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There have been reports of a strange ghostly figure being seen in the hallways and in the basement. This may be the ghost of former headmaster James DeKoven, who died of natural causes in the building in the late 19th century.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

600 21st Street
Racine, WI
United States

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42.7052066, -87.78684520000002
Racine County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Racine, WI (1.5 mi.)
Elmwood Park, WI (2.0 mi.)
North Bay, WI (4.1 mi.)
Sturtevant, WI (5.5 mi.)
Wind Point, WI (5.6 mi.)
Franksville, WI (7.5 mi.)
Somers, WI (7.7 mi.)
Kenosha, WI (8.5 mi.)
Caledonia, WI (9.9 mi.)
Pleasant Prairie, WI (12.9 mi.)


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  1. Tremika Winters  |  

    Almost 10 years ago my sister and I were walking and talking along the side of the DeKoven Center going towards Wisconsin. It was like 1 am (yes ikr) and we were bored. Well we ended up walkkng where the DeKoven Center was on our right and the lake was to our left. I started feeling feeling like we were being watched so I turn to look at the DeKoven Center and there was a light flickering on and off. I also glance to my left and see out over the lake and it looked grey and foreboding. Immediately I felt compelled to run. Idk why but I ran as if my life depended on it. I still get the creeps seeing pictures of the place, something was out there and we were in danger. I joke about it with my sister a lot, but I was genuinely afraid.

  2. After dark, my friend and myself took a little “stroll”, if you will, and stumbled across the gym. We sat down Indian style directly “outside” the gym, in silence for a few moments then began having a conversation about death and what sound we would make had either of us disappeared one day. Suddenly, and I’m not completely nuts, this fucking happened, I felt three direct taps on my right side where almost right next to my rib cage. Basically under my armpit. It was so obvious, it felt like an extreme knocking. Like if that part of my body was a door, someone actually knocked on my door three times in a row. Listen, I have hypothyroidism and scoliosis, also have had a pregnancy, so I am completely aware of strange and sudden feelings in my body. Also, I’m more than aware of my chronic use of run-on sentences. But this…THIS was something I’ve never felt before, in that area of my body, let alone in that sequence. It didn’t actually frighten me, more like made me feel aware that there was a presence in the building, and just wanted the awareness. (Or something.) I realize this all sounds more than silly, but it was real. And I feel fortunate that I was able to feel such an extreme thing. Or whatever it’s called.

  3. My 2 older sister’s and I went to camp there in the 70’s. It was very creepy. One time I entered an area that was not for us. There was two doors marked Mama bear and Papa bear. We entered the room which was so different from the rest of the convent. It was so extravagant…Red and gold with two beds, very plush. It was like we just entered a bedroom that belonged in the Playboy mansion. There was a door on the other side we looked in and it was a balcony that overlooked the large cafeteria we all are in. Just so out of place and creepy.
    I had heard that the chapel was a haunted area in the basement.

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