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The 1905 building, once a private home, is said to be haunted by original owners Mr. and Mrs. James N. Coombs. In 1911, after the shock of a damaging fire in their home, the Coombses moved to a hotel until the house could be repaired. But Mrs. Coombs was very upset and had taken to her bed; she died 10 days later at the hotel, many say a result of a broken heart. Three weeks later Mr. Coombs died as well, and they are buried side by side in the Chestnut Street Cemetery across the street from their beloved home. Witnesses say the two still reside, in spirit, in their house. The apparitions have been seen, footsteps and noises have been heard, and doors open and close by themselves.

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80 6th St
Apalachicola, FL 32320
United States

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29.725560268747795, -84.98665961624283
Franklin County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Apalachicola, FL (0.2 mi.)
Eastpoint, FL (6.5 mi.)
Port Saint Joe, FL (19.9 mi.)
Sumatra, FL (20.4 mi.)
Carrabelle, FL (21.2 mi.)
Wewahitchka, FL (29.7 mi.)
Mexico Beach, FL (30.1 mi.)
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Tyndall Air Force Base, FL (44.7 mi.)

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  1. Betty & Bob Owens  |  

    11/22/14, Coombs Inn B&B, Apalachicola, FL. We awoke during the night to loud tapping on our headboard. I woke up first, then my husband and I grabbed the headboard as if that would stop the noise. The tapping went on for approx. 20 seconds then suddenly stopped. As we began to drift back to sleep, clearly, someone or something caressed my hair! We were never scared and we never felt unsafe. We both thought we had experienced something very special. We stayed in room 5 in the main house but the next time we visit we will request room 8 as that was the Coombs’ personal bedroom.

  2. Our Team has had the pleasure of investigating this location many times. Without a doubt it is active in both the Coombs and the Marks House. We have captured EVPs and have had objects tossed across the room check out our web site for audio and video of what we have captured. A very difficult location to get in to investigate due to the volume of rentals.

  3. My family and I stayed in the main house in Room 6 on the second floor. We had all settled into bed, when we heard what sounded like footsteps above our room. The sound was quite distinct, and sounded much like hard soles of a shoe walking on a wood floor. We only heard them briefly. Initially, I jokingly quipped about the footsteps being from ghosts that were upstairs, and my husband assured me that it must have been from a guest in a room above us.

    When we mentioned our experience the next day to one of the ladies who works at the inn, she told is that while there was a third level, the Inn was a certified haunted site, and that there was not a guest room above our room, and that in fact, there was no room at all above Room 6. Intrigued, we were determined to investigate, and went up to the third floor, which only extends above half of the house, and with the low ceilings, appears to be more an attic space. There was one guest room, and an office at the end of the short hallway. While we did not see inside the office, we were fairly certain the office likely did not extend all the way over to the other side of the house, so indeed, there was no room above Room 6. As for the source of the sound of footsteps we heard above our room, it remains a mystery, but I’ve learned not to joke about the presence of ghosts!

    Our stay was very pleasant and the food was delicious, the decor and the interior of the house was beautiful, and it was delightful to chat with the other guests. I recommend the Coombs House Inn to all who seek lodgings in Apalachicola, FL.

  4. My husband and I stopped here unexpectedly as we drove from pensacola to Orlando. We chose this hotel because it was recommended in our travel book and had a good review on breakfast, we had NO idea this place was hunted or i would definetly had chosen an other hotel. We were given room 8 because it had a king size bed and we were travelling with our Baby. As we got ready to go to bed, we closed all shades bit one was damaged and even asi tried to fix it it remained open. I decided to sleep on that side because our daugther would anyway wake up early because of the jetlag, so i let my husband sleep on the other darker side. As we woke up the next mornig the shade was completely closed! I thought was weird and asked my husband if he had fixed it. He said no… as we were checkig out i asked if the room had an electric shade, at that point they told us the story of the house. It is an amazing hotel, and though i felt safe at every second and my baby slept good, I dont know if i could stay here again… even my husband who doesnt believe in this things, was surprised and the experience gave him shivers…

  5. My husband and I have stayed at the Coombs Inn several times. The last time, will unfortunately be the last stay. My husband is afraid of ghost, where I am more open and positive that they aren’t ‘bad’.

    We knew the Coombs was apparently haunted, but we’d necer experienced anything in the many rooms we’d stayed in.

    The last night we stayed, I don’t remember much except laying on the floor at the end of the bed and crying hysterically. My husband said he woke up to me screaming and kicking my legs down the bed. He said I was kicking so hard he thought someone was grabbing me off the bed. It was very embarrassing because I was so loud I had woken up other couples down the hall. I played it off as I had had a little to much wine and fell off the bed. I didn’t want to tell my husband, who is afraid of ghost, that a woman was pulling me off the bed and screaming at me to leave. She was so angry at me. She wanted to hurt me.

    The next morning while we ate breakfast one of the ladies asked me about what had happened. I started crying, I couldn’t speak. I did tell her that a woman had pulled me off the end of the bed and was yelling at me to leave. I told her I was terrified.

    She reassured me that Mrs. Coombs was the woman that I described. She said that Mrs, Coombs was a jealous woman and we were staying in her old room and she probably thought I was one of her husbands lady friends.

    It was a terrifying experience for me. I can not stay in the main house again. My husband still does not know all the details as he may never want to go back to that town again!

  6. We spent the night there last night (7 April 19) I had no idea this was supposed to be haunted.
    We settled in for the night sitting up in bed, her with a glass of wine & I was having a beer. I was on the right side of the bed nearest the door. On the nightstand I had placed a newspaper in the center so my beer would sit without wetting the nightstand.
    I distinctly set my beer on the center of the paper & it had been there for a good 2-3 minutes when we heard a loud crash !
    My beer had crashed to the floor between the nightstand & bed, it was at least 8-10 inches from the edge.
    We were in the Azalea room which is room 1 I believe . It is on the lower floor at the rear. Funny thing is we were shown room 8 but turned it down because we didn’t want to climb the stairs.

  7. my husband and I stayed here in February of 2011. We stayed in the Hemmingway Suite. Nothing scary happened at all. The next morning, while in the bathroom, I couldn’t find the bar of soap that was provided by the hotel and i had just used it that night before. Anyway, while standing at the door of the bathroom the soap appeared out of thin air and landed with a plop on the floor.

  8. October 29, 30 2021
    The first night I stayed in the attic room. I love ghost stories about old hotels and often seek them out without ever having an experience myself. My daughter booked this room for me. It was a little creepy being on the top floor by myself but I was exhausted and fell right to sleep. about 2:15 am I was awoken by the sheets coming off of me and the feeling someone was lying up against my back with an arm over me( I was on my side). I pushed it off and screamed to get off of me. I have never been so afraid of anything and kept the light on the rest of the night and couldnt wait until the morning. During these times I dont believe there was any staff at the hotel and there was no place to go at that time of the night .The next night I stayed in a different room on the second floor and it was a peaceful and happy experience. Would I go back?? Yes, but not stay alone in the attic.

  9. Kelly & Kathy McD.  |  

    We stayed at the B&B in April 2014 on a tribute trip to my brother who had just died of a self-inflicted gunshot. We stayed in the former master suite of the Coombs (don’t member room number) but had no idea the Inn had a ghostly reputation. My wife, who has NEVER talked in her sleep, and has not since, sat up in the bed and shouted “get the hell outta here!” Then laid down and went back to sleep. That AM she said there was a man at the foot of the bed staring at her. She later described what ended up being Mr. Coombs. Note: their portraits are in the room and on the wall in the hallway outside the room. Still not knowing the history of the Inn, we went down to the dining room for breakfast and saw that the Inn was on an official list of haunted places in the area. Of course we put 2 and 2 together and were flabbergasted by her experience the previous night.

    We’ve never been ghost believers, but now…..

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