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Detroit’s Masonic Temple has more than 1,000 rooms, plus secret passageways, hidden staircases and concealed compartments under its floors. Of course, a building like this has to have a ghost! This one’s is thought to be George D. Mason, who went bankrupt while funding its construction and, when his wife subsequently left him, committed suicide by jumping from its roof. Security guards have spotted his apparition climbing up the stairs to the roof.

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500 Temple St
Detroit, MI 48201
United States

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42.341719, -83.06004200000001
Wayne County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Detroit, MI (1.0 mi.)
Hamtramck, MI (3.6 mi.)
Highland Park, MI (4.8 mi.)
River Rouge, MI (6.1 mi.)
Dearborn, MI (6.1 mi.)
Grosse Pointe Park, MI (6.7 mi.)
Melvindale, MI (7.2 mi.)
Ecorse, MI (8.0 mi.)
Grosse Pointe, MI (8.2 mi.)
Hazel Park, MI (8.6 mi.)

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  1. I have worked shows at venues all over the country for several years and this is one of the creepiest places I’ve ever been to. Firstly, it just feels heavy and haunted. Secondly, if you spend any significant amount of time in there you will begin to see strange movements out of the corner of your eye and hear things when you are the only one in the room. Many of the rooms have no power to them but you have to navigate through them to get room to room back stage. It is a terrifying place to be, even in broad daylight!

  2. There are many different types of Masonry. Jobs Daughters, Stars, and Demolay. Above all types of Masonry is the Shriners. You can visit any of the temples no matter which country, state, or town.. and still manage to get the same feelings as above. I’ve spent the night in my temple with a couple friends and couldn’t sleep. I’ve always gotten the heavy feeling, but mine is also like a pull.. It’s not really something I can explain. I always manage to run into something creepy, so I refuse to be left by myself for more that ten minutes. I’ve have seen chairs fall over, and heard the piano being played while leaving the room I had just been alone in. I’ve learned to deal with the feelings and occurrences. Another weird thing that I’ve noticed that no matter which temple I visit, they not only smell the same, but I feel like I’m constantly followed and watched.
    I haven’t visited the one in Detroit, but I can tell you that there is something residing in there. There is something residing in every temple. Be careful.

  3. I worked for TM catering and we worked all kinds of parties from gorgeous weddings to the masons meetings which were very off and uncomfortable to work. Me and my friend took the elevator to go downstairs we were carrying heavy trays of glasses and the elevator went up instead of down but the doors opened to a really creepy dark room with old creepy paintings and fancy old fashioned couches and we kept trying to press the button to go back down and the elevator doors wouldn’t close for a good 2 minutes and then the doors shut quick and it took us to the floor we wanted to go to originally then. I know it’s probably nothing but me and my friends would always go off and look around and it was seriously the creepiest place I’ve been in always felt a presence when alone. A couple of us were exploring one time and we were going up the steps and one of my friends was behind me and another in the front the one behind me felt something physically touch her leg from behind and said she thought one of our friends were behind her the entire time so she felt a presence and was hearing the steps which was the last time we “explored”

  4. Wrong. George Mason was a Philanthropist, he donated the mason tract up in the upper peninsula to the state of Michigan. He died in his bed an old man. He never went bankrupt and he’s not a ghost and he didn’t die on site in Masonic Temple. Look him up on Google before you post this. He died in his bed at age 91.

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