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Legend has it that Satan himself has been seen sitting on a boulder near the top of the falls and playing his fiddle, and dark shadows have been spotted in the woods. Witnesses also describe orbs, mists, demonic voices, laughter, and strong, uneasy feelings. The 860-acre state park was named for these devilish legends and for the malt house and hops field believed to be located nearby in the 18th century.

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Geographic Information

Devil’s Hopyard State Park
East Haddam, CT
United States

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41.47558679999999, -72.33999269999998
Middlesex County, Connecticut
Nearest Towns:
Moodus, CT (6.0 mi.)
East Haddam, CT (6.5 mi.)
Colchester, CT (6.9 mi.)
Chester Center, CT (7.8 mi.)
Deep River Center, CT (8.2 mi.)
Essex Village, CT (8.7 mi.)
Montville Center, CT (9.8 mi.)
East Hampton, CT (10.9 mi.)
Higganum, CT (11.3 mi.)
Oxoboxo River, CT (11.3 mi.)

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  2. my boyfriend been to Devil’s HopYard State Park few days ago and he say something like a Bigfoot/creature with a tail with a arrow on it looking at him hsssssssing at him was next to a pile of wood.

  3. When a buddy of mine and myself were riding through devils hopyard one night his car randomly shut off and we were stuck in a area with no cell phone coverage. So all night we were trying to get his car to start and we had no luck. We ended up sleeping in his car with the doors locked, throughout the night we kept hearing scratching on the sides of his car and laughter. We ended up staying up till the sun came up after that which was around 6am he then tried his car and it started up no problem.

    • I am a paranormal investigator on my time off ; this is my hobby and something I like to do. Would you ever consider going back with us for an investigation ?

      • I grew up in East Haddam and my family still lives there. I myself have never experienced anything at the hopyard but I’ve heard many stories. I am very interested in paranormal investigating. One of my favorite shows is ghost adventures with Zak bagans. If no one will go with you to investigate, I would LOVE to.

  4. I have camped here and hiked several times.One day I went alone on the orange trail the long way.At the rock next to the stream I got a very uneasy feeling I ignored it.A moment later the ground vibrated like when a big truck drives by.It was the only time I ever experienced anything.Needless to say I was up and out of there quick.

  5. A friend of mine said he’s been there a couple of times, and seen dark shadows following him in the trees, also has claimed to hear creepy kids laughter, when no kids were present. Plus, he also said he saw little green goblin monsters running, jumping, and playing hide and seek behind trees, and big rocks. He was known for smoking pot, and liked to drink quite a bit as well. Not sure how “true” some of his experiences are.

  6. ive gones there a bunch of times specially at night with few friends ive seen orbs and such never bothered be we walked uop to one the steapest trails to a vista 3/4 the wasy up got freezing was july and 75 out but could see my breath and my friend did too but we kept going heard a hissing/cackeling so we said whos their no one answered another 5 mins later out flash lights acted up but didnt really fully die just dimmed both ours at the same time and then we just couldnt feel out legs but something felt like it was pulling us to the tree line by the vista and just felt dread hate and distane felt like a trance and after that kinda snapped out and tried get evp i got moans onj my recorder only thing audible on his just said youre not welcome right now didnt hear that till we got home the next day

  7. I knew nothing of the creepy history and legends of this park before going. As we travelled the road leading to the park I because inexplicably ill, like couldn’t function, crushing chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, disoriented, heaviness, crying, even pulled over twice vomiting. Once out of the car and walking the park I was fine, it was breathtakingly beautiful, though I was aware of the extreme silence walking the woods. Returned to the car, about a half mile down the road sick again, worse than on the way in. It was so bad I researched when I got home and uncovered the wasn’t until a few days later scrolling my photos that I came across this one of two photos that appeared between two photos of the falls on a beautiful sunny day just seconds apart.

  8. I am a paranormal investigator on my time off ; this is my hobby and something I like to do. Would you ever consider going back with us for an investigation ?

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