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At this wetlands area popular with fishermen, folks have reported seeing a faceless apparition of a woman in white. Also reported has been the sound of crying babies.

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Geographic Information

West of Fort Hall, ID
United States

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43.0563031, -112.548317
Bingham County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Fort Hall, ID (5.8 mi.)
Rockford, ID (9.2 mi.)
Chubbuck, ID (10.2 mi.)
Riverside, ID (11.3 mi.)
Arbon Valley, ID (12.1 mi.)
Moreland, ID (12.7 mi.)
Pocatello, ID (13.8 mi.)
Blackfoot, ID (13.8 mi.)
Groveland, ID (14.4 mi.)
Aberdeen, ID (16.6 mi.)


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Comments (7)

  1. My sister has visited here and claims that in the house near the water if you look in the back window you are able to see a young female waving at you and then disappears.. She parked by the water and there were scratches going up and down her vehicle.. She says “must have been the water babies.” and when I asked her about them, she says Indian tribes used to let the’re children play near the water and they drowned.. and also when the child got terribly sick, the mother\father would take their child there, and drown them (The Crying).

    • what? Water babies are paranormal beings, not the dead children of native people, and especially not the dead children of whom were drowned, that is ludicrous, and what house near the water? people do actually live in the houses…

      • Water babies are native American babies. Back in the day when the native would have twins, the smaller baby was evil In their thoughts, they would put the baby in a cloth bag and tie rocks to it then throw it in the water, now you can hear the babies. I am native American and you sir are wrong.

  2. Me and my brother were fishing down in the wetlands tonight. And I have been before and haven’t experienced any thing like this. But when it got dark, we decided to walk back to the car that was up the trail. And he stopped and said does that look like a person to you? I looked over and exactly what I saw was a lady in a white. Idk about a dress but also long dark hair covering her face that almost looked wet. And she was leaning against a tree.. No one else was out there and no cars. But as soon as I noteced her. She moved. And there was a splash in the water. We both took off running got in the car and left. Whatever it was. It was bad news. I’m not going back. Super scetchy.

  3. Mattisen Christophersen  |  

    My friend and I went on a drive down to the bottoms because I have never been. First her car light wouldn’t turn all the way on and than we saw fog. As we were headed down sheepskin road we saw a grey like spirit disappear in thin air. Than we were completely drained of our energy and nothing in town looked or felt the same. This is a very touchy subject to talk about. This just happened to us not even an hour ago

  4. Kaitlyn Kassman  |  

    This is the same experience I had back in 2015-2016. I still have the most unsettling feeling & it makes me sick trying to describe it to anybody. Nobody understands unless you have experienced it. We went up there thinking we were “cool” high school kids. I don’t know what road we were on, but I saw a grey/black figure around the sage brush & just felt numb. Once we got down to the bottom of the road, where the gate was that we went through to enter, I had a very blurred mind & feeling & remember seeing something up the road or hill it was there & then completely gone, & then remember pure fog on our way down & through the gate. Our car had started to lose traction control before we went through the gate. Once we hit the fog was gone & the car was perfectly fine… I don’t know if anyone else had felt the horror I did, or if they were just pretending that they didn’t but I will never get over that feeling & will never go back.

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