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On the fifth floor is where the eerie things happen at this inn. Witnesses have seen apparitions who walk down the hall but disappear when you get close to them. They have also reported hearing the sounds of footsteps, voices, and an elevator ding, and feeling a presence when no one is visible.

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Geographic Information

11980 Olive Blvd
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
United States

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38.671618, -90.44766529999998
St. Louis County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Creve Coeur, MO (1.5 mi.)
Westwood, MO (2.0 mi.)
Maryland Heights, MO (3.0 mi.)
Frontenac, MO (3.0 mi.)
Country Life Acres, MO (3.3 mi.)
Crystal Lake Park, MO (3.5 mi.)
Olivette, MO (3.9 mi.)
Ladue, MO (3.9 mi.)
Town and Country, MO (4.2 mi.)
Huntleigh, MO (4.3 mi.)

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  1. I went here and got a room on the 5th floor. Stayed there overnight and spent a lot of time trying to get responses on my paranormal gear that didn’t seem random. But, it was all to no avail. Knew it was a long shot since every Google mention of a haunting here basically repeats the same paragraph, but I needed a hotel room in the St Louis area that night anyways.

    • Belleville bob  |  

      Late night needed a hotel room was close to the Creve Couer Drury,decided to pull up for the night,big mistake.The clerk at the front desk gave me room 511 and then started giggling shortly thereafter. What did that mean I soon was to find out.As I played down I had the t.v. on as I started to fall asleep then the t.v stared changing channels by itself finally stopping on the “my pillow” infomercial a very bad sign. I turned the t.v. off then used the restroom and there he was the my pillow not a ghost the dude himself.He started his spiel on how good his pillows are and I had it get your ass out I paid for this room he was wearing pajamas. He left as I gave him the heave go. I soon went to bed falling fast asleep only to be awakened by a milky white figure cleaning my room. Was I dreaming oh no this was happening. I said to myself I see dead people the ghost housekeeper actually did a good job but was freaking me out. Then out of nowhere she turns to me and says my fart your face and let one rip oh the horrors it was a death fart an eggfart and diahrea fart combined. The next second there’s a knock on my door I answer it it’s the my pillow guy again he’s in cahoots with the ghost oh they just laugh it up…Drury Creve Coeur we’ll leave the light on

  2. I just got a chilling flash back of when i was 11 that was 5 years ago i had a hotel party and at night i saw a foggy white old lady flouting and crying outside my window I forgot what floor but seeing that this place is haunted i have a chilling feeling that I wasn’t imagining it

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