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Built around 1754 as a private home, the “little stone house” located a few blocks from Poe’s boyhood home has housed a collection of Poe artifacts since the early 1900s. At about this time began the rumors of its hauntings. At least three ghosts are believed to reside or at least visit here, including two blonde children, thought to belong to the house’s original owners, and a shadowy figure thought to be Poe himself. The children tend to show up in visitors’ photos, and the man seems to be attached to some of the museum’s items such as Poe’s walking stick and his wife Virginia’s hand mirror. He also has been seen in the hallways and in the garden, or captured in photographs behind a tour group as if listening to the guide. One interesting story involves a shipment of Poe bobblehead figures that came for the gift shop. Employees arrived to find that they had been unpacked and lined up on the shelves without the burglar alarm ever having been tripped.

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1914 E Main St
Richmond, VA 23223
United States

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37.532282, -77.42597490000003
Nearest Towns:
Richmond, VA (2.4 mi.)
Montrose, VA (2.7 mi.)
East Highland Park, VA (3.5 mi.)
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  1. I used to work there, and the two blonde children were frequently seen at weddings just running around amongst the guests. One afternoon, I was working in the gift shop, and Mr. Poe’s faced appeared in water stains on the wall, and then disappeared. The last haunting experience I had was when I was in one of the buildings alone, and I heard and felt heavy breathing on my neck; almost like a dog panting. I turned and no one was there, but I still felt the breathing. Then a horrible screaming rang in my ears. I ran faster than I have ever ran before!

  2. I had visited Edgar Allan Poe Museum for a 7th grade field trip. The museum was kinda freaky but no ghostly activity. All the items they had in that museum looked freaky. I don’t know for sure if its haunted. Now that i think about it, I’m going back to that place.

  3. My wife and I drove to Richmond while visiting family in Virginia.She wanted to come and visit this place so we did. We got here around noon time and we got off to walk around and see the sights. We came to this store and she bought a book that they were selling.There was a small display of books for sale and I was standing right by the display and I felt a very strong chill over come me. It was eerie and very cold and I told the girl who was working there. She came and stood next to me and she felt it too. She told me that it happens in certain spots of the store.She smiled and then told me of the things that have occurred there. I remained standing there and after about 3 minutes,the coldness went away. I didn’t see anything,but I know that it was not a normal sense of coldness that I felt. I have been to cemeteries and have felt very cold,eerie spots even when it is 90 degrees at night. Regardless, my wife and I left and do plan to visit again.

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