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Another restaurant with a gruesome past. Three people were murdered in the back freezer in November 1995, and employees swear strange things still happen back there.

Details of the original crime from the Naples News:

Jennings and his accomplice, Charles Jason Graves, now 33, were each convicted of three counts of capital first degree murder and one count of robbery in the killings of Dorothy Siddle, 38, of Golden Gate; Vicki Smith, 27, of Copeland; and Jason Wiggins, 21, of East Naples during an early morning holdup at the restaurant on Collier Boulevard near Interstate 75.

Both former Cracker Barrel employees, Jennings and Graves tied up their three victims and placed them in a freezer on Nov. 15, 1995. Jennings, the state proved, then repeatedly slashed the throats of the victims, while Graves stood at the freezer door with a pellet gun to prevent their escape. They had planned the crime more than a month ahead of time, hoping to snatch up to $15,000 in a simple parking lot robbery.

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Geographic Information

3845 Tollgate Blvd
Naples, FL
United States

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26.157054, -81.68542200000002
Collier County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Golden Gate, FL (2.2 mi.)
Lely, FL (4.7 mi.)
Vineyards, FL (5.1 mi.)
Lely Resort, FL (5.3 mi.)
Naples Manor, FL (5.4 mi.)
Naples, FL (6.9 mi.)
Pine Ridge, FL (8.5 mi.)
Pelican Bay, FL (9.0 mi.)
Naples Park, FL (10.5 mi.)
Orangetree, FL (11.1 mi.)


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    • My family and I went to this Cracker Barrel all the time and loved it until the murders. Yep, it really ‘killed’ business and although we missed going there the jitters kept us away in part because we heard weird stuff had started happening right after that horrible night. It took about two months before we cautiously went for dinner half out of curiosity and half out of hunger. As soon as we drove on the property I could feel the difference. My eyes went directly to the outside exit door where it was said the cold blooded killers went through. Inside the restaurant patrons were trying to act normal it seemed and not look into anybody’s eyes. I can’t remember what I ordered but whatever it was tasted like cardboard. I knew that wonderful short season of loving to go to this particular Cracker Barrel was over and with sadness and a tummy that felt like a lead balloon we paid the bill and left.

  1. I am 22 yrs old right now i was born in 1993 so when the killing happend i was 2 yrs old but i am not sure if was in Fl when that happend nor the fact i never heard of that til now…..but the few times i remeber going there i HAVE felt like someone was there but when i did turn around nothing was there.

  2. I went with my sister to this Cracker Barrel 2 years ago and we had no idea about the past of this Cracker Barrel. I started joking that it was haunted just because of the feelings I had about it. When we were sitting waitin for our food I was facing this rocking chair. It was empty and it was still, I don’t know why I was staring at it but I was, and then it started rocking. My sister and I googled Naples Cracker Barrel haunted and it came up.

  3. That place had alot of activities before anyone got killed there. Things flying across the gift shop. Chairs in the dinning room moving by themselves. Kitchen equipment getting turned on all by itself. Made for alot of interesting nights.

  4. Just ate there with my boyfriend. Scariest night of our lives. I dropped a fork and I didn’t even mean to. A waitress was RIGHT there behind me to pick it up. It’s like she was possessed or something. I felt a tickle on my tummy……. but then I just realized I was hungry. When I looked at the menu things just seemed off. I got breakfast for dinner because I didn’t want anything out of the murderous freezer. My boyfriend said one of the pictures on the wall winked at him. I think it was flirting with him. The service great. We talked to Mrs. periwinkle in the gift shop. When we left for the night we asked where’s Mrs. periwinkle was. Turns out she’s been dead for 40 years. All in all it was a super spooky time. Would come back again.

  5. I knew some of the parties involved…..
    Though the incident was extremely terrible I think y’all got issues ……
    Can you say…. Crazzy?
    This place isn’t haunted… It’s a place where three hard working restaurant
    workers were murdered by a couple of dirt bags. Y’all need to leave this thing alone and have some respect for these people and their families…..
    RIP Dorothy, Vicky, and Jason

  6. I waitressed at this Cracker Barrel In 2006, was told about the Murders and then locked in the freezer (lights out) as a joke. Super funny! But I never experienced or saw anything paranormal, even while being there late at night cleaning up.

  7. I am looking to contact the owners of the restaurant to do an investigation one night on the property and in the restaurant. I have a team of collabing with named Mo Sargon. You can see a lot of his videos on YouTube. Please give me any information needed to contact the property owner so we can do a paranormal investigation there. Here’s my email if anyone could please contact me at Thank you very much!!

  8. This place isn’t haunted. You don’t get a weird feeling when you’re there. Things don’t “just fly off the shelves.” It’s just a regular old Cracker Barrel. Just because people died there doesn’t mean it’s haunted lol

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