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The White Lady of Elysian Park is said to be the ghost of a woman who drowned her children in the river and now wanders the park crying. In some versions of her tale, headless dogs appear along with her apparition. Some say apparitions also have been seen entering the tunnels at one end by never emerging from the other side.

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835 Academy Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90012
United States

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34.084477872067694, -118.23956394193374
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Los Angeles, CA (2.2 mi.)
Boyle Heights, CA (4.0 mi.)
Glendale, CA (4.1 mi.)
Belvedere, CA (5.0 mi.)
Hollywood, CA (5.1 mi.)
North Glendale, CA (5.4 mi.)
South Pasadena, CA (5.6 mi.)
Vernon, CA (5.6 mi.)
East Los Angeles, CA (5.7 mi.)
Alhambra, CA (6.5 mi.)

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  1. I was hanging out one night with my gf and her friend. We were parked on a road next to the trail that starts by echo Park ave. It wad late at night around 3am. Idk if it was fog or the coldness of the night but my car got steamy from the inside we started to hear this sound it stated off very low at first then got louder. It startedoff asa ringing sound the list it got it started sounding likea Lions roar it really really loud then followed by boom. My car shook and all the animals went crazy (dogs cats birds etc.) Everyone in the car experienced it. I turned my cat on and drive off. Once I got home I noticed finger marks all throughout my car.i never really found out what had happened that night. Ive heard alot of witchcraft goes on in that park might of been a sign to leave at that moment.

  2. My mother was using a Ouija Board about 1965 with 4 friends when a spirit came thru telling them to go to the park and goup a road that forked off of the main one. It said when they got there she would walk across the road to meet them, being young and stupid they went. She did walk across the road. The spirit had said nothing about kids but that her husband had killed her , cut her upand threw her in that park. They had made a pack that noone would say what they saw if anything till they got home and wrote it down. All saw the same but one girl she saw nothing. About an hour later my mom wasnt feeling good and went into some kind of trance trying to get back to that park. Her brother had to hold her down till it past. To the day she died in 2004 (which this board predicted as well) she would not go into thet park.

  3. I grew up in Echo Park & the Hollywood area….Echo Park from 1958-1971, but my Mom lived there until her passing, actually 25 years ago today …. As teens, we used to sneak out at night & go to this park (it was close) and, at the time….there was an old abandon school that had not been torn down…..now that place was way spookier than any white lady, but we never did run into her….. the area itself is pretty prone to hauntings. I was a Los Angeles native & until I moved out of state, I never lived in a place that was not haunted in that town…..but, no white lady, except the one I saw in my house in the wee hours of the morning. We had an occasional ghost pass through….the first house was in Hollywood on Serrano Ave…now torn down…no more 319 or 321 N. Serrano Ave @ Beverly Blvd….I believe it’s a parking lot where the house was. I do remember when I was a kid & we’d talk about the White Lady of Elysian Park….she had white hair, etc….but some of us thought it was just an albino lady that got mistaken for a ghost….then again, in Hollywood/L.A., there are a lot of crazy people, people who wear odd things & look different 🙂

  4. To note: The feeling about this lady back in those days, was that it was a real person, not a ghost, still…it would be even scarier to run into a crazy human that was head to toe white, than a ghost, especially in the middle of the night in a big dark park that you were NOT supposed to be in. I would imagine these days,they patrol the area far more than in those times…Heck, Eylsian Park became one big Love In for a time. Even the gangs were not as violent then….they might push you in Echo Park Lake, not blow you away…..For any reading this, you might be interested to know that an out of print book exists that I have & one of my old Homies from Echo Park has entitled: “The Ghosts of Echo Park”…very cool pictorial & history book of the area. There were pictures of the house I grew up in, my elementary school & some very old pictures of the area along with the history (no white lady mentioned) 🙂 Great book if you can find it…..we found used copies on Amazon. The pictures are amazing, but you’d have to get copyright permission to put them on this site, I imagine, but there are many amazing pictures in that book….oh well, memory lane. 🙂

  5. @D_l2oxx - Twitter - Snapchat  |  

    Brah on my run before I finished my last mile I stopped in front of the Elysian park entrance where the bridge begins no one was in sight and I was trying to get the right song playing so I stopped to look for it on soundcloud and then I get the sudden urge to look back and see a weird guy with long hair or a girl idk I just took a quick glance and got creeped out bc it was coming towards me with its arms across its body saying something like come here idk but it’s face looked pale and mouth looked bloody with black eyes and I started running looking back and it chased me with its hands out tryna grab me but I smoked it and then I tried snapchatting it in my snap where I was like “I was running thru the 6 with my woes” and I got woken up by a loud noise rn and idk I googled ghost at Elysian park and this is what came up.. It’s weird she was wearing all white like a night gown or like a skimpy wedding dress. I’m getting the chills just typing this smh it happened today around 2:20 am idk if it’s a daily thing or just on Tuesdays or a prank but definitely check it out!!!

  6. I haven’t had a ghost experience at the park. Me and my boyfriend hang out in his car at the park in various places often. We also go there to hook up haha. Before he became my boyfriend, it was like 9 pm and were hooking up in the parking lot with that big playground by one of the viewing points. We were parked facing away from the playground. He looked back and saw a shadowy figure coming towards us he screamed and started the car and booked it out of there. i asked what happened and he said he saw a shadowy figure coming towards us. it wasn’t that far from us and he didn’t see any distinct features.

    ok MY experience, well it’s ours. We were at that high point where you can see downtown LA and all the cities west of lincoln heights like Hollywood and Wilshire etc. It was around 8pm and I heard chanting. My boyfriend didn’t hear it until I brought it to his attention. I got out of the car cuz I’m stupid and ~adventurous that way and walked several feet away from the car to hear and understand the language better. It wasn’t English or Spanish. It didn’t sound like any of the languages i knew. And my boyfriend urged me to get back in the car and we left.
    The second/last time (so far) me and my boyfriend had fooled around. It had been a long day and he fell asleep after i sucked him off. Or i jerked i don’t remember. i was sitting in the car letting him sleep and i was playing mobile games on my iPod touch when i heard the chanting again. I had been listening to it for an hour before he woke up and i told him he fell asleep before the chanting started and he booked it once again.

    if you go down the hill you’ll end up at wide street and the other side is more parks. It sounds like its coming from that side but higher.

  7. I use to go kick it out there with girls back in the 90s. I had two experiences out there. One night I was chilling with some girl I had met and decided to go kick at stadium way between Scott have and academy road. While sitting on some picnic table getting sucked off. I heard some noise coming from the left side on the field. I was white human looking with a tail walking on hands and legs. I quickly told homegirl Stop and Look over there as I pointed out the direction it was at. She got to see only the back side of this thing as it crawled into some bushes. She asked me what it was. I tryed to discrib it to her but she was started to jerk me off. I told her we had to leave. When we started to drive off heading to stadium way toward Lincoln heights. We seen the creature running on it hand and legs crossing some bushes as she creams and freaks out says WTF! Is that. Im glad I made that call on leaving the site cause shit could of gotten crazy. We got to my place and she finished me off. Now this thing was something crazy cause now I have seen videos on YouTube that looked just like it. Check it out its called “Rake” creature.

  8. I was walking through the park at night with my friend, what appeared to be a man covered in black from head to toe just appeared in our path. This thing was at least 8 feet tall. We couldn’t see a face either. There was a lot of moonlight that night so I got a clear view of this thing. As soon as we saw it we ran down the hill onto Lilac terrace.
    I moved from echo park and years later I ran into my friend. We both asked each other about that night and we both saw the same thing.

  9. Guillermo Quezada  |  

    I have personally been told two ghost stories about a lady in Elysian Park by close friends of mine. The first occurred around the late 80’s when I was driving thru the park with my ex girlfriend. It was late at night and I was driving east on Academy Road and just as I was about to make a right on to N. Boylston Street, my ex told me “don’t go up that street, I will tell you later” she said to me. I had an idea why she did not want me to go up that street, so we drove pass it and found a place to park. We did not stay long and drove off out of the park. At that point she told me the story about Boylston Street. She told me that she and her ex were park on Boylston Street one night when they saw a lady walking two dogs and was approaching them from the front of the car. At first they did not think anything of it, but when they took a closer look at her feet, she did not have any, she was floating off the ground. Her ex started the car and took off, but every time they looked behind, she and the two dogs were right behind the car. The ghost vanished once they exited the park on Sunset Blvd.

    The second story was told to me by three of my best friends around 1993. This occurred one night around 2 am. My friends and a second car were park near the restrooms located on Academy Road and Stadium Way. They were park were there is a turnaround in the parking lot. They were just hanging out after a night of dancing at a local night club. They told me that there was a couple with them that decided to go for a walk away from the parking lot and into the trees. A few moments later the girl ran back crying and scared followed by her guy friend. My friends ran up to her to see what had happen, when her guy friend told them that she had seen a lady with no head standing between the trees. My friends not believing her when up to investigate and sure enough, among the trees was a white figure with no head, but one could feel as if she was staring at them. They stood there staring at her and one by one ran off back to the cars and drove out of the park. My friend Ruben, who lived in Echo Park, a few blocks away was the first one to get dropped off. When Ruben ran into his house, he told his mom “You are not going to guess what we just saw in Elysian Park” and his mom replied “A lady with no head”. I guess the legend is well known around the area. – Guillermo Quezada

  10. Back in 1980 my brother and me were out with our girlfriends .we were drinking in my car, it was about maybe 12or1 in the morning we took off going up over the hill into echo park as I was driving my old lady screamed and put her head up against me and said do see that I turned to my left and saw like a gray figure floating down the hill toward stadium way .

  11. My boyfriend was riding a motor bike through the park going home, he lived a block after the short stop. He told me that some kind of scary white dog looking creatures with red eyes were trying to attack him. He looks like he gets chills every time he tells the story. There’s a lot of settlers that first came to Elysian Park, slot of history, ghost and haunted houses. I lived on Morton Terr. and u cold feel the climate change a few degrees colder n the the little hairs in the back of your neck stand up.. draws that been stuck flying open, shadows, bright lights appearing above people with no sound.

  12. My dad has a story where in 1988 he was 17 and he and his friends went to the park because they had heard of the story which I believe is La Llorona (the weeping woman) and that night at 2 am they were drunk and while at the park on a hill they saw a white figure walking across and they ran away so they could not get more info on this story.

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