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On February 16, 1929, Ned Doheny died in his bedroom. Reports say he had a murder-suicide pact with his secretary Hugh Plunket. Now, witnesses say screams and other noises can be heard inside the house at night. Another point of interest: In 2007, a part of the film “There Will Be Blood” was filmed in the mansion’s basement.

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905 Loma Vista Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
United States

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34.0921765, -118.4014507
Los Angeles County, California
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  1. This place is definitely haunted. It is not open to the public but through a friend of mine 5 of us got a private tour by the caretaker which lasted from about 4:45 pm-8:00pm about a year ago in mid January.
    Things we saw: A door open and close on it’s own accord 3 times with no evidence of any kind of draft to fascilitate movement. We kept seeing flashes of light out of the corner of our eyes.
    Things we heard: Many different sounds throughout the mansion. The EVP tapes that the caretaker and security guards had recorded. These sounds included screams, moans, growling, furniture being dragged across the floors, sounds that seemed to bounce around the microphone appearing close at first and then instantly far away and then instantly close again. These sounds were deemed to be authentic by my brother who went to Cal Arts for Music Tech and can tell from an audio standpoint whether or not these sounds could be faked, he stated these sounds could not.
    Things we felt: Cold throughout the whole house even though it was one of those odd warm tropical nights in LA and 80 degrees when we got out of the house. A general sense of dread the whole time being there as if there was a weight on our shoulders the whole time. A general feeling of depression at all times as well.
    This place definitely has some weird stuff going on that cannot be easily explained.

    Oh and an update on the history of it(at least regarding deaths): There is the famous murder/suicide or double murder by hitman depending on who you ask, 2 suicides from servants who worked for the family, one in which a woman hung herself in what is now the guards office inside the mansion and another who slit her wrists in the meat locker that had a drain so the other servants wouldnt have to clean up her blood after she died, a male servant was beaten to death in the locked off male servants quarters in the basement portion of the mansion, and an accidental child death in which one of the doheny daughters fell to her death out of her bedroom window while playing with a friend.

    hope this sheds some light on the mystery and madness that is the doheny mansion/greystone manor

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