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One of the most famous cry baby bridges in the state, the iron construction still sits alongside a modern concrete bridge connecting two sides of the county. Passer-by’s claim to have seen a lady in a white dress on the old bridge, looking for someone. She vanishes when approached.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

High Shoals Road
Anderson, SC
United States

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34.44717672166213, -82.60218751456705
Anderson County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Homeland Park, SC (4.2 mi.)
Anderson, SC (4.8 mi.)
Starr, SC (7.2 mi.)
Belton, SC (8.1 mi.)
Centerville, SC (8.2 mi.)
Northlake, SC (9.5 mi.)
Iva, SC (10.3 mi.)
Antreville, SC (10.5 mi.)
Lake Secession, SC (11.2 mi.)
Honea Path, SC (12.0 mi.)


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  1. On my way to the bridge, it was about 1am and it was very foggy. There was something in the road on the bridge but I wasn’t sure so I kept driving forward. It was a black cow that refused to move. It stood there and got very close to my car.. It looked.. off.

  2. Derrick Phillips  |  

    When I was a substitute teacher in the Anderson County Schools, some of my students told me stories of Cry Baby Bridge. Legend has it that a woman drove off the bridge with her baby in the car and they both drowned. When you cross the bridge, you can hear a baby crying. (There are several bridges like this. As you drive over a part of the road where the bridge structure begins, the place in the road makes a whining sound, possibly because there are no solid foundations under the pavement at that point.) In one story, they say you can park your car on the bridge at night, lay your keys on top of the car, walk around the car 3 times and say, “I killed your baby”, and you’ll hear a baby cry, then all of your car doors will lock.

  3. Me and a couple of friends went to the bridge because we wanted to see if things actually went on there. When we got there, we were already scared because we got chills when we pulled up. We got out of the car and began to walk across the bridge. we stopped in the middle to take a picture, and we heard this noise like something was banging the bottom of the bridge. We thought it was just because the bridge is old and shaky, so we all jumped up and down just to make sure, and we didnt hear a thing. we got a little freaked out, but we still kept walking across, as we kept walking the noise got louder and louder until we wernt just freaked out anymore, we were scared out of our minds.My friends mom finally just said to run back to the car, and when we were almost to the car we saw a shadow go across the back of the car, We jumped in the car, and headed home. When we got home, after looking at the car, we saw tiny handprints and big handprints on the back , and also on top of the car. That night, it was just us girls, but everytime we’ve went snce then we had her dad with us, and nothing seems to happen.

    • In about 2010, my mom drove me, my aunt, n my cousin to crybaby bridge at night. We parked on the bridge, then turned the car off. In less than 5 minutes, we heard a moan, either a baby or a woman. When we were ready to leave, the car wouldn’t start. I forgot how, but we got the car running again. LOL

  4. there is a church not even a mile down the road from the bridge that for me makes for a better experience. first of all rounding the corner the only light anywhere is the moon right above the steeple, raises the hairs on my neck and makes me shiver every time I see it. this was an African American church where allegedly a kkk massacre happened and ive heard people seeing a pentagram being burned into the floor.

    ive made it as far as almost the basement and the front door when I heard someone tapping on a window right below the roof, and it doesn’t have a second floor, and almost broke my leg running back to the car.

    oh yeah, theres a cemetery on the property. good luck

  5. We lived in an old house on a dairy farm in pendleton in the 60s all i knw is that a lady had killed herself in the bathtub with a knife she was pregnant…..the story we heard ?
    her lover had left for work and never returned …..we had to move she was so sad a pissed off

  6. Legend has it that if you put baby powder on your trunk that a baby’s hand prints will be seen and your car will be pushed to the other side of the bridge and you must put your keys on the TOP of the car. The story is back when they had wagons that a woman and her baby were driving in the wagon and the wagon tipped over leaving her children in a lake to drown and now Everytime you go it is heard to see a woman looking for her children in the lake and finding the wagon driver that drowned her baby. I’m going tonight this should be fun!

  7. the cry baby bridge is true. i went with my boyfriend a coupe of years ago and we done the whole keys on top of the car thing and when we got to the other side of the bridge we heard the woman say, ” where’s my baby?” and it would get louder and louder each time she said it. then she would ask if you have seen her baby in the water. it will make the hairs on your neck stand straight up. when we went back to the car the keys were on the ground under the car on the passenger side. when my boyfriend grabbed the keys and we got back into the car she was standing in front of the car dripping wet and all you can hear is her say, “YOU HAVE MY BABY, GIVE HER BACK…” and then the car starts and you are ready to get out of there!

  8. We went on dec 26th, 2020. You can’t drive on the bridge anymore. They have gates up. You climb the gate and walk on the bridge. We were there in the daytime though so nothing spooky.

  9. Me and my friends went there and we parked and locked the doors and decided to go on the bridge we stayed there for about 15 minutes nothing happened well my friend started to get a bad feeling so we decided to go back to the car we made are way out but my friend points out the car door was open and the lights were off there was finger prints on the windows I knew it wasn’t none of us because we were all together and whatever it was just Opened a locked door. I’m a real skeptical person and I have to say this place is the real deal if you plan on going there do not play with this stuff. Please have respect.

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