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The former Fairfield Inn, now a La Quinta, is reportedly haunted by two ghosts. The first one appears in room 316, said to be the ghost of a woman who committed suicide here. The second is the ghost of an older man. He appears as an elderly farmer on the 5th floor. He walks up to folks and attempts to speak, but nothing comes out. Reports say he died in Room 506.

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Geographic Information

36 Jefferson Blvd
Warwick, RI 02888
United States

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41.752484, -71.434327
Kent County, Rhode Island
Nearest Towns:
Cranston, RI (1.9 mi.)
Warwick, RI (3.7 mi.)
Providence, RI (5.1 mi.)
East Providence, RI (5.4 mi.)
West Warwick, RI (5.9 mi.)
Seekonk, MA (6.3 mi.)
East Greenwich, RI (6.5 mi.)
Barrington, RI (6.5 mi.)
North Providence, RI (6.9 mi.)
Warren, RI (8.0 mi.)


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  1. I worked there when it was a Susse Chalet then converted to the Fairfield Inn. I was with the Fairfield Inn for five years and no one killed themselves there. So unless it happened when it became a La Quinta, I don’t know what they are talking about. Sorry but I don’t believe it.

  2. My family and I stayed here to attend my sister graduation. The first night, my mom was awoken by a sharp stab like pain on her left side. She said something was keeping her up and did not sleep the entire night. The next night we switched places.. The left side of my body was freezing, but my right side was at room temperature. I tried to fall asleep, at the most I was able to sleep for about 5 minutes then I would wake up. I felt scared (and I don’t get scared easily) and kept praying and finally fell asleep. I woke with soaked in my sweat. It was horrible, there is something definitely paranormal happing there.

  3. I been working there for 2 years. As a Fairfield Inn an older man in his 50s had a heart attack thats the only death I have heard of. BUT I wrk moatly overnights so I myself knows that there is paranornal activity but its all good spirits. I do hear a woman faintly say “hello” from time to time. I also hear children laughing an playing dice in the lobby. An the gentleman who passed away visits me every night. Very harmless. I also see spirits rise through the lobby balcony to the 2nd floor. Lobby doors would open and close randomly too.

  4. I’ve been in room 313 and I’ve heard a man that stayed in 316 yelled at something to go away and then he ran out of his room as fast as he possibly could so this story is true but there are only 3 floors and the second story is fake. That same night a woman checked into the room and she was scared because she said she saw the old farmer.

  5. Yes this is true my name is Amanda me and my boyfriend are in room 120 and it was like 3 in the morning and I thought i was loss in it but I saw 2 men walking in my room and they stay in the same spot just walking back in forth but I looked it up and it was very true

  6. I was on vacation visiting my family. It was me my dad and little sister that was staying in the hotel. One night it was probably about midnight everyone was sleeping and I had woken up for some reason I opened my eyes and I seen this tall man in a suit and a tall black hat standing beside my bed I looked at him and he was just smiling . I quickly rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

    • I’ve had several experiences at this hotel. I have always been able to connect with the paranormal. One night my boyfriend & I had a room right next to the elevator. We heard the elevator going up & down literally all night long. We approached the elevator several times during the night. Waiting for someone to get out of it. It would stay at our floor and not open. My boyfriend knocked on it twice & something knocked back. The doors open & no one was in there. Upon checking out I spoke with the Manager of the hotel. He stayed it was a very busy night. Giving that as his explanation as to why the elevator was going non stop all night , yet it was the complete opposite. Barely no cars there that night. The 5th floor has a very heavy weight in the air. As well as the smell of woman’s perfume lingering throughout the hall. We took my dog up to all the floors. The 3rd floor he went to one room in particular scratching &sniffing non stop. Right across from the room where a woman supposably took her own life. The 5th floor my dog was Petrified. Upon entering that floor , he ran as fast as he could to get away. Other nights clicking sounds at my door , as if someone was trying to enter the room. Looking out the peep hole nothing in site. Another episode like 3AM, the laughter of kids playing in the hall. Yet no one was in sight. I could go on & on. Strange occurrences with our phones. In which our apps would log us out & putting in the correct password , we still couldn’t get in. Pictures taken on our phone, vanished off the role. Still have many pictures of orbs. Again some stories I’ve eliminated from sharing !!

  7. Ok so I use to work here… back when it was Fairfield the 5th floor was below the lobby until a bit later when they changed it. So this supposed farmer is technically on the first floor which used to be the fifth never have I seen anything but I have heard stories. Also what is now the 5th floor never had a suicide it did on the other hand have reports of a man who just died in his sleep which is 100% true. One time when we were remodeling, I did hear a loud bang from the other side of the hall and no one was up their besides me since the whole fifth floor was shut down for construction.

  8. I stayed there one night on the third floor several years ago. I heard a strong crackling sound each time I rode the elevator. It sounded like it might catch on fire. The only time I did not hear it was when an older tan skinned man was on the elevator with me. I reported it the next morning when I checked out and the lady behind the counter had a look on her face that she wanted to share more but was not allowed to but she looked like it was not the first time she had heard something like this report. Needless to say I had not heard the stories before staying there but I was uneasy all night and didn’t want to go to sleep. There is something chilling there but the hotel and the staff are very nice.

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