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General cemetery-style haunting – voices, shadows, eerie feelings… Embrace the cliche.

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Geographic Information

Evergreen Cemetery
Tuscon, AZ
United States

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32.2639151, -110.98121349999997
Pima County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Flowing Wells, AZ (2.7 mi.)
Casas Adobes, AZ (4.2 mi.)
Tucson, AZ (4.3 mi.)
Catalina Foothills, AZ (4.3 mi.)
South Tucson, AZ (4.5 mi.)
Tucson Estates, AZ (8.3 mi.)
Oro Valley, AZ (8.8 mi.)
Drexel Heights, AZ (8.9 mi.)
Tortolita, AZ (10.3 mi.)
Littletown, AZ (11.2 mi.)


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Comments (4)

  1. This was my go to place when I wanted to be away from people its very peaceful. Or so I thought i,have heard the voices and saw a couple ” shadows” in 4 areas they are in order of most activity to least the jewish area, childrens area, paupers area its in the very back , and the building where the cremanes are kept .

  2. I got an attachment from spending too much time in this cemetery and it took nearly a year to get rid of it. Tread with caution if you are considering spending any amount of time here!

  3. Shadow cloaked figure seen amongst the tree branches with bad energy, feeling of being in a group hug and peaceful in another section of the graveyard, and in orders something rushes at you as though to attack you. One time I even got a bite mark out of nowhere

  4. It’s seems to be the most active at night i was looking for a loved one a man I was going to marry and I went at night to avoid greeting family members bc they didn’t like me. I was never a unvealiver of the supernatural for i have grew up in a haunted house . First experience I had was we were walking by on orical rd near ft lowell and I hear a old fashioned horse carrage (like the movies) rush by me and I moved out of the way looking at nothing as I hear it pass by clear as day. (Happened around 1 am) another time I was very scared was when I was passing by ( miracle mile entrence) I had a errie feeling as I walked in fear paranoid I first see a black crow making noises from the tree tops above I keep going as I am making a short cut to my destination I hear clear as day a dog bark at me startling me I keep going as I was determined to not let anything scare me as I reach the end a bush starts shaking fearcely I keep going and make my way out short cut completed. The next experience i left last bc it is the most unbelievable. If not for my friend also seeing it I would not have belived my self even tho it happed in frount of my eyes as we approach my lovers grave (me still looking 4 it at the time) first we are a metal clanking then this black man we can see hovering from the sky about about 3 feet we see a black cloud it is hovering on it goes down as it sinks into the ground the smoke turns white as the cloke arises it shape ships into a red sheet and a white tweaker comes from it a man in there mid to late 20s as our minds struggle to make sence of this bizarre encounter we begin to associate our selves with this “person” we speck to him as he keeps asking for water and a cigarette we can not help bc we only have chocolate milk. We inform the man that he can go to quick trip for free water he says he cannot leave he does not make much sence as we talk to him mostly repeating phrases we ask him questions he says he knows eveyone hear we ask about the metal clanking he replays oh I was talking to a friend he clanks the objects it is spoons and something eles he clanks we hear clanks in the distance we can not see anything as it sounds like it’s coming from far away we beings to speak in a language in a much darker tone we cannot understand as it is spooky and makes no sence almost like toungs but much more realistic we are weirded out by the strange man we inform the man we should probly be going home ask we being our exit I turn around and the man is gone no where to be seen this occurred around 1 am

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