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Check out the old fort at night and you may hear some ghostly voices. Footsteps have been heard in the powder room in the southern part of the fort.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Fort Desoto State Park
    St. Petersburg, FL
    United States

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    27.617268993686373, -82.72554848681642
    Pinellas County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Tierra Verde, FL (5.2 mi.)
    Anna Maria, FL (6.0 mi.)
    Saint Pete Beach, FL (7.5 mi.)
    Holmes Beach, FL (8.5 mi.)
    Gulfport, FL (9.2 mi.)
    South Pasadena, FL (9.5 mi.)
    Bradenton Beach, FL (10.4 mi.)
    West Bradenton, FL (10.5 mi.)
    Cortez, FL (10.5 mi.)
    Treasure Island, FL (10.8 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. I was just here last night to shoot pictures of the lunar eclipse. I have been hunting the internet all morning for someone who has had a similar experience to what happened during the time I was there! I walked the length of the park looking for good locations to take pictures of he eclipse, all the way to the ramp that leads to the old fort. The walk was soothing and I felt very comfortable with the park overall. I am not from Florida and I have never been to this location, so I was totally thrown back by my unprompted reaction to what was at the top of that ramp after the entire walk from the front gate was so pleasant! I was with a friend and we felt great about the photos we had taken of the moon so far. We headed up this ramp at the end of a large parking lot for a better view point and I hit a wall of terror and extreme anxiety upon reaching the top. I completely backed down and literally felt the urge to run to the nearest open building (a restroom- it was 3 am after all). I even closed the door to the entire restroom behind me because I felt so terrified. I don’t know what occurred at this specific location, but I know that I have only rarely experienced a physical and emotional reaction like that to a new place!

    2. This happened to myself and another friend of mine (Bryan Brennan) quite a few years back. There were a total of four of there at Fort De Soto and we were aware of the history that Fort De Soto went through back in the Revolutionary AND Civil War. Mind you, we’re from Clearwater, FL and we’ve never heard about any ghost stories at the time.

      Our buddies, Mykey and Nick, went ahead of us up the Fort and apparently, they both hid away from us. It was 3:00am in the morning and they liked to screw with us. No big shock. Bryan and I were trying to catch up but him and I were at the very top of Fort De Soto and there were no lights or lamps ANYWHERE on near the Fort.

      As him and I are flashing our cell phones around us, we’re talking with one another and minding our own business. Out of nowhere, Bryan and I BOTH heard a child giggling to himself. We stopped talking and stopped walking, right in our tracks. We looked at each other and both put our cell phones away, because we were certain that our friend’s Mykey and Nick were giggling to themselves because they were trying to scare us and they couldn’t help it.

      A few minutes later, Mykey and Nick both lunge out from hiding and shout at us, which did make us jump. They did laugh for a little bit but when we asked them if they were laughing, they said that they weren’t. They said they didn’t even hear children laughing like we had. It made them so nervous and uncomfortable at that point, they all wanted to head home right then and there.

      Not to mention, the entire time where we were walking away from Fort De Soto, we could feel eyes watching us as we left.

      My Facebook page is linked in my name. You can ask Bryan Brennan on my friend’s list about this time and he’ll confirm it all to be true.

    3. I actually have a picture of a ghost face, in broad daylight. The picture is actually of my girlfriend looking down the mortar barrel, but you can see a clear as day face over hers, with an old Spanish hat on, completely different eyes and mouth and everything! This picture creeps me out to this day, it was captured on an old blackberry a few years ago.

    4. I have loved fdp for years. As young adults,we used to go late at night,and run all over the place. So,two years ago,i took a close friend and my daughter there,one eve,to watch the sunset and show them around. We got there late and only had a few minutes before security ran us off. But in those minutes,we took many pictures. No sounds,no ghostly figures,but i am the type,that can feel it. So i told them this,just to spook them and have some fun. Anyways,so when we got back home that night,we started looking at the pictures we had taken. Thats when i really felt the chills. In alot of the pictures taken,of my daughter,on the cannon,in the “dungeons”,you can see orbs,around her. One particular picture ,my daughter is outside,but inside a “dungeon”,you can clearly see a orb in there. You can also tell,its not a spot on the camera,because it shows clearly,it is INSIDE. Email me and ill show you the picture. Anyways,i have always believed fdp was haunted. That night just proves it,for me. By the way,my daughter wants to go back for a ghost hunthunt 🙂

    5. Wow I truly love this beach grew up going their as a child fishing and everything it was fun and as an adult. No problems I have the gift of seeing spirits my family does and we learn dodnt mess with them and they want mess with you.

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