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A Creole House, part of the Inn on St. Ann, is an 1830s 30-room hotel said to be home to a ghost folks call Knobby, nicknamed so for his habit of removing doorknobs. He haunts the second floor, and doorknobs he tinkers with can’t be made to stay on by any method: screws or nails, solder or crazy glue. Knobby takes off 4 or 5 doorknobs per month, and only works at the ones that face the hall, not the ones inside guest rooms. The knobs may be laid outside the door, or they may simply disappear. According to the staff, Knobby removes the doorknobs to protect his daughters from intruders. Historically in New Orleans, daughters’ rooms were on the second floor, to be closer to parents and safer from harm.

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1013 St. Ann St
New Orleans, LA
United States

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29.96104, -90.06682699999999
Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
New Orleans, LA (0.7 mi.)
Gretna, LA (3.3 mi.)
Arabi, LA (3.7 mi.)
Harvey, LA (4.0 mi.)
Terrytown, LA (4.1 mi.)
Marrero, LA (4.7 mi.)
Jefferson, LA (5.2 mi.)
Metairie, LA (5.4 mi.)
Westwego, LA (5.9 mi.)
Metairie Terrace, LA (5.9 mi.)

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  1. On a whim a friend and I decided to drive to New Orleans for a 3 day weekend. We booked a room at a Creole House and were made aware pretty quickly that we weren’t the only ones in our room. During a shower, my water turned off and on by itself. The bed I was sitting on suddenly shook, like someone put both hands on the mattress and started pushing it up and down as hard and fast as they could. This incident was witnessed by my friend. We mentioned this to the front desk, who told us about a ghost who was protective of young women traveling alone and liked to keep them on their toes. The rest of the trip went on with few other incidents but when we got home and developed the film from our trip, there were also orbs in some of the shots we took of the inside of the hotel; most notably our room, when we first arrived.

  2. I stayed there one evening in early May 2015. It was in the building across the street from those shown in the photo above, still part of the Inn on St. Ann. My girlfriend took a nap the first day. While napping I noticed she kept kicking with her feet towards the end of the bed that she was sleeping in. She later revealed that she felt like someone was sitting on the end of the bed, and asked if it was me. It wasn’t. While she slept, I sat on the other bed and watched TV. At one moment the drawer of the nightstand between the two beds opened on it’s own and slid out a few inches. I thought it was odd and closed it. A few moments later, it happened again. There was no movement of myself that should have made the drawer open. I looked to see if there were any gizmos in the drawer that someone could have activated and found none. The drawer didn’t open while we slept that night, but opened again the next morning while I sat and watched tv again.

  3. While staying in room 42 as I was preparing to shower with the bathroom door closed and shut all of a sudden the door opened very quick and forcefully. As I looked at my boyfriend stunned, who was sitting in the living room, I asked did you open the door? He looked perplexed and replied No I didn’t. We’re convinced it was a ghostly encounter. One who turned the nob and flung open the door. Upon researching we found out about nobby. The ghostly spirit that likes to play with doornobs and remove them. We are not alone.

    • Oh my god we stayed in the same roon last weekend, and the samething happened while I was about to shower asa well as while my friend was on the toilet

  4. We just spent a week in room 42. My daughter experienced hearing footsteps but nobody was in the room, then she got a tap on the shoulder. Then my wife woke up to a smothered feeling and felt pressure on her legs like someone was holding them down. The next night she experienced what felt like fingers trying to push her out of the bed. My daughter and I both experienced the couch vibrating like someone was pushing up and down on the cushions. This happened more than once. Not returning to this inn.

  5. I was on a solo trip and stayed here 3 nights on the second floor. On the last night, I suddenly woke up at 4.30 AM to the VERY LOUD sound of chains being dragged across the entire hallway. Or at least what sounded unmistakably like chains. It was slow and steady for what seemed like an entire hour or so. Every time the sound passed by my room the light coming in from the hallway would go dimmer through my door’s peephole. It was like someone was walking across the hallway. It was absolutely terrifying. To add to it, the phone in the room didn’t work to call reception and I was too frozen to my bed to get up and check. My boyfriend (now husband) saved me by being on the phone with me the entire time.

  6. My dad and I stayed here jan. Of 2019 and stayed on the 2nd floor. I had not read anything about haunting before this happened, however in the middle of the night I remember waking up feeling scared and then my bed shook really hard and fast only for a second. I put a blanket over my head and turned on my phone light and called my mom because I was so freaked out. Anyway, my dad was also staying in the next bed and I let him know when he woke up, we both read on the internet the house was formally known as the creole house and other had experienced the same thing with shaking of the bed and some other things that went on in the hotel. Cool hotel, nice staff but what an experience I will never forget!

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