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Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast is a former 1880’s Summer Boarding house located in East Stroudsburg, PA. Innkeepers and Guests have had many unexplained events at the B&B. Guests have awakened to the smell of “Bacon” or “muffins” or “coffee” around 5AM. Several of the guests have asked what time the innkeeper starts making breakfast. Mirrors in the rooms tilt, water faucets turn on by themselves, a feeling of something being there. Guests have reported foot steps in the hallway and there were the only guests. One guest that was staying at the B&B by herself asked if she could place a digital recorder in an unoccupied room. She was the only guest staying at the B&B. There were many interesting sounds on the recorder like whispering, dresser drawers opening a closing and more. Most recently a guest took a photo in the Victorian room and upon review of the photos it was discovered that in the mirror there is a woman in a long white gown holding a bouquet of flowers.

Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast is about 1.5 miles from the Tannersville Inn which is also haunted.

(Submitted by Sharon Anderson)

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Geographic Information

406 Cherry Lane Road
East Stroudsburg, PA
United States

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41.0344531, -75.27457090000001
Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Tannersville, PA (1.7 mi.)
Arlington Heights, PA (4.3 mi.)
Parkside, PA (4.8 mi.)
Stroudsburg, PA (5.3 mi.)
East Stroudsburg, PA (5.4 mi.)
Mount Pocono, PA (7.7 mi.)
Delaware Water Gap, PA (7.9 mi.)
Emerald Lakes, PA (8.4 mi.)
Mountainhome, PA (9.6 mi.)
Brodheadsville, PA (9.8 mi.)


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  1. Love the disclaimer at the bottom of this webpage. Especially the part about the comments be “largely unverifiable”. Until you stay’ll never know.

  2. Sharon Anderson  |  

    From the Innkeeper, Since the original posting we have had the Paranormal Spirit Finders in to investigate the Bed and Breakfast. There was so much more going on that the innkeepers were not even aware of. After the Paranormal Spirit Finders first visit we discovered a ghost kitty in the Victorian room. During the investigation we could feel something cold along the floor. We also heard 2 meows that were recorded. The innkeeper was determined to catch the ghost kitty on video and did. It was moving along the floor of the Victorian room by the dresser legs. It finally laid down under the dresser. See the photos and listen to the Paranormal Spirit Finders recording on Cranberry Manors Website special page

  3. This place is truly haunted. I stayed there with my boyfriend at the time in 2014 a week before Valentine’s Day to celebrate and to get away to relax. We were the only guests there. Growing up in a haunted house as a child, I tend to pick up on activity. My boyfriend was a sceptic and didn’t believe. The first night we stayed was a little uncomfortable, I could feel eerie vibes but tried to ignore it. The second night was a lot worse. I tried to fall asleep about 2:30am and my boyfriend was already asleep. The tv was on. The electric candles in the windows were on. All of a sudden when I was just about to doze off, the candles turned off and so did the tv. It spooked me at first but then I convinced myself they were on timers. Ok, so I try to go to sleep. Then I hear footsteps coming from the Victorian room and stopped right at our door! My heart raced and I knew it was real and started to pray. I was waiting for the footsteps to walk away but they didn’t. Whatever it was was still standing at the door. I kept praying and a few minutes later I hear a voice near my ear speaking but didn’t understand what it was saying. I cried myself to sleep. The next morning breakfast was ready and we both sat at the table with the woman owner. I asked if the place was haunted. She asked me why would I ask that? I told her what happened the night before and she replied “well we never had reports about your room but the room next to you have had some reports of activity” and kind of laughted it off. I was really upset about this reaction from her. I told her she should share this info when posting an ad trying to make a buck renting out a place like that to people. I could understand if she wasn’t aware of paranormal activity in her rentals….but she was, and people like me who are trying to take a vacation to get away from dealing with that stuff on a daily basis should be informed. I will never go back there nor recommend anyone to stay there.

  4. My husband and I stayed at the B&B lasted week. Loved the innkeeper and all her stories. I was very interested in the hauntings and really wanted to hear the ghost kitty and I believed I did. Can’t wait to go back

  5. Latest Update from the innkeeper at Cranberry Manor Bed and Breakfast. We had paranormal investigators in from Paranormal Spirit Finders back in Dec 2018. They got a recording of ghost kitty meowing. The next day the innkeeper acquired a video of the ghost kitty. Upon a recent review of another file apparently the Ghost girl was also caught on camera. If you have visited the page before do a refresh of the page. She is crouched in the corner back inside the bathroom by the lower right side of the bathub.

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