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Once a part of Route 66, the boulevard is haunted by the ghost of a young man in a striped shirt carrying a long stick, thought by some to be a buggy whip. The ghost crosses the street as cars approach, and then disappears. He is sometimes accompanied by a black dog.

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Geographic Information

Foothill Boulevard and Citrus
Fontana, CA
United States

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34.10648057912253, -117.47255516122095
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Fontana, CA (2.4 mi.)
Bloomington, CA (5.0 mi.)
Rialto, CA (5.8 mi.)
Glen Avon, CA (6.6 mi.)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA (6.9 mi.)
Sunnyslope, CA (6.9 mi.)
Muscoy, CA (8.0 mi.)
Mira Loma, CA (8.3 mi.)
Rubidoux, CA (8.5 mi.)
Pedley, CA (9.1 mi.)


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  1. Today at 10 am , my wife and I wer driving north bound on hemlock and wer waiting at the light to go east she started to turn to go east bound ,my wife slammed on the brakes ..I asked her what did she do that for ?!.she looked at me and said that the young man was gona cross the street ..but their was nobody their..she was shocked bcuz he was just their ,I asked her what he was wearing ?.
    She said he was wearing a striped Pendleton like top and had black hair..but no one was their

  2. I seen that ghost twice on foothill between citrus and cherry around 1130 once when you put your breaks on it disappears the other time it was around 2 he is wearing a strip shirt and has a black dog with him i thought maybe i needed glasses but then i heard the story’s

  3. Derek Hernandez  |  

    Mee Too, When I was going to go drop of my aunt at Parker, (her job) we passed the little walkway where you have to go under it , We seen him by the orange stand with his black dog and he was wearing a white shirt. Then we seen him walking towards East Foothill Blvd. Then we didn’t see him anymore

  4. Cody Angel Hernandez  |  

    Yeah i seen him with his dog when I went bike riding with my dad by that trail on foothill where the orange fruit stand was. We seen him walking north of foothill blvd trowing a ball so that his dog can go and get it. Suddenly he dissapeared behind two old trees that have been dug out and left behind to dry up. I told my dad that he had dissapeared but he didn’t believe me so I searched him up to see if it was a ghost and a bunch of stories poped out about him and then I showed my dad but he still didn’t belive me so we left and went home.

  5. I’ve seen him. I was driving west on Foothill Blvd at around 4 – 6pm. About to turn south on Cherry. No dog. Black and red horizontally striped shirt. Very distinct. He ran right up to my car in heavy traffic, scaring me, as I was almost certain I or another driver might hit him. I looked back instantly, hoping to see that he’d made it safely across the street. He was gone!

  6. I had never heard this story before but seeing the location I searched to see how close it is to the house we used to rent off of Edelweis. It backed the field off of Foothill exactly where this spot is pinned. I believe there might be new homes there now. But when we used to live there (11years ago) I used to see a man walking through the field with a stick and then he would disappear. Always at night and I thought I was imagining things. Now I feel it was this spirit.

  7. I seen a young man with black and white striped shirt and pants. Also wearing a black and white striped top hat carrying a buggy whip. Walking on the North side of foothill. I was driving west on foothill. In the early afternoon. He had a blank stare with a odd hair cut. I was on the phone with my wife at the time and told her, “Look at this weirdo”, as I was passing him. Once passed I looked in my side mirror and he was gone.

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