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There are three spots in Endicott College rumored to be haunted. First, Brindle Hall is the site of mysterious happenings: unexplained noises like hissing or marbles rolling on the roof, shades that go up by themselves, and trees seen outside that bend to form the name Julie, the name of the girl who once vanished from the 4th floor. Then, in Reynolds Hall a ghost girl is said to appear reflected in mirrors, pool balls move by themselves, the piano plays on its own, furniture moves, doors knock, and, like at Brindle Hall, shades go up by themselves. And in
old Winthrop Hall, the ghost of a young woman appears in a white gown, as legend has it, waiting for her beloved to return from the sea. She is said to have leapt to her death from the widow’s walk after finding out he wasn’t coming back.

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376 Hale St
Beverly, MA 01915
United States

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42.5530603769033, -70.84296838255614
Essex County, Massachusetts
Nearest Towns:
Beverly Cove, MA (0.5 mi.)
Beverly, MA (1.9 mi.)
Salem, MA (3.6 mi.)
Marblehead, MA (3.7 mi.)
Wenham, MA (4.3 mi.)
Danvers, MA (4.7 mi.)
Peabody, MA (4.7 mi.)
South Peabody, MA (6.2 mi.)
Essex, MA (6.3 mi.)
Swampscott, MA (6.8 mi.)

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  1. To start off I am a skeptic. I do not fear easily by the thought of ghosts, and for the most part chalk up any and every possible experience I have with the paranormal as simply my imagination running wild.

    However I was just on an early summer vacation in the area all the way from Seattle Washington for my wife’s Graduation at Umass. We stayed on a Saturday night and my experience was real, allow me to explain.

    We stayed in room 110 with my 3 children. We had just previously visited the tourist trap in Salem loaded with all kinds of witch related fun. After settling into the room, taking showers, and laying the kids down to rest for our early return flight home back to Seattle. I finally got my last child to sleep. Ariauna, usually stays up all night every night as she is always afraid of the dark. The time was 4 am almost on the dot when I finally got her to pass out after having to get upset with her and punish her by taking away all devices and turning off the lights.

    She killed the battery to our Ipod so I plugged it into the wall by the window and sat it on the ledge. I closed the curtains and snuck off to use the bathroom. While in there I heard my wife and 1 year old baby wake up, chatter, cry exc.. for a bit. I had the fan on in the bathroom and couldn’t hear too well but spoke to her because I thought she spoke to me. By 4:30 am I exited the bathroom this was only 4-5 minutes after I heard what sounded like she had gotten out of bed to test the bathroom door as if she had to use it.

    When I exited I found her and the baby dead asleep and the baby laying across her chest in a nursing position. This is common and near impossible for my wife to ever get out from under the baby without her waking and forcing us to go through another round (hour or two feed session). I was puzzled to see them so quickly asleep since just hearing them awake. “Oh, well.” I thought to myself and made nothing of it. Maybe just maybe we were that lucky tonight.

    As I passed by the hotel bed and dodged my other two sleeping children on the floor by the window wrapped in a blanket. I couldn’t help but notice the curtain to the window was wide open. Again I made little of it and tried to get into the bed next to my wife. I was tired and thought I should just stay up anyway so we weren’t late getting to the airport. When I swear in my sleepy haze just before the sun rise I saw a ghostly figure of a woman with a white flowing gown floating outside my window.

    Still yet I didn’t startle or care, I figured after a day in Salem spent in various occult shops I had witches on the brain. I tried to sleep a quick nap, the problem was this is when I felt a series sense of dread, and felt as if my two children on the floor by the window were in danger of being snatched by the ghost creature I had witnessed. So I chose to stay awake.

    My wife failed to inform me the place has a history of hauntings. I was ignorant and likely wouldn’t have cared anyway. Other than I still in a half sleepy stupor started day dreaming of an angry mob of hotel (children of the corn) creepers heading down the hall towards our room to lynch my family. Mind you were are a family of semi-goth stereotype. In addition when I was using the second floor vending machine I felt completely drunk the entire time I was on that floor and completely sober by my return to my room.

    I believe this experience relates to the ghost Julie from what I have learned. Now I expect further haunting from her each sun rise back home. Also I kinda look like her dead husband based on my discoveries.

  2. Yep. Reynolds Hall is wild with at least 4 ghosts of the servants that use to run the house when it was used as an estate. I knew 4 of them well in 1969. Contact me on Facebook. I befriended one, a butler.

  3. In 1995 I spent my freshman year in Brindle Hall at Endicott College. During that year I never heard and marbles from miss Julie. However, my stereo would go on by itself on at least 4 occasions My fan went on once by itself. I had pictures of high school friends on my wall and sometimes when i thought of a specific friend their picture would fall off the wall. I was never saw any ghosts in Brindle but, felt a presents that did not scare me with their mischievous manner. I was not a big believer in ghosts. Till this day, I can not explain what happened.

    My second year at Endicott, I was in Winthrop and never saw any sightings of the “Blue Lady”. Only Peacocks peeking in windows on the second floor fire escape.

  4. Stoneridge Hall, doors open by themselves, scratch marks on the wall, personal items moving in the middle of the night, electronics turning on and off by themselves

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