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The oldest plantation in Louisiana is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former owners. The site of a rumored slave uprising, it is said that the leader of the rebellion, when caught, laid a curse on the plantation and all its owners. Whatever the reality is, the owners have had a string of bad luck, beginning with the original owner, who mysteriously vanished after being summoned from dinner one night and who was never seen again. Another owner was murdered and his corpse hanged from an oak tree.

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    Geographic Information

    13034 River Rd
    Destrehan, LA 70047
    United States

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    29.945418558670326, -90.36521561454163
    St. Charles Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    Destrehan, LA (0.8 mi.)
    Luling, LA (0.9 mi.)
    Saint Rose, LA (2.5 mi.)
    New Sarpy, LA (2.6 mi.)
    Boutte, LA (3.3 mi.)
    Hahnville, LA (3.4 mi.)
    Ama, LA (4.1 mi.)
    Norco, LA (4.7 mi.)
    Taft, LA (5.9 mi.)
    Paradis, LA (6.1 mi.)

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    1. I remember we were on a tour of the Destrehan Plantation when we were in the daughter’s room who died of Yellow Fever and there was no more room on the floor so they allowed two people to sit on the bed. My friend Adelynn and I sat on the bed. We felt someone come and sit on the bed in-between us . We looked but saw no one but the butt print of someone sitting there, but we just stayed on the bed until they told us who died in the room. Needless to say we were a bit freaked out and squeezed ourselves on the floor for the most uncomfortable five minutes ever. It was such a strange and scary experience.

    2. I was on a tour of Destrehan Plantation, in late 90’s with my son’s class, we were standing in parlor area, listening to tour directer’s lecture when I sensed someone staring at me…I turned around, trying to catch who it could be. I was at the back of group, and saw no one looking my way. Once I turned to face tour guide, I sensed someone standing extremely close to me, at my back. I stood completely still, turned to my friend, and told him, there’s a ghost in this house, and he’s standing behind me. For the rest of our tour, I continued to feel his presence. Following the tour, our group went into the gift shop. As soon as I turned towards the door to be sure all our group was in the gift shop, I saw the ghost of a man dressed in top hat, topcoat, and he had a beard. The door was closed, but his face, upper body was looking through the glass of door, searching for someone….he followed us to the gift shop. I calmly went to lady behind counter and as I paid for my souvenier, I asked her if this house was haunted. She just shrugged, and I described how the spirit ghost looked. She looked at me, and then said, others have reported the same thing.
      This was my second contact with ghosts, the other was in a Natchez Bed and breakfast, for some reason, I was not spooked at all, for I sense spirits often, but not actually seen any, until the Natchez and Destrehan experiences.

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