asks me in a very worried state, “Hey, what the hell is that?”, since the cat is still making noise I tell him it is just the cat and he replies with, “That’s not a cat”. So from that point on we all just fell asleep, but according to my friend it was stated that he has seen something gliding pass the window back and forth. Now let me just say that my window is 12ft off the ground, so when we all heard this it was pretty scary. He also said that it looked like it was carrying something on its head, paralyzed with fear he had just accepted that I told him it was a cat and went back to sleep. We do not know what it was, but after reading the comments on here we all feel assured that what we saw wasn’t our imagination. I can assure you this is no made-up story and it is all true.

  4. This place is definitely haunted , talking about it gives me chills . My step moms sister lives literally right across the street from this place you can even see the house from the little google earth pov it gives you , anyway we visited once and never went again , my step moms sister knew it was haunted and she showed us this home video that she filmed , and you can see in the back a frog like / black plastic bag jumping around , it looks like a plastic bag getting blown around but if you look at it bounces up and just disappears she said she was so freaked out . So we’re we just looking at it , but that’s not even the worst part , my little sister when she was 2 ( now 6 ) would be fine and wouldn’t cry if she was alone but after we went to that house she would scream so loud everytime she saw something reflective like shiny pots and mirrors etc . She would cry and cry and wouldn’t be able to be alone , especially door knobs would terrify her . We’re all pretty sure she saw something on a mirror or something , she didn’t get over that fear until she was 4 . We haven’t been to that house since and won’t plan to either .

  5. Did an EVP session here about 2 years ago and got a very loud and clear older man voice say “noise”, scared the crap out of me. Haven’t been back since!

  6. Live not too far from there and my husband and I have driven by there many times in order to get to our house, and though we had heard about the supposed hauntings here before, we have never noticed anything, though since we were just driving by, guess we might not really see or hear anything like we probably would if we were walking by, or going into the park itself. Have driven by late at night too, many times, and never felt creeped out.

  7. Linda Ainsworth  |  

    Didn’t see any fog. If the memorial wall wasn’t there, you would never know there are bodies that were interred there. This is the 1st time I have ever heard of this kind of change taking place. My emf detector went off the whole time I was there.

  8. Back in the 90’s my cousin lived in a house that faced that park. I often would visit her and would sometimes leave her house after midnight. It’s true about the fog. I always dreaded leaving so late because walking out of her house meant walking in the direction of the fog. Most of the time I’d keep my head down , as not to look at it. One night after leaving her house with my head down , I got into my car and it just would not start. I felt like I was in a bad horror movie. For some reason, even though I was horrified of looking at the park and said fog, I glanced at it. I thought I saw something moving through the fog. I’m not sure what it was but I knew I did not want to see it again. I bravely exited my car and ran up to my cousin’s door and knocked loudly. She answered right away and told her about my car not starting and figured we would just deal with it in the morning. So I stayed. The next morning it started up with no problem. I don’t like driving by it at night and still go out of my way to do so even now.

  9. I also grew up living by this park and i would often hang out at this park in the 90s as a night me and my friends saw several dark figures walking up to us that did not look human at all.we were freaked out and ran away from the park to my house.i truly believe this park is haunted.


    You must understand some thing. These spirits were at one time were people. These people prayed for a better future at one time they prayed for us because we are thier future. In return pray for them so this they could go to heaven and seek our lord Jesus christ for love and peace even if you go direct to the park. Get down on your knees and pray for them to seek Jesus Christ. Respect thier privacy and the parks term

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