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Dean Hill Revolutionary Cemetery is also know to locals as The Rev. It’s unknown whether it’s soldiers or more sinister entities that haunt the place, but there are rumors of satanic practices and eerie feelings coming over its visitors. Some have heard loud screams at night. Local tales say a man was killed and burned along this road, and a teenage girl died nearby when her car hit a tree. No trespassing signs are posted in the woods around the property; the area is patrolled by police.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Caswell Road
    Fitchburg, MA
    United States

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    42.61446324988194, -71.84907692669185
    Worcester County, Massachusetts
    Nearest Towns:
    Fitchburg, MA (3.2 mi.)
    Ashburnham, MA (3.3 mi.)
    South Ashburnham, MA (4.6 mi.)
    Ashby, MA (4.6 mi.)
    Westminster, MA (5.7 mi.)
    Lunenburg, MA (6.5 mi.)
    Leominster, MA (7.7 mi.)
    Gardner, MA (8.1 mi.)
    Townsend, MA (8.2 mi.)
    New Ipswich, NH (9.2 mi.)


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    1. Yes it is haunted!!! & I have video proof! !just type in haunted places in ma the rev & read the description box for the times of ghost activities & let me know what u think

    2. Oh sorry for got to mention the goose bumps I got the night I went & believe it or not & I don’t care what any one says, I’m not the type to always get goose bumps, it felt like my back & neck blew up with em’ the feeling was unlike I ever felt! !!!!

        • My sister also knew the guy who died and the people who killed him. He wasn’t killed there they just dumped his body there and lit him on fire I will never forget when it happened it was all over the news in March of 2001. They rob the man for his money and drugs and then shot him three times. I was always a little more weary about going to the rev after that happened.

      • I went to school with Sara, the young lady who died in the car accident. I was also friends with Wes who was burned up there by his girlfriend and the man she was cheating on him with. Not tall tales, actual people. I have visited “The Rev” multiple times and have had some pretty weird experiences. RIP Sara and Wes

    3. The Rev is legit ive seen a person with a white face run from behind a grave stone. Two females walking down the road with black ropes holding lit candles. Another time in the woods directly across from the cemetary green orbs appeared like over 100 and no they werent glow bugs they stayed lit and moved towards the road. And the scariest things that happened before they built the second to last house on the road we would drive down an flash our head lines in hopes to aggravate a “ghost dog” well 100% true something is crazy going with dogs up there. First time black dog red eyes a foaming from the mouth ran out from a pitch black field and stood in front of our car. Us being scared shitless decieded to run it over to get away but when we passed over it an we looked behind us it followed us all the way off the street.. Another time my buddy got out of his car to snap some picks and as he sitting back down and shutting the door i seen in his side mirror a huge white dog legit 1 step behind him as he shut the door and stood at the window or car breathing on the window and started barking an foaming from the mouth it also had a red eye an blue eye. As we turned the car around to leave rather quickly the dog sat on the wall of cemetery and watched us till we couldnt see him anymore.. Its crazy up there not so much now they built houses.

      • I have seen that down when I went and tried to get out of my car to explore the rev. I went to get out and all the sudden it was right next to my door. Hopped up on the cemetery wall and watched us too. I am thoroughly freaked out!

      • Ive had dog issues there too. My experience involved living dogs they came from direction of the house to the right of the rev. Were friendly but it scared us at the time. This happened more than once

    4. I’ve been here three times.

      The first time I went, I was alone, I pulled up I parked my car, exited my vehicle, I stood just outside my car facing the stone wall that hugs the grave yard, as I stood there admiring the antiquity of the cemetery when I started to notice faint sound of drums in the woods behind me, I turned around, I crossed the street and as I moved closer the drum got louder, it was an old drum sound, like a high school band drum who wears the drum string around the neck, the beat was repetitive like a brum, brun, brum, like a marching band so I’m thinking to myself ok that must be Monty techs band practicing, but all I heard was the drum, I did manage the courage to go a bit deeper in the woods to see if I could actually see Monty tech from this location, I walked, drums got louder, I walked more, still all I could see was Forrest for as long as the eyes can see, I walked until I literally got the chills up my spine, the hairs on my arm were raised, a chiver that was so cold and so and so unexplainable considering it was the dead of summer. I suddenly felt I was not alone, I was still hearing the drumming, I suddenly just freaked out, turned around and ran the hell out of there, I got in my car, locked the doors, I opened my car window to see if I could still hear the drumming and indeed I could, so I left without even making into the grave yard, the woods across the St. From the cemetery is something a paranormal investigator to take note of.

      My second trip to the REV cemetery, this time I wasn’t messing around, I brought along my then 19 year old son whom I refer to as my gentle giant. We pull up next to cemetery, we listen for the drumming I heard on mynprevious trip, we heard nothing, so we get out of the car and I took a picture of the cemetery from outside the cemetery rock wall the picture came out fine, we walk into the cemetery, I take a picture and it comes out all dark grey, no picture, just dark grey, so I take another picture, again all dark grey no picture. I fiddled with the modes, it did not matter every picture dark grey that’s it. So I walk out of the cemetery I take a picture of it from outside the stone rock wall the picture comes out fantastic!!! So I walk back into the REV I take another picture and again all dark grey.

      I’ve performed many paranormal investigations of both homes and businesses and though I’ve never performed an all night professional investigation of the Rev it certainly is marked as an active location in my book. It’s definitely worth a look and regardless if it’s haunted or not it is still a very beautiful, historic location.

    5. It was 1990 when I first encountered them at that Rev. I grew up in a haunted house and dabbled in the occult growing up so I didn’t frighten easily plus the Rev was a great drinking spot. A new acquaintance of mine told me stories of entities he knew of and had a kinship with . Knowing the legend of the Rev and surrounding area I thought it would be fun to show him around so up we went. After arriving we hung out by the entrance for a while the decided to walk down the road a bit and turned around and kept it up for some time until I noticed lights in the trees, not normal lights but pairs of lights. The weren’t bright or shimmering instead the all had the same intensity with one stark difference , half of the were silver and the others red. That was when we we first met, the spirits and I . It was from that point on I never was alone. Could there be an inter dimensional portal on that land ? I believe there is . Treat the Rev with respect for you never know who is watching.

      • The story is a few have attempted to open the gates of hell. Other rituals def happen good and bad im sure. Ive never had issues there but can feel the sketchy spots. Alot of intense energy. I wonder what becomes of those who disrespect that land by trashing partying there.

    6. There’s definitely activity there, I’ve never had a evil experience necessarily. There’s definitely alot of high energy spots there. The back right and back left seemed to be highest energy spots.
      The first 2 times going to the rev were unsuccessful, couldn’t find it despite my friend had been several times. Was like it didn’t want to be found. I’ve taken pictures no problem, have noticed dogs up there acting funny.
      I have seen orbs and have made some interesting communications there. Friend and I spent hours one day sitting on graves trying to communicate, surprisingly one of the males front left area we sensed his utter hatred for how loud the birds we’re and how they never stop.
      Another time we brought a big sage bundle and did a blessing of the cemetery. My friend walked the perimeter and before the circle was finished in the back left the more than half of a bundle of sage went up in smoke almost instantly causing her to drop the sage.
      The story is that rituals to open the gates of hell and black mass have been performed. Many occult rituals good and bad have taken place, and unsure if it were man made or natural but I believe there is a portal or some type of energy vortex there (possibly why it is used so much). It is a beautiful cemetery hidden in the woods in the hills that has a deep history. Seems activity is more active certain times than others and less so lately. Perhaps the tree cutting in the cemetery lately has played a role. I would encourage all those who visit to do so with respect. Too many people partying did damage, sad and neighbors watch now esp. At night. Wouldn’t hurt to sage yourself before leaving there either.

    7. Be careful what you do there. Don’t go bringing anything home with you. Some friends of mine wanted to scare themselves silly one summer night and thought the Rev would be the best place to start. Not much really happened while they were there. It wasn’t until they were driving home, that the driver saw a man riding a horse on the side of the road and then fade out. When this happened, one of the passengers in the middle back seat had their camera on and pointing forward. When we looked at the video, you could see an the man on the horse. Only an hour after they got home, a lightening bolt struck across the street, setting only the drivers car alarm off. All of the other cars that were closer to the strike were fine.

      For the next couple of days, all sorts of things kept happening to the driver. He was not himself. He said that he felt really anxious and depressed for the next couple days. It got to the point where he even broke down. He would also walk in the dark a lot… Rarely did he turn on the lights and he always wanted to walk at night. We didn’t want him to be alone as we were worried what he might do. Everyone of us noticed the change and weird things happening to him almost immediately. The night after they went to visit the Rev, the driver kept getting phone calls from another friend of ours. Whenever he picked up, the only response he’d get back was an echo of himself. The next day, the friend called and asked why the driver kept calling him while he was sleeping. Our friend told us that whenever he picked up, he would hear himself just like the driver did.

      To make a long story short, after a couple of crazy days, they finally burned the tape from the first night and everything went back to normal. Yes, it was a video tape. This all sounds like a bad horror movie plot, trust me, I know. But if I didn’t see all this crap happening myself, I’d call bullshit as well.

    8. I used to go up there to smoke blunts and drink back in the early 2000s and I’m surprised to see no one has made any mention of that very creppy grave stone I forget the ladys name on it and the exact date but the entry on it went something like who ever shall read this will be cursed or doomed for life or something crazy like that. Ive seen some bizarre shit up there but nothing other worldly by any means. My entire family and I were born and raised in either Leo or The Dirty Burg and as far as I can tell theres just a weird family who lives near by that will feed into all the local fears and to be honest is prob sick of drunk asshole kids throwing rocks at their house lol. But who I am to say what it or is not. Maybe I’m just one of the members from that house by the graveyard….

    9. This place has become addictive for my boyfriend and I. Our first time discovering this road was in the middle of the night, around midnight, narrow roads and a very random place for a town like Fitchburg. There is a cemetery on the right side that comes up quickly we can’t seem to successfully stop and shut off the car, we feel like were being watched by something.

      While entering the road we felt ‘trapped’ there is no where to turn around and as we continued there still seemed to be no end, we ended up doing about a 16 point turn we couldn’t make it to the end, we haven’t stopped going since I’ve heard whispering in the woods but mostly just the feeling of being trapped and having such an odd feeling is what brings us back. We recently bought a Ouija board and are hoping to discover what’s next.

      We are still very curious about the incident that happened on that road with woman who was ran off the road and killed, there is an incident on this that happened in 2015. We are curious where the body was found and how someone could crash on such a bump and dirt road there are so many different fields and options.

      • Please for the love of God do not bring a ouija board to a resting sight. That is so incredibly rude. When you do that you are causing spirits to feel their worldly pain. Why would you want to do that.

    10. PetiteFromage  |  

      My friend and I went up to the Rev once. It was during the day, but as soon as we got there the street just became pitch black. The road was impossibly narrow, so we did a 100 point turn before parking the car; so we would be headed to leave in the right direction when we were finished.

      We got out of my car with the flashlights and heard the drumming that someone else mentioned above. The further we followed, it seemed to get impossibly darker. We suddenly stopped in our tracks as we noticed a small group tucked away, performing a ritual..

      We immediately back tracked after that and left, wanting no part of whatever they were doing back there. We tried to go back a few times after that, but kept getting lost. It was absurd to not be able to find it again, as the location is very specific. After a couple of times, I assumed we could not find it again on purpose and I should not be pushing our luck.

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