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Spooky legends surround this old bridge. The stories involve a honeymooning 1950s couple and a dog that ran out in front of the car, causing them to drive off of the bridge. Reports of many things have been made in the vicinity, including apparitions of bodies, apparitions of a females with a dog’s head, growling sounds and howls. Reports say the bridge no longer stands, only its cement remnants.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    S 1000 W over the Kankakee River
    San Pierre, IN
    United States

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    41.2484833990012, -86.90988242615276
    LaPorte County, Indiana
    Nearest Towns:
    San Pierre, IN (3.2 mi.)
    La Crosse, IN (4.9 mi.)
    North Judson, IN (7.3 mi.)
    Kouts, IN (7.6 mi.)
    Wheatfield, IN (8.5 mi.)
    Medaryville, IN (11.6 mi.)
    Wanatah, IN (12.6 mi.)
    Hanna, IN (13.2 mi.)
    Knox, IN (15.2 mi.)
    DeMotte, IN (15.5 mi.)

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    1. Friday night my friends and I went to Dog Face Bridge and the paranormal was present. At first nothing happened, but then I called out to the spirits. After I did this I felt a strange presence an evil presence. In the past I have been possessed and since then I can see, feel, and hear things others can’t. The female that lurks that area is in fact real and she is not kind. Her dog like face is the scariest thing about it. The growls the barks the howling. All of it was real. It was a great experience.

    2. I lived in San Pierre for about 5 years. Went there twice. Once during the day to check out everything before going at night. As soon as I stepped out of my car, my camera powered on. It was hanging from my wrist & had a button that was embedded & had to be held for several seconds to turn on. The air was extremely thick We walked over the 1st bridge & down to the ruins of the old bridge. Once we go there, my camera with brand new batteries died completely. Needless to say, I was ready to go. The car struggled to start as well. It was a nice new car & it just rubbed me the wrong way. Whatever is there was trying to use as much energy as possible. The closer I got to home, my camera started regaining battery strength. I caught no pics of anything in the few I could snap before it died, but it was certainly an uneasy feing while we were there for sure!

    3. Dog face is nothing but a joke me and a friend stayed the night there and nothing happened not a spooky feeling nothing at all honestly I think the story is a joke to and anybody that has something happen to them there needs to stop letting there head getting to them…………..

    4. Was there today. The bridge is still standing but a little dilapidated. We did hear some very unusual sounds and it was extremely spooky.

    5. I went there around 2009, and the entire place just gave off a very negative vibe. I felt as though I was being followed, and I saw several animal-sized black masses crossing the path both in front of and behind me while I was there. We did not hear a single animal in the woods the entire time. When we got to the end of the path where the second bridge used to be, my group turned around to go home. It was then that I saw a lady in a white dress standing where the road used to come to a T, which is now in a field and cannot be accessed easily. I high-tailed it out of there after that. When I looked at my pictures, I saw an orange and black mass in one of them that could not be explained (I had a digital camera). After I tried to show my friend, the camera turned off and never worked again. To this day, I have not been able to remove the memory card to show anyone what I captured. It’s as if whatever is out there does not want to be seen.

    6. i went there today and as soon as we got there we got bad vibes and all started arguing. there was a burn pile on the trail and it smelled like it was freshly burned but there was no smoke and we were the only ones there. my pregnant sister was with us and she kept feelin sick so we turned around. we never got to reach the bridge but there was still a presents around and our car wouldnt start. the wheel got stuck and kept making us swerve and we just got the car fixed. after we got on the highway everything was fine. idk what it is but i dont trust that place. i am gonna try to go again with some other friends who arent belivers.

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