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The Whitney, now a restaurant, was built in 1890 by lumber magnate Whitney Jr. Witnesses have seen an apparition that disappeared into the floor and shadows near the children’s room. Objects also have bene known to move, and lights turn on and off by themselves.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    4421 Woodward Ave
    Detroit, MI 48201
    United States

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    42.352785, -83.06213109999999
    Wayne County, Michigan
    Nearest Towns:
    Detroit, MI (1.7 mi.)
    Hamtramck, MI (2.8 mi.)
    Highland Park, MI (4.1 mi.)
    Dearborn, MI (6.2 mi.)
    Grosse Pointe Park, MI (6.6 mi.)
    River Rouge, MI (6.6 mi.)
    Melvindale, MI (7.5 mi.)
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    Ferndale, MI (8.3 mi.)

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    1. your normal every day weirdo  |  

      Went there for a “Tea at the Whitney” event may of 2017. When i asked where I may plug in my phone so that it did not die, one staff member lead me to a hidden room down the hall. The room was mostly empty except something covered in a tarp in the corner and white carpet. I plug in my phone and turn to walk out the door and it and the charger flies up from the outlet, with a chip in the box and looked like it haf been burnt but only on one side. Also kept hearing footsteps behind me, but not seeing people

    2. We were the first to ever investigate the Whitney, several years ago. This was before they even began charging folks to “investigate”. The claim of the haunted elevator is bogus. We timed it all night, and it moved from floor to floor exactly every twelve minutes, clearly indicating an electronic cause. We did record the voice of a woman calling up the stairway to us as we were taking a break on the 3rd floor, and caught a glimpse of a young child peeking out one of the rooms on the second floor. Since investigating purportedly haunted dwellings over the past 40 years, I have always made it my policy never to pay to perform an investigation. That’s why I’ll not return to the Whitney. My intent is to try to understand phenomena from within scientific, psychological and spiritual points of view, not support legends with my money.

    3. I was there back in 2012, at a party in the gardens. I have never been interested in any paranormal situations and have never experienced anything until that evening. There was multiple things that I witnessed that evening, and also I only had one drink which most of the incidents happened before my drink.
      First, when I went in to use the restroom, I went to the single stall bathroom under the main stairs. When you enter there is a sink and the toilet was behind a separate door. I went in with a friend and I used the toilet first. When I came out to start washing my hands, I noticed the picture (of the Whitney) on the wall next to the sink was upside down. My friend exited the stall as I was fixing the picture back upright. The picture had a hanging wire on the back and was hung on a nail. My friend washed her hands and then we exited the restroom. As we left out, another friend was walking towards us and had to also use the restroom. I then went back into the restroom with my other friend and that same picture was back upside down. No one entered that restroom after us.
      Second incident at the Whitney was when came back into the building to use the restroom again. It was about an hour and half later. I went to the 2nd floor restroom which had numerous stalls and sinks. I went in just to use the mirror to touch up makeup. I set my drink on the sink, which was leveled and flat. My friend set her drink on the same spot but on a different sink. At the same time both of our drinks was knocked over into the sink. There was no slant on the sink and it was completely leveled.
      The last incident, is when we asked about different things that have been reported happening there at the Whitney. One of the workers showed us where Mr. Whitney’s parlor was at. He stated that any man can open the door easily, but any woman who tried to open the door, it would be very hard to do so. The worker(a man) opened the door to show us how easy it was. When I (a woman), tried, it felt like someone was on the other side pushing on the door close. The worker stated that Mrs. Whitney was doing it because she did not want other women in her husbands parlor.
      Overall the mansion is very beautiful and I would love to go back for a lunch or dinner.

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